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SS vs. racialists

I just removed this image from my Monday post because I changed my mind and now I want to use the below image of José Raúl Capablanca on the cover of the Spanish version (an image of Alexander Alekhine will appear on the cover of the English translation).

Note the size of the pieces with which the masters played in Capablanca’s time and compare it with the reduced size with which chess is played in official tournaments today. And the same can be said about the clothing from a century ago compared to the shitty T-shirts of today: courtesy of American culture. The collapse of the Aryan man can be seen from the way we dress to the music we listen to, which prompts me to say something more about another of the booklets published by Third Reich Books: Translations of the Originals.

This booklet is titled The SS Calls You! and is addressed to very young Germans. When I got to page 7, I couldn’t help but think that I shouldn’t visit again the sites of white nationalism, as they are crap compared to this fighting spirit. It is precisely because the US is founded on that materialistic phrase that contains the misleading word ‘happiness’ that makes America the antithesis of the Aryan hero.

Page 64 and others mention music as career number 87: ‘SS officer and SS music officer’. It refers to classical music of course. How many American racialists repudiate the degenerate music of their country to the point of never hearing it? And page 66 says ‘Sooner or later your son will become a soldier’. We can imagine saying that to racialist libertarians!

Many of those who visit this site do not take seriously what I’ve said: here. For example, the final pages of the booklet are about the Insignia Colours of the Waffen-SS. Those in the concentration camps got light brown. Could an American racialist, say one of those libertarians who comment on AmRen, conceive one of his children with light-brown insignia during a project of ethnic cleansing on American soil?

By the way, of the original 206 participants of the 2021 Chess World Cup, in the semi-finals, which will start tomorrow, all non-whites have been disqualified. Only four whites remain: the champion Magnus Carlsen, the Russian Sergey Karjakin, the Polish Jan-Krzysztof Duda and another Russian, Vladimir Fedoseev. Yesterday, Karjakin eliminated the American Sam Shankland, who is not properly white. As long as Americans continue to mix their blood with non-whites thanks to their declaration of independence from Europe and all that stuff about ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’, they will never have another Morphy or a Fischer.

I will dedicate this weekend to polishing the typeface of The Human Side of Chess for publication.

5 Replies on “SS vs. racialists

  1. Caesar. I absolutely guarantee that I’m not this individual “Dr. Moralez,” I have no idea why my IP is supposedly similar to that individual. I ask you to revise again the numbers because it’s certainly a mistake on your part. I myself hate
    and despise trolls, if that’s the issue.

    Kind regards

      1. absolutely weird, I always use a proxy to disguise my real IP number when in racialist sites, I’m far away from Latin America

  2. Christ-Insanity severly destroyed the pre-christian pagan world. Everything that is Aryan are being cast as evil or demonic, the Aryan gods are derided as demons. Christ-Insanity will only produce a global slum teeming with subhumans or racial degenerates. National socialism is the only worldview that is suitable for the Aryan man, if he wholeheartedly embrace the Hitlerian philosophical position and the martial spirit of the SS, he could conquer the stars and establish an Aryan galactic imperium. It pains my heart whenever I saw an Aryan individual of perfect nordic stock is unable to throw off the self-destructive yoke of Christ-Insanity, when will the Aryan younglings start to wear T-shirts with the faces of SS heroes and praising or emulating the cold calculated ruthlessness of Himmler. If Aryans are to survive, the ideal solution demands that they have to be a million time more merciless than what Himmler was, many of them are cowards and dare not face the cold unforgiving facts and execute what is necessary.