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Covid 19 Free speech / Free press

Robert, Steve and Bret

‘The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it’. — George Orwell


Full livestream is now censored on YouTube.

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I’ve heard that the Janssen vaccine/adenovirus is the least harmful.

I will postpone this “gene-therapy based technology” that generates “cytotoxicity lymphocytes” for as long as I can.

But I’m advancing towards getting a government-funded job, and it is vaccine-mandatory.

If I could find a corrupt doctor/medical officer, I would bribe top euro for a signed V-pass. Otherwise, I will be forced to cave in and take the jab.

If the vaccine is so dangerous, then why does Israel have the highest rate of vaccination in the world?

Either way, the virus is obviously a joke. I don’t understand why it’s been turned into a boogie-man.

If the vaccine is so dangerous, then why does Israel have the highest rate of vaccination in the world?

I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Jews are just as stupid—just as Neanderthals—as other humans (despite the fact that they score higher in verbal IQ).

You speak as if internalising the premise of WNsts that Jews know what’s going on.

It’s obvious that Jews are using either placebo or a different kind of vaccine, which of course is kept in secret. How can you be so naive?

Are you from Germany? Are you familiar with our critique of white nationalism (purported omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience of the Jews, etc.)?

Yes, Cesar, I am from Germany and as a regular reader of your blog I am familiar with your critique of WN.

I am not overestimating the Jews but I am also not underestimating them. If the Jews (and their goyim accomplices) are behind the virus and the vaccination agenda – with the goal of gene altering and/or extermination of the great amount the world’s population (mainly whites, of course) – then why on Earth would they use this mass destruction weapon against themselves? It seems obvious to me that there are at least two kinds of vaccines – the one for the goyims and the other for the Jews. Of course I don’t have any proofs, It just seems logical to me.

The Jews are not behind the virus. The virus is absolutely a creation of the Chinese—the real long-term menace to the White race. When one realizes how bad Jews are at architecture [including complex planning that resembles architecture on paper] it becomes obvious to all sane people that the Jews are rather impotent. Especially in context of their “two Jews, three arguments” internal struggles where three opposed groups [Sadducee, Pharisee and Essene] or two [Zionist and Bolshevik] viciously slander and defile each other without end until an outside enemy enters. The strategy of the Jew is henceforth as simple and instinctive as the Negro; little future planning, no internal cohesion provided that outside opposition is absent, as well as a lack of societal progress in any meaningful sense.

The Chinese, on the other hand, are profoundly tight-knit to the point of worshipping their ancestors [giving them a sense of Know Thyself], living under an organized system that has entrenched itself into the economies of all Occidental nations and being able to survive and develop on their own. While the West fell into the worst stagnation caused by the primordial Race-Traitors [first converts to Xtianity], the Chinese had figured out how to use bamboo to get natural gas from the earth and build efficient ironworks that were almost industrial! To ignore China as the greatest enemy of the White race and blame everything on the Jew is simply ludicrous.

The Chinese and the Jews are perfect allies: both are un-Aryan, anti-White materialistic parasites. While I agree with you by and large on the essence of the Jews, I disagree on the idealization of the Chinese. They are not superior; they are a race of herd animals and robots without anything even closely resembling the Aryan-European culture, intellect and creativity of the better era. Even a Sinophile friend of mine who’s been working in China since 2015, married with a Chinese whore and bred a bastard with her, told me essentially the same about his Mongoloid compatriots.

Regarding the virus origin and who are the beneficiaries of it: I just point on what Hubertus said in the thread “A response to Wolfrein”: “Yet the the Covid situation is something totally different – it is a specific multifaceted medical agenda propagated by the enemy. Call them Christians, Jews or Globalists; it is all the same really.” Of course the Chinese are also beneficiaries, but they are inherently the useful idiots playing their part in the show.

Just for the record, a Führer’s quote on the Jews:

“Durch das Judentum wird diese [natürliche] Ordnung zerstört. Der Bestie, der Niedertracht, der Dummheit verhilft es zum Sieg. Vierzehnhundert Jahre hat das Christentum gebraucht, um sich zur letzten Bestialität zu entwickeln. Wir dürfen deshalb nicht sagen, daß der Bolschewismus schon überwunden ist. Je gründlicher aber die Juden herausgeworfen werden, desto rascher ist die Gefahr beseitigt. Der Jude ist der Katalysator, an dem sich die Brennstoffe entzünden. Ein Volk, das keine Juden hat, ist der natürlichen Ordnung zurückgegeben.” (Führerhauptquartier, 17. 2. 1942; from: Monologe im Führerhauptquartier 1941-1944, Die Aufzeichnungen Heinrich Heims, Herausgegeben von Werner Jochmann)

English translation:

Judaism destroys this [natural] order. It helps the beast, the baseness, the stupidity to win. It took Christianity fourteen hundred years to develop into the final bestiality. Therefore, we must not say that Bolshevism has already been overcome. But the more thoroughly the Jews are thrown out, the more quickly the danger will be eliminated. The Jew is the catalyst on which the combustibles ignite. A nation that has no Jews is returned to the natural order.

[Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)]

Very true. But my point is that even nations like 16th century Spain and Portugal, after expelling the Jews, managed to ruin their bloodline in the Americas, courtesy of the bestiality of Christianity (‘all men equal before [the Jewish] god’, etc.).

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