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Violating the first guideline

‘If you are going to talk about serious matters (like killing someone or a coup) don’t ever let the women know about it’. —Jamie

In 2015 I published the first guideline I came up with for a ‘New Aryan code’, which can be summed up in these words ‘Thou shalt only speak to Aryan males’.

Even I, who coined the term fourteen-word priest, fail to comply with the first priesthood guideline.

Ever since my sister got very upset with me when I tried to defend Richard Wagner against the accusations she had been taught at school about Wagner’s attitude to Jews, an argument that ended when my sister not only walked out of the family room but told her teenage son to go with her so as not to listen to me, I had promised myself never to sit with them again.

And I kept it: not even at Christmas did I sit with my family.

But even the priest falters when he lives among little women. Not long ago, still keeping my promise that I wouldn’t sit with her, standing in the kitchen she advised me to go back to school. Since, trying to keep my promise, I didn’t sit at the table, I made the mistake of telling her why that didn’t make sense (can you imagine me in a woke university?).

My sister not only disregarded my arguments, me still standing and her sitting. She escalated her motherly advice to insulting levels. And because I didn’t give an inch to the grotesque advice to go back to college, she was so offended with me that she didn’t speak to me for the next few days!

But the fault was mine. I violated the priest’s first guideline: in profound matters, speak only to Aryan men.

It is easier for a hundred per cent Aryan male, at least genetically, to listen to a priest in private than if we try to do it with one of these little women.

In June this year I published ‘Best Russian film’ about Andrei Rublev. Although the whole film has now been removed from YouTube, it’s worth getting hold of a DVD and watching it at home: an art that is light years ahead of American cinema, and portrays with infinitely more verisimilitude the real world than that of the Hollywood Jews.

It really is worthwhile for the apprentice priest to pause in the torrent of information coming from a media monopolised by Jewry and look into the Russian Middle Ages. Tarkovsky’s film, I said in my June post, has a masterful scene that perfectly portrays the psychology of women. I mean when a Russian girl, after the Tartars destroyed her village and horribly tortured some male villagers (one had liquid metal poured into his mouth with a funnel), still willingly gave herself up to one of the polygamous Tartars!

Not that the Russian girl was a bad woman: her nature is simply to go with the strongest. (That’s why I criticised American Renaissance’s recent conference yesterday, insofar as it only shows that unlike the Nazis those speakers are exactly like Andrei Rublev.) But once one understands the nature of women it becomes obvious that one should never argue with them, although there are great exceptions, such as Savitri Devi.

I write all this because of the email I received today:


Last week I got into a conflagration with my sister that you might have some expertise in:

My sister is a big BLM supporter, who had a BLM sign in her yard for quite some time in 2020. She is also the single mother of two green-eyed, blonde-headed little boys. The fact that the mother of my nephews stumps for a black-supremacist organization is truly galling.

In an angry letter to my cousin, I was ranting something along the lines of: ‘Where does it all lead to? What does she want? For her children to grow up to become the bottom bitches of Mexicans?’

My cousin did not understand my hypothetical, tongue-in-cheek tone, and sent photos of my letter to my sister, who took great offense and is no longer on speaking terms with me.

I sent the below email to her trying to explain the basis of my disdain, and my worry over the long-term prospects of my nephews, but I received no meaningful response in return.

What is occurring in the United States is the institutionalized soul-murder of our children, César! And their mothers are too programmed to stop it.



Among the racialists only Andrew Anglin and Roger Devlin (one of the speakers at the recent AmRen conference) know the nature of women. The problem with the conservative Devlin is that, as a typical American conservative, he is so feminised that he cannot see that only a revolution à la The Turner Diaries could save us. Nor does Anglin speak of revolutionary violence in the future, but at least his anti-feminist humour is so brutal that he comes a little closer to the priest’s guidelines.

New visitors who wish to educate themselves on the subject should read On Beth’s Cute Tits, linked in the sidebar.

27 replies on “Violating the first guideline”

The 1st Rule of Fight Club is: you don’t talk about Fight Club.
(it’s a degenerate movie, but this quote is golden).

This Ed guy screwed up bigtime when he confided his worries to his cousin. Shit, he even provided written proof of his thought-crime.

I myself also messed up, when I tried to redpill my family members.
Not repeating that mistake ever again.

The 14-words priest must practice Taqiyah just like the muzzies.
We live in a world of idiots that can’t run a single antivirus program in their rabbit-brains; not a single trace of honor or courage.
It is painful, lonely and tiresome to live among them and listen to their lies, but it’s all part of the spiritual ‘jihad’ we must endure before Angry Mode becomes the norm.

If you´re a newcomer to this blog: Keep your mouth shut.
Don’t speak truth unless to other followers of your blood-religion.
Don’t talk to women about anything ‘based’; even with the woman you’re dating: Avoid. The. Subject.

Indeed. Even with men one must be very circumspect. Recently, for example, now that I am reading Savitri, I asked my brother who lives in Dallas (who owes me some money) to buy me The Lightning and the Sun.

He replied that he could not buy the book of someone (Savitri) who promotes NS.

It’s funny. My brother is a prude who goes to mass every day. But if he asked me to buy him a religious book in Spanish (I live very close to old Catholic universities with Catholic bookstores), I would buy it for him despite my anti-Christianity, no problem.

The anecdote shows the level of closed-mindedness of the common normie compared to the priest. Now we can imagine the same situation with a woman (at least my brother didn’t get hysterical)!

@Mauricio “it’s a degenerate movie”

Why is that? I’ve watched it over 20 times, and I think it’s a great movie to instill a stoic mentality on future white racists and then have them cross the Bridge, along with Coppola’s Apocalypse. (Both the Narrator and Captain Willard, however, don’t have the guts to push the button, although both films give the key to the door to higher consciousness IMO.)

Coppola’s Apocalypse is one of the typical American films that distorts reality (Vietnam war) beyond recognition, a world of fantasy. IIRC I sent you an email not long ago. Or am I wrong?

@Aufnordung It’s a movie directed by a jew, based on a novel written by a depraved homosexual. The Narrator is secretly enamoured with Tyler; he disfigures a blonde guy out of jealousy. Marla, the only female, is a disgusting whore. He self-mutilates with chemical acid.
The message it sends is: “We are the shit of the world” – stop improving yourself, settle in the slums, and smash your teeth out while bare-knuckle boxing; then you’ll become a tough bastard, have sex with sluts, and raise a terrorist army. Okay, jew.

You instill “stoic mentality” in young white men by resisting urges, rejecting comfort, facing fears. Can you fast for two days? Can you take a cold shower? Can you walk alone in the forest at night?

There are much less destructive ways to becoming more masculine. But what does a sick, depraved fag like Chuck Palaniuk know about masculinity?

@C.T. Guess I just like psychedelic Vietnam war era products. And yes, I’ve received your e-mails. Checking my e-mail is not a habit of mine.

@Mauricio You’re right. I’ve never seen it like that. Probably because I had already crossed the bridge of Rubicon when I watched the movie (I didn’t read the book.) But I did not understand why do you despise rejecting comfort, facing fears, bare-knuckle training; hitting the bottom. These are exactly what young racists need to organize and do. And who you call “terrorist” is just a matter of perspective as you should know.

I didn’t get mad, and see, you’re the same age as my father so it is natural that I didn’t see what you saw. Other than that, I do not watch movies at all.

It would be fair to know the pen name under which you posted here before.

On March 26, 2012 I wrote on this site:

Last January, in his review of Fight Club Costello wanted us to believe that a film that starts with rock music, based upon a nihilistic novel authored by a homosexual author, Chuck Palahniuk, when properly interpreted deals with rebellious, healthy fascist moods that could lead our young toward masculine identity.

I couldn’t even see the whole movie. It struck me as the most nauseating thing one can imagine.

If you are a fan of that movie, maybe you should shift forums and post your comments on these types of movies on Counter-Currents.

@aufnordung you misunderstood.
I’m in favour of those challenges. I even joined a pro-nazi ‘fight club’ years ago. We sparred safely and lived normal lives.

Hitting rock bottom, that’s for drug addicts and drunken losers.
Young racists need to stay under the radar and work toward the 14 words by having healthy kids. They need to work towards not becoming dirt-fucking-poorin the 2030’s when their Boomer parents are dead.

I know your thoughts about the toxic culture within Whites but like I said, the only reason I liked it is because it instills a stoic mentality, not because Tyler like to have sex with sluts. I have never read the book and have never been interested in the author. It’s true that I’ve never seen it the way you do, but what could be greater than rejecting comfort and pushing the limit, contrary to what Mauricio said? Isn’t that what the Spartans taught their youth?

And I don’t remember my other pen name, I would have used it if I did, it was a long time ago and IIRC I just posted one comment. I’m just following this blog and won’t waste my time on the gay site you mentioned.

At any event, if you are a European who doesn’t LOVE the art that Hitler loved, but believe that American degeneracy ‘instills a stoic mentality’, CC is a far more suitable forum for you.

Regarding Apocalypse Now, I’ve stumbled across this quote from a book called The Journey to Hell:

“Parallel with the geographical retreat up the river into the wilderness is a temporal journey backwards in time, leaving modern civilizations and returning to the lush, vegetative, prehuman swamp world, as well as a psychological journey deep into his own personal heart of darkness, where lurks the to savagery that he had never acknowledged wile in the deceptive milieu of a sophistical city.”

The Picts, beyond the Hadrian’s Wall, were exactly this. If we are going to serve the 14-words, we must be the Picts again.

Again, I do not expect a movie about the Hellstorm from the modern world, nor should you, and there won’t be new Tarkovskys either.

I made a simular mistake a couple of years ago with a female friend when the subject of the so called holocaust arose. Having told her it was just wartime atrocity propaganda continued on post-war for nefarious political purposes, she began to laugh and impune my sanity. I replied that she had no idea what she was talking about whereupon she promptly kicked me out of her house and we haven’t spoken since. As I left I told her that i hoped she would remember this day if and when she learned the truth. But it’s likely she’ll never grasp it. Most of them just aren’t wired to value truth above all.

Don’t waste time talking to them, they won’t hear it. Women live according to what is fashionable in the world, precisely because they want to be ruled. Is the current fashion a desire to be worthy of one’s own race? They become good mothers. Is the current fashion to degenerate in every possible way? They become good whores, physically or spiritually.

What has changed since Roman times? Men. So women have become independent. Thus transvalued everything. In Yang times, tribal chiefs made choices, women displayed. In Yin times, it’s the opposite.

Let’s put modern men in Vercingetorix’s time, ancient men would wonder if these modern men are a new breed of woman.

You cannot change women unless you change men.

These “based” conservative white women would hit the roof and immediately call the cops on you if you said the lightest hint that Mexicans are just low-IQ subhuman pieces of shit. That’s how conservative christian white women care about the truth.
Mexico is lost. Even if there a few upper-class whites living there, they are just traitorous scum who would be so delighted when they learnt that the last Aryan male in North America has been finally slaughtered. No revolution will save the white race. Even if there was one (which is very very unlikely, like really extremely unlikely), whites would lose, as NS Germans did in 1945. It’s too late for a revolution anyways. If the hyper-masculine Spartan-minded NS Germans were annihilated in 1945, imagine how these bunch of coward homosexual conservative white American men would win a war against the dozens of millions of antifas, commies, and basically the entire Third World, with the moral support of 99% of white women.

As ignorant and idiotic as my family members are, at least I can say whatever I want to them without it resulting in silent treatment or kicking each other out of the house.

Blacks, homosexuals, jews, holocaust, christians. The only subject they show any real “resistance” to is the subject of jews and the holocaust, but even that is very mild compared to what you’re describing here.

It’s strange, though, because I don’t think my nation particularly teaches or talks about jews. Neither is it particularly religious. Makes me wonder where they’ve picked up this creepy philosemitism which is based on ignorance of the jews instead of any actual knowledge of the jews.

Oh, well. Stupid people cannot be helped, whether they’re men or women. One can give them all the facts or the means of where to start looking, but they won’t internalize any information if it doesn’t come from tv.

Indeed: Jews and the holocaust are the most difficult topic to discuss with normies.

My strategy with them is simple:

Mention Solzhenitsyn’s books about the 60 million victims of Stalin’s (((willing executioners))). That’s more effective than minimising the so-called Jewish holocaust.

Hardly any educated person knows the contents of Solzhenitsyn’s two non-fiction books. When you point them out to them they keep quiet. That happened to me years ago with my father and brother.

The other way to present the JQ is to say that in the US the only civil societies that lobbied for over a century to open the doors to non-white immigration were Jewish societies. Normies don’t know anything about that. And one can begin to educate one of them by pointing out the existence of a scholarly book by the Jew Albert Lindemann, Esau’s Tears, which shows that the JQ is not a hallucination of paranoid anti-Semites.

Of course: such a discussion is only possible with normies who keep quiet and don’t burst into hysterics. I think the priest’s first guideline is valid. If we comply with it, we avoid 97% of the shitstorms that happen when you have someone in front of you who has a more primitive brain.

Alas, my family members aren’t exactly literate and they don’t have the faintest clue how publishing, censorship or propaganda works. So I doubt mentioning books to them will help.

At least they don’t burst into hysterics about every little thing, though my sister comes close.

I still remember my uncle mentioning something like this when I asked him for advice once:

“If you are going to talk about serious matters (like killing someone or a coup) don’t ever let the women know about it.”

And I realized he is dam right, and so are you Cesar.

Women will go hysterical at such things as planning a murder or a coup. They will most likely betray you and warn the authorities/government (which they believe is the strongest).

Expect this behavior from very feminized men and homosexuals as well.

Dr. Pierce once mentioned in one of his American Dissident Voices broadcast that women, as a whole, do not understand abstract concepts such as honor and self denial. It is not in their nature to understand. Security and comfort are their priorities, and so submission their way of getting it.

And the older I get, the more I realize how true that is.

The empowering of women is truly a jewish weapon of mass destruction.

> “If you are going to talk about serious matters (like killing someone or a coup) don’t ever let the women know about it.”

Wow! I’ll now replace Anglin’s epigraph at the top of this article for these words…

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