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National Socialist booklets, 1

In April I ordered several booklets from Third Reich Books, which translates the originals from German into English. When they arrived, I confined myself to quoting a few sentences from the translation of Sieg der Waffen – Sieg des Kindes, plus a critical post about Erich Maschke in the booklet Looking East: Germany Beyond the Vistula. I didn’t want to start a critical series on what I read because it makes me uncomfortable to criticise some Christian aspects of National Socialism. But I have decided to read the rest of the pamphlets and confess what I think, and what better way to do so than to quote here what I wrote on 19 July this year when I read Looking East. It should be noted that the following notes were addressed to me. Four months ago I didn’t think I would publish them:

No sooner do I see the first paragraph of this booklet than a problem arises.

Since I am a 14/4-word priest and not a Nazi, the (probable) fact that this book won’t be anti-Christian (cf. also my central difference with the white nationalists) suddenly came to my mind. This means that the author [Erich Maschke] will probably not be denigrating Christianity on every page, as this is an essay, apparently, about history.

Page 5. It’s worse than what I wrote on the inside front cover! Such is the surprise I received today that it motivates me to a new series for The West’s Darkest Hour that we could start like this—:

Why Nazism failed, 1

—and I would still think this way if I came across this kind of message in the other thirteen booklets I bought and will read (I don’t count Sieg der Waffen, which has no bad messages).

I never expected this. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the priest of the 14 words is not a Nazi, although he still considers Hitler the man whose birth would have to replace that of the mythical Jew that the fools of American racialism still worship.

On page 12 I wrote down [a sign I use when suspending a reading: a down arrow and a perpendicular slash] because he is talking about things that have nothing to do with ‘race’. I would have to order the Open University history books by mail to become better acquainted with German history.

These pamphlets could have been elegantly edited in the 1930s. This edition that translated them is fatal, and they have lost all their numinous content (because the white man who buys them today is spiritually dead).

There is another booklet about which, also in July, I said something on this site. I’m referring to The SS Calls You!:

For example, the final pages of the booklet are about the Insignia Colours of the Waffen-SS. Those in the concentration camps got light brown. Could an American racialist, say one of those libertarians who comment on AmRen, conceive one of his children with light-brown insignia during a project of ethnic cleansing on American soil?

Indeed. We could already imagine someone at the recent annual American Renaissance conference—at which F. Roger Devlin, Peter Brimelow, Michelle Malkin, Jared Taylor, Gregory Hood and Sam Dickson spoke—seeing one of their kids with light-brown insignia!

(Left, speaker Michelle Malkin at AmRen conference of 2021.) Next week I’ll say a little more about The SS Calls You! For the moment, my July criticism of Erich Maschke’s essay in Looking East can be read: here.

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I read what was supposedly a transcript of a chinese communist party talk of why Hitler/Nazism failed (and China has learned from to win).

1. The new Nazi ideology was not universal among the people but dissipated by christianity, monarchic nationalism etc

2. The Nazi were not ruthless enough to force the war when they had a chance of winning.

3. Too many enemy fronts at once.

IMHO 1. was the big error, They were trying a civilisational change in 10 years, which really required 25+ years. What happened as one post- war British interrogator famously said “every third German is a traitor”.

Volkish did a Manifest Destiny podcast (#32) reviewing “The Holy Reich” by Richard Steigmann-Gall.
They discuss the National Socialist religious policy and the pagan/christian struggle within the party.
Good show.

The SS was the perfect anti-Xtian seedling that sprouted from Nazi soil. But it was crushed before it could grow and become a rival to Xtian axiology, and revive White Racial Consciousness.

Now White nationalists go to conferences where they give the microphone to brown women.

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