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Homosexuality Sexual degeneracy

Pathological homosexuality

by Gaedhal

The radical trans-exclusionary feminists are usually full-throated supporters of homosexuality.

Again, it is not my intention to whip up violent hatred either against Trannies or homosexuals. We have had internet pornography launched at us—by Jews—as a psychological weapon for thirty years now. Trannies and homosexuals are victims of this. Trannies and homosexuals who mind their own business have my deep respect and sympathy. I wish them no harm or ill will.

Who voted for thirty years of internet pornography? Nobody did. Fuck democracy. Do you think that Hitler would allow this?

That being said, Gluck’s arguments that transanity is Pornogenic, i.e. a pathology created through porn use could easily be used with homosexuals. Pornography, as she says, is like heroin. You need harder and more concentrated doses of it to achieve the same effect. You start off with the nude women of Playboy. Before long, it is scat porn. It is lactation porn. It is gangbang porn. Some years go by, and then it is gay porn, then it is transexual porn. Some years go by and then it is so called “child porn”. Gluck is correct when she says that we live in a pornified culture. I remember remarking to myself that the early 2000s were disgustingly pornified. All the Jewish “entertainment” media was exceedingly pornified.

Trannies are at the stage in their porn addiction, according to Gluck, where they need trans porn to be sexually stimulated. Trannies aren’t quite at the “child porn” stage. In my view, though, homosexuals are only one stage behind the trannies, and only two stages behind the paedophiles.

If Gluck advances pornogenesis and the contagion model for transanity, then why cannot I advance pornogenesis and the contagion model for homosexuality? If Gluck says that Trannies are on a trajectory that leads inexorably to paedophilia, then why cannot I say that homosexuals are merely one step behind trannies on this same trajectory? If transanity spreads by social contagion, according to Gluck, then why cannot I say the same thing about homosexuality?

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I for one never understood the “heroin” argument with regards to pornography (but I can only judge by my own example – the Chinese ladies from Xiuren are still top-notch, and there’s nothing like them in the West). Meanwhile, regarding gay shit, you will never find homosexual porn on normal porn sites, it’s completely censored.

That said, isn’t a paedophilia a buzzword used by ugly old hags to shame successful men for sleeping with 15 year olds?

In our dark age people weaponise terms to shame the normal white male. Instead of ‘paedophilia’ regarding 15 year olds, they should say ‘ephebophilia’.

In my view most instances of homosexuality are either pornogenic or traumatogenic. Trauma and porn, in my view, cause most instances of homosexuality. The infliction of trauma upon children is of course something that the Christian Bible commands. The Christian Bible actually commands parents to beat their children with rods. And so Christianity, in my view, causes a lot of Western homosexuality as well. In Catholicism, of course, we have the practice of celibacy, and the contemplation of a naked 30 year old man on a BDSM device. The crucifix, as I said before, is homosexual snuff porn.

I completely agree that traumatised children by their parents (even non-sexual abuse) become neurotics. Adult homosexuality is only one form of these neuroses.

Don’t all cultures beat their children? And isn’t it practically impossible to find homo porn online by chance? I could never buy into such a psychologising – borderline psychiatric – viewpoint because of my own experience that does not conform to it in the slightest. Of course, I may be ridiculously unique or autistc, and the normies are that much different, yet I doubt it.

For the record – I was never beaten by my parents… and that might have pushed me on the free-thinking course. Or it might not. Nobody truly knows.

It is quite telling that when you speak of porn, you think of homos and gangbangs, while I dream of point-of-view kissing and ASMR erotic audios.

Indeed. Once in a while Gaedhal has great insights (and not only regarding Xtianity).

My parents didn’t need to beat me. My father is only 20 years older than me and competed in rodeo until he was well into his 40’s. I was working on the ranch before I was school age and learned to respect my parents when I saw how hard they worked to provide. Also helped that my fathers grandparents were pioneers from Germany and Norway, and instilled old country values. My German Great Grandmother was a heathen, believed in WOTAN. She thought Christians were slaves to a foreign god and stupid.

I never understood the entire porn thing. I was unknowingly slipped a rather large dosage of ayahuasca my Freshman year of college and had my mind sufficiently blown for several years. This happened at a meeting of the philosophy club in 1981. Go figure. The end result was almost no interest in engaging in activity for pleasure. I was told a few years ago that the dopamine receptors in my brain must have been fried and have probably never recovered. But I must say, I had read Marcus Aurelius from a young age and had become disciplined toward unhealthy activities before the drug episode.

If you read the biography of Apollonius of Tyana, he led a very puritanical life as well. He was celibate and also a vegetarian. I am not necessarily recommending these lifestyles, though. Just to point out that one can be a Puritan without being a Christian.


It seems that most people on the racial right haven’t read Who We Are. As I said in the preface to Krimi, we have to rewrite history. Pierce opened my eyes to Antiquity, since both the Spartans and the Republican Romans were Puritans. The System hides this info and shows us films about Rome when the Empire was already miscegenated and in full decline, and even so they exaggerate promiscuity. It is impossible to unplug ourselves from the matrix that controls us unless we touch the pagan tree and, like Bran the Broken, see past of the white race as it happened.

Even today, there are Buddhist monks who are celibate and vegans. If you hold to Aryan theory, then the originators of Buddhism were probably white men. I think that Shaolin monks are celibate and vegan. I think that Tacitus relates that the pre-Christian Germans lived a very pure and upstanding life.

Yes: but we don’t know one hundred percent whether those who originated Buddhism were Aryans, unlike the Spartans (Dorians) and the early Romans (genuine Latins—not the racial scum known today as ‘Latinos’).

Wasn’t a life of celibacy that ultimately lead to the extinctions of the spartans?

According to Dr Pierce, they just couldn’t keep their numbers up to replenish their loses due to their heavy military lifestyle, in comparison with the mediterranean slaves, the helots.

I wouldn’t recommend a vegetarian life. It is from meat that men gain their physical strength and without it, we are nothing.

Also, hunting is an spiritual activity that helps men develop themselves and the meat from wild animals is more nutritious than that of cattle raised in captivity.

Wasn’t a life of celibacy that ultimately lead to the extinctions of the spartans?

What? Have you read Soberana’s essay in The Fair Race about the Spartans?


Do you know that the old warriors didn’t eat much meat? Even in modern times, British and Spanish soldiers had oatmeal meals as their main meal. Hitler himself planned to close the slaughterhouses after the war. You really have to read Savitri Devi’s books, perhaps starting with the one I’ll finish proofreading for this site later this month.

'Spiritual Activity'

If my book The Grail, in which I mention my grandfather’s hobby of hunting, was already translated, I would suggest that you read it as well. His hobby was only spiritual in the sense of degradation of the spirit: something that would have disastrous consequences in my father’s life and in my own.

Thanks for your reply, Caesar.

I haven’t read Evuropa Soberana’s essay yet, but I read Dr Pierce entry about the Spartans in Who we are. He mentioned that the lifestyle of the Spartans was the factor that gradually reduced their numbers to the point where they ceased to exists as people.

About hunting, here in the US is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. It is focused on ethical hunting, which means that, whatever you hunt, it must be focused on painless kills and meat must be harvested and used for consumption only.

The North American conservation model was created by a German immigrant named Aldo Leopold, which is responsible for restoring the wildlife that was nearly exterminated during the unregulated hunting periods of the 18th century.

I say hunting is spiritual because it takes you back to nature, outside of big cities, which is by itself a healing process. It helps you to stay in touch with reality.

Hunting, fishing and outdoor activities are inherently part of the Nordic culture and you can noticed this if you ever visit especially Nordic states, like Minnesota, Iowa or Wisconsin. And it is because of this that the Nordics have a better appreciation for preserving nature. A stark difference in character when compared to the other races of men, who tend to be more urbanites and are especially cruel to other animals.

Yes, and Hitler was appalled when Himmler told him that some of his SS pals enjoyed hunting. I am a Hitlerite, not a ‘Nordic’ with primitive hobbies. As to my grandfather’s hunting, his great passion, it was my father who was shocked by the unnecessary suffering of the hunted animals. As a priest of the 4 words, the message of El Grial, I would ban among other Neanderthalesque practices hunting in the future Utopia.

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