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‘Taliban rule in America’ – Nick Fuentes

I agree with almost everything Nick Fuentes says in this clip that a lesbian Jewess put together for mainstream TV. But from the point of view of the 14 words, it would be toxic, as Fuentes suggests, to have the equivalent of a Taliban in America forcing women to wear veils and enter Catholic churches.

The problem with this POV is that all churches, not just Catholic, admit non-whites to the altar with white women. Tonight, I couldn’t watch even a very short YouTube clip of the recent results of the Soccer Cup matches being played earlier because, inside the stadium crowd, the cameras focused on pure Aryan women next to blacks: both wearing orange shirts, Dutch fans and even young Dutch mongrels between pure Aryan and black!

I know that Catholics like Fuentes will never, ever read Deschner’s book on the real history of Christianity, a revised edition that I’ll publish this week. But that’s exactly the kind of literature that racial political commentators and live streamers like Fuentes should read.

Remember: I have lived for more than half a century in a city where Jews and crypto-Jews were super-controlled throughout three centuries by the Spanish Inquisition, and yet, because the Catholic church accepted that Iberian whites (like me, Fuentes has Iberian blood) married Indians, whites became extinct here.

We don’t need the equivalent of Taliban rule in America but the equivalent of the Third Reich’s Nuremberg laws!

One reply on “‘Taliban rule in America’ – Nick Fuentes”

Exactly, bring back the Third Reich’s Nuremberg Race Laws. Nothing more sickening than seeing an Aryan Beauty with a 1/2 evolved Unter Mensch pet primate.

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