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Putin’s show

The West’s Darkest Hour does not comment on the news unless one of them changes the course of History.

Reading the US racial timeline made me think of something. In that country, the bad guys always won the most important wars.

In the American Revolution the English should’ve won, as they believed in hierarchy and aristocracy. Egalitarianism, even among white man and white man, is toxic to the sacred words and lends itself to what Alexis de Tocqueville saw early on: it is a cancer whose metastasis demands more and more equality.

Thus, in the American Civil War the bad guys won again, and this time the race factor (metastasis) was introduced.

And let’s not talk about the Second World War and its child: today’s Anti-white Cold War when the final metastasis has taken over almost the entire American body.

With due respect to Jared Taylor’s patriotism, because of those wars that have marked Western history (remember that the French revolutionaries who guillotined blond aristocrats were inspired by the American revolutionaries), the US has been the spearhead of an egalitarian crusade throughout the West. Therefore, from the point of view of the 14-word priest, anything that leads to the dollar being repudiated as the reserve currency must be good news. And the sanctions that the Biden administration is applying to Russia will only bring the US closer to what we have been predicting since 2011: the dollar will collapse.

That doesn’t mean I like Putin, who just said he is invading Ukraine to ‘denazify’ it, whatever that means. The Soviets are also responsible for the Hellstorm Holocaust, as can be seen in this book that I still have to read. But it’s the North Americans—I include the silly Canadians—who, at present, suffer from anti-white psychosis in its most acute phase, not the Russians.

In short, ‘political chaos is a ladder’ that Littlefingers could take advantage of if the situation deteriorates with Putin’s show that is now starting…

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While the MSM goes hysterical, the whole prepper community is banking on this geopolitical muscle-flex: “Guys, this is it! The shit’s about to hit the fan! Last chance to buy our survival equipment on our website!” like that half-nigger Canadian Prepper.

But when you see blogs from Russians and Ukrainians, they’re not worried one bit. Sure, bullets will kill some soldiers, missiles will destroy some bridges, but water will still flow in the pipes, electricity will still power houses, and food will still be in the grocery stores.

The delegitimization of the Amerikwan empire continues. Like a sickly pimp who can’t scare his bitches into submission anymore, so the bitches leave him and look for a tougher ‘daddy’.

It’s so satisfying to watch this karmic spectacle of a downward spiral, from the same people who forced surrendered German soldiers to crawl on their bellies in puddles of piss.

America delenda est.

I agree with you. Great Britain really should have won The American Revolutionary War. After all, George Washington and his scoundrels were traitors to the British Crown. We also should not have allowed all those Irish and Italians into America, either.

Today, those of the founding stock, the original Colonists, from Great Britain, are termed WASPs.


By threatening Russia, the US is endangering Germany. After all, Germany is about the only other country, in all of Europe, that Americans hate as much as they hate Russia. This could be the whole game plan. After all, once US and NATO forces attack Russia from Germany, the Russians will retaliate by attacking Germany.

Americans, haters of both the Russian and German people alike, would really love for that to happen. Mind you, most Americans will claim that they hate Russia and Germany because of Stalinism and Nazism, respectively. Still, it does deeper. The Americans have an ulterior motive. Americans desire control of the Shatter Zone of Eastern Europe, for themselves. Indeed, when the US and its Allies bought Poland back from the dead, it was not so much out of love for the Polish People, as a People, but rather out of hatred of Russia and Germany alike. It is all very clear to me!

On a more optimistic notes, not all egalitarian movements succeeded. Most of the uprisings of 1848 in Europe were squashed by the nobility, especially those in Germany and Austria-Hungary.
In addition, the communists Liebknecht and Luxembourg were killed as well as Bela Kun before they could do much of anything. The anarchists and their Stalinist puppetmasters were also beaten by men who championed will-to-hierarchy instead of egalitarianism.

“In the American Revolution the English should’ve won, as they believed in hierarchy and aristocracy.”
They also incited their injun allies to attack colonial settlements and torture, rape, scalp, and murder White people. They also promised freedom to all black slaves who ran away from their masters and joined the British.
The English have always been the jew-purchaed traitors to the White race.


I’m surprised to read that, too. Jews were readmitted to England after Cromwell’s victory. Britain’s multiracial empire predated (and prefigured) America’s. Any alleged hierarchy or aristocracy in Britain served Abrahamic religion, capitalism, and multiracialism with vigor. Just like any alleged liberty in the USA ended up serving the same gods…in time.

Still, what Hunter Wallace said ten years ago, on the fourth of July, is hilarious:

We [Americans] invite King George III to come back and resume the throne. He could dissolve the Union, arrest the pretender in the White House, and round up our so-called “representatives” in Congress. In exchange for an apology and a promise to never misbehave again, we get lower taxes, a less intrusive government, secure borders, and an end to all the madness that has flowed from the “self evident” idea that “all men are created equal”.

My italics.

Russia is not USSR, is not Soviet Union, is not communism, but Russia is as always Russia.

West Europe is the “sick man of Europe” to use a historical analogy 🙂 The advice from USA/NATO in denying the mild demands of no NATO in Ukraine has put West Europe into a very tough situation, and the entire world into a real inflationary financial depression.

The only war action NATO had in Europe was destroying Serbia to enable Kosovo islamic state, and letting NATO member Turkey to take Greek Cyprus! Waves of non-europeans daily invade europe with no resistance and instead get NATO and state protection!

Only last week German chancellor Sholz in meeting with Putin complained about LGBT+ rights in Russia! This is the level of unreality that is throughout the judeo-christian West.

The aura of US power is now totally over, and there is no shortage of powerful and serious countries that want to see US power ended (including many small states in Europe!).

Here’s something I recently read in Ian Kershaw’s Hitler biography

‘Hitler’s plans for the massively over-populated city on the Volga were similar to the annihilatory intentions he had held about Leningrad and Moscow. ‘The Führer orders that on entry into the city the ENTIRE MALE POPULATION SHOULD BE DONE AWAY WITH (beseitigt),’ the Wehrmacht High Command recorded, ‘since Stalingrad, with its thoroughly Communist population of a million, is especially dangerous.’ [1] Halder noted simply, without additional comment: ‘STALINGRAD: MALE POPULATION TO BE DESTROYED (VERNICHTET), FEMALE TO BE DEPORTED’.[2]

[1] KTB OKW, ii/I, 669 (2 September 1942).
[2] Halder KTB, iii.514 (31 August 1942).

— Hitler 1936–1945: Nemesis, Ian Kershaw

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