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Rosenberg’s book

This morning I had barely started reading the first page of Blood and Honor in English (Alfred Rosenberg’s essay, Blut und Ehre) and a thought struck me. But first I would like to clarify something.

A decade ago I used to visit various sites of American racialism. Over time the list narrowed, and earlier this year I only occasionally visited The Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, Occidental Dissent and American Renaissance. I recently stopped visiting Counter-Currents and Occidental Dissent, which are a shadow of what they were in 2010.

Since I had subscribed to The Occidental Observer by mail for years, in my email I see the titles of what is published there. Currently, only when one of the titles catches my attention do I visit that webzine. But only AmRen has been these days on my list of what I visit every day, at least to see its titles.

I am afraid to say that perhaps I should discontinue this practice. Yesterday Jared Taylor published an article about the last of his videos: here.

What Taylor mentions is shocking: in his country, the open war against the white man is on a crescendo. But if I think I shouldn’t even visit AmRen anymore it’s because Taylor’s attitude, like that of the sites mentioned above, is ultra-feminine. It reminds me of what I said this March about the Game of Thrones episode in which, during the Battle of Blackwater, the women entered a hidden castle compound while the men fought outside for Stannis to be defeated. This is what I wrote in March:

Unlike all their ancestors, white nationalists who ‘want’ to create a white nation don’t talk about killing the enemy. They are like the ladies sheltered in Holdfast praying to the old and new gods that the city does not fall. And I don’t mean that they must fight right away. But nationalists haven’t even begun to devise a revolutionary ideology through pamphlets to encourage civil war in the future.

Just compare Taylor’s webzine and the other sites with the cover image of the English translation of Rosenberg’s book. Taylor could start talking about revolution in the far future to avoid trouble. But he and company don’t do that. They just talk like the Holdfast ladies.

Every time I visit a site of white nationalism I suffer a great demoralization. While at the moment the right tactic is only to circulate our ideas to the largest number of Aryan males possible, failing to mention a possible future revolution collapses the courage of the true man. For the same reason, I dare to say that the sites of white nationalism are becoming increasingly toxic. They work against raising the spirits of the fair race, as they prevent us from making contact with the blond beast that some of us still carry inside.

I’m not kidding about stopping visiting their sites and, instead, starting new sites and forums as if we were the last stronghold of National Socialism, even if we are not Germans or even pure Aryans. White nationalism must die so that National Socialism can revive from its ashes.

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It’s as if the very instance of speaking the English language positively correlates with cuckoldry. From the snippets I saw, even the Russians and the Japanese can convey real bloodthirst to this day, and it’s quite acceptable there. Let alone in the least cucked nations of Asia (see Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Tatmadaw).

I tried listening to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast, actually downloaded the entire thing, but both the first episode in 2006 and the latest ones about Persia and Japan were full of humanising the enemy, pitying the vanquished and a morbid interest in females in politics. Useless. Although I do still intend to check the Celtic Holocaust series.

What Aryans do not realize that the extinction of their kind will result in hell on earth, the devolution of mankind and the downfall of civilization and culture itself, the world instead of ascending to the stars will be swamp in a whirlwind and tsunami of subhumanity. We have to plant the seeds for the emergence of “Kalki” as what Savitri Devi wrote about it in the final chapter of “Lightning And The Sun”. Every Aryan fighter is an individual against time. Taylor and white nationalist are very much in time because they do not tackle the chief cause of degeneracy of our epoch, they are part of the degenerate current and wave caused by christian ethics.

The person you speak of is already here, the conditions were already made, all that’s left is for him to get ready, find those he needs to rise and begin the fight.

@ A concerned reader

What a find it was for me today to start reading that chapter by Savitri Devi!

It seems to me (I have not finished reading it yet) identical to what for decades I have been calling in my soliloquies ‘the extermination of the Neanderthals’.

It is also very similar, almost identical I would dare say (although I do not use esoteric language) to the final pages of my autobiographical trilogy (actually, a philosophical autobiography).

Tomorrow I will post an entry that will rescue some paragraphs from that final chapter by Savitri Devi.

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