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What bothers me most

This is a response to Krist Krusher’s most recent comment.

The lack of hatred of the Chinese after all the evidence indicates that they manufactured the virus does quite surprise me. Among Christians, liberals and woke people (i.e., secular neochristians), this is explained by the unconscious command to love the Other. But white nationalists’ lack of hatred is pathological: the other side of the coin of paranoidly blaming Jews for things they didn’t do, like the coronavirus.

What bothers me most about white nationalism is that the greatest subversive triumph of Jewry, the ethics of the New Testament that conquered the soul of white people (the axis of this site), goes completely unnoticed. As a concerned reader recently said, ‘The SS and NSDAP are being viewed as agents of “evil” not because of the Jewish-AngloSaxon-Bolshevik conspiracy, but because of the parasitic and self-destructive nature of Christian ethics deeply ingrained in the Aryan psyche and soul’.

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For all it’s worth, a hatred of the Chinese is the only allowed kind of racial hatred in the West, although it’s promoted quite sporadically. Ever heard of the Hong Kong, Winnie the Pooh and Uighur memes? That’s literally the Richard Spencer “retake Constantinople” tier. Nothing of the sort is permissible against Turkey, Islam, Israel, Jews, Latinos or niggers.

Actually, when Whites are faced with clear cases of Chinese superiority such as in their gene engineering technology, mask-wearing practice and social credit system, even the normies tend to screech against technology, almost reminiscent of that Robert Morgan from Unz. Quite ironic when they call the Chinese thieves while unable to keep pace with China themselves.

The only real taboo in Sinophobia would be the Chinese treatment of animals and children. That is indeed too strong meat for the normie. Instead, hatred is stoked efficiently enough a fear of dictators (= idols) and genocides (= manliness).

The social credit system is certainly superior to the unabated degeneracy and treason of freedom-loving America. And you have to account for the fact the Chinese have been forced to huddle inside their natural borders in the midst of nuclear powers. Of course, an expanding system would need less controls over its population (such as Germany with its eastern Lebensraum). But even then, the Führer himself wasn’t as keen on blind tolerance in the face of Christian intolerance.

Incidentally, that’s another point of contention for the USA vis-à-vis China – the older meme about the poor oppressed Tibetan monks, and a less old whining about the persecution of the quasi-Christcuck Falun Gong. Brings back to mind the “martyrdom” of Jehovah’s Witnesses in NS Germany (and later Putin’s Russia).

I know that you changed your penname from Anti-natalist to Natalist because I asked. But if you still believe that Aryans should be anti-natalists, I am afraid that the is not a forum for you.

I never believed in anti-natalism as a universal moral imperative. My previous nickname is just that, a nickname. Had I chosen “thighman”, it wouldn’t have meant that I oppose men with a preference for boobs on ideological grounds. Likewise, Hitler’s fondness for rural life didn’t mean the Pol Pot-esque genocide of the cities.

What bothers me the most is that China should not exist. China should have and could have been exterminated long ago. China, Korea, Japan – they all live on borrowed time, or to be more exact, their existence is contingent on American Christian mercy. In any fair game where America doesn’t want to lose, the Mongoloid race is wiped decades ago.

Even the pikaniniphiliac McArthur suggested nuking China; Truman turned him down. The same Truman that, for the record, missed the one in a billion chance of burning tens of millions of Russians alive in an atomic war before the USSR developed nukes of its own in 1949! Colossal cuckoldry.

This is why (((Dan Carlin))) can say, “What if Hannibal had had the nukes? Would he have possessed the “maturity” not to use them?” What’s materialist about a world history written by suicidal schizophrenics?

This is precisely what people like Robert Morgan don’t want to understand: with a good use of technology, the Aryan man would have already done what Savitri Devi dreamed of Kalki the Avenger.

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