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Downton Abbey revisited

Since I can’t tolerate watching films or television if a non-white actor appears, I recently re-watched the seasons of Downton Abbey. About the first season of this English series I had already written something in 2013, and about the movie they made in 2019 I also wrote something. Recently I even posted a picture of two actresses from Downton Abbey within the series categorised ‘Aryan Beauty’. I was very naive in 2013 but by the end of the seasons I understood Downton Abbey’s bad messages better.

When I wrote what I linked above about the 2010-2015 TV series, and 2019 film, I omitted that in some TV episodes they mentioned Hitler. Those were times when he was imprisoned for his coup attempt, before he was released. Needless to say, mentions of Hitler and his followers even before he came to power were all very negative!

Instead of the English understanding that they were facing the rise of the greatest psychogenic emergency that History has ever witnessed (read the book of which yesterday I only quoted the final sentences), Downton Abbey saturates us with all sorts of frivolous and inane activities of the 1920s jet set, including horse racing, car racing, fowling, fox and deer hunting; cricket, superbly elegant dresses, restaurants for the rich, castles for the English nobility, impressive mansions and lastly a ball or formal dance party before the king.

But the overall message of Downton Abbey, both TV and film, is to show in a benign light the transition from patriarchy to so-called women’s liberation in England. Now they have even made another film. In this second, 2022 sequel of Downton Abbey, the Earl of Grantham even tells his daughter that she is now at the helm; that she is now the captain of the estate we see below!

Highclere Castle, used for the interior
and exterior filming of Downton Abbey.

If Aryan children were in my care they would never see such a thing on television or at the cinema. It is sad to say, but a priest of the sacred words like me can’t have fun with the prolefeed provided by the System.

For new visitors to this site: If you want to know why feminism is a weapon of mass destruction aimed at the white race read this book, or if you just want to read one of its chapters, see pages 99-116. If you are interested in English culture or English films, Jane Austen’s novels represent the world before the feminist psychosis that is exterminating white people—and will exterminate them for good unless a revolution revalues all western values.

Instead of Downton Abbey I would recommend a couple of films: Sense and Sensibility (1995) and Pride and Prejudice (2005).

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Can you imagine a reality where women were more racist than men, so female liberation would have led to an anti-Christian revolution? And why didn’t it happen? Because females are incapable of preserving or begetting any culture that is not status quo? So it comes down to men to program them?

As you know, one of my top ten favourite films is Andrei Rublev (a film you can understand in Russian). The scene of the Russian girl leaving with the Tatar after the genocide the latter perpetrated on a Russian village is perfect for understanding the psyche of women: they always go with the strongest. Anglin is right that their brains are too primitive to defend their culture: that’s the job of us men. To empower women is to empower little blondes like the one who spat at Rublev’s face in the film: something that caused poor Andrei to take vows of silence because of the shock of seeing her leave with the cruel, invading Tartars.

Mass media has been used to send the “wrong messages” since its inception. Newspapers were bad enough, but radio, film and TV kicked it into high gear. You’d think that old radio shows from the 30-50s would be pretty benign. Think again. I like to listen to some OTR (old time radio) but I’ll catch subtle anti-racist and feminist messages in quite a few of the programs. The Public Service Announcements (PSA) during WW2 almost pistol whip you with their anti-racist messages. No subtlety there at all. The whole culture of the 20th century was just stuffed to the gills with nonstop propaganda. Sometimes I’ll look at films/books/radio from when I was a kid and think it couldn’t have been that bad. Nope. Every time it’s filled with that nonsense in some form or another. It’s all very tiresome.

Francis Parker Yockey once wrote that even the films of his time and earlier (some of them still in black and white!) promoted romances without reproduction, i.e. a toxic message.

Knut Hamsum also made comments about the cultural life of modern america more than a hundred years ago.

Ads everywhere trying to sell something, obsession with yellow journalism, very poor cultural development or interest in arts (if any) and of course, women worship and pedestalization.

He made all these observations long before jewry took over mass media.

I won’t argue with the observations about America, however people sometimes forget how young of a country the U.S. really is. Europe has stables twice as old as America. Americans had to build a country from scratch so it’s to be expected that the arts/culture wouldn’t be as highly developed as in Europe. It probably could have worked itself out in time but it’s all gone so terribly wrong it’s now a threat to the whole White race.

Is something that Hamsun also points out.

The disdain from mother land Europe is just nonsensical since a country so young cannot hope to be a separate entity of its own but an extension.

That was part of the experiment called America, and, as you said, ended up in disastrous failure since it lacks of true aristocracy and cultural identity was ideal for plutocracy to take over.

That’s right. In a friendly discussion I had with Jake I was trying to tell him that the problem dates back even to the American Revolution; and that it would have been better for North America to be under the control of the British crown than for Americans to become independent. At least in the British aristocracy, there was a notion of hierarchy: a notion that was dynamited at the outset by the movement of independence.

There was an interesting point made by a Brit once on I think it was on one of the NWF podcasts. A lot of the British consider the American “Revolution “ as less of a revolution and more as a continuation of the British Civil War. If you look at it from that point of view, some things make a little more sense. There was also some very real problems with the administration of the colonies which probably didn’t endear the King and the aristocracy to the colonists. Not to mention the crown also sided with the Indians sometimes since they were “Subjects of the Crown” just like the English colonists (that’s the problem with empires.) It’s quite possible the everyday people at the time could have gone along with the Republic idea simply because the previous government was so terrible they figured “How bad could it possibly be?”

All movies today are designed to demoralize and deceive. It’s bad enough that they brainwash women into empowered sluts, but even worse is how they brainwash men by glorifying all the inverted values.

Take the new Dune movie coming out this fall. It’s based on a right-wing book with racist revolutionary undertones, but in the movie, the hero leads a non-white army against skinhead degenerates, then in the end, rejects the aryan princess for a mulatta; just like a main character from Game of Thrones.

CT, you dreamt of directing films as a youngster. I dreamt of drawing comic books as a kid. You recently thought of learning how to craft leather-bound books.
I have been thinking of learning how to use AI-generated art programs to create visual novels, and somehow display them online for free.
I thought about bringing Pierce’s stories to life; visual novels like the Turner Diaries and Hunter. Also Lane’s KD Rebel.

Zoomers won’t read anything unless there’s some pretty pictures beside the boring text to hold their attention.
Perhaps if they saw proper stories of unabashed racial rebellion, they’d start getting their values straight and get their feet wet on the psychological Rubicon…

Mauricio, that’s a good idea of using AI to generate visual counter propaganda for free.

If you push this project forward, I will suggest you to promote it on social media like Instagram and twitter.

However, one big obstacle I see is that, if your pro white entertainment gains popularity, the system will try to shadowban you somehow.

It’s still a great idea and you have inspired me to do something similar.

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