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A response to Wolfrein

In this discussion thread today I was told the following:

Yes, Cesar, I am from Germany and as a regular reader of your blog I am familiar with your critique of WN.

I am not overestimating the Jews but I am also not underestimating them. If the Jews (and their goyim accomplices) are behind the virus and the vaccination agenda—with the goal of gene-altering and/or extermination of the great amount [of] the world’s population (mainly whites, of course)—then why on Earth would they use this mass destruction weapon against themselves? It seems obvious to me that there are at least two kinds of vaccines—the one for the goyims and the other for the Jews. Of course I don’t have any proofs. It just seems logical to me.

That sounds pretty paranoid, and it’s the first time I’ve heard it. If true, Kevin MacDonald, the specialist on Jewry, and his webzine writers, other experts on Jewry from the Aryan point of view, would have already published a lot of articles on such a tremendous conspiracy.

If you were really familiar with the criticism I make on this site of white nationalism, you would have noticed that I don’t subscribe to paranoid views so common in the discussion threads of nationalists (9/11 attacks, JFK assassination, and now covid-19).

I’m going to put it very directly:

To the extent that contemporary racialists embrace paranoid ideas, the race is on the way to extinction, since they aren’t addressing the cause that’s killing them. (The central theme of this site is the proper diagnosis—not paranoid diagnoses—of the darkest hour in the West.)

Conspiracy theories, by the way, haven’t been promulgated in the most serious sites of white nationalism. And I’m not just talking about The Occidental Observer, but also Counter-Currents, American Renaissance and Occidental Dissent. The problem with those theories is that they suck in great energies that lead us to dead-ends, instead of cruising down the main avenue that could potentially save the race (the stuff linked in my sticky post).

If you are German, instead of the crazy comment threads on white nationalist blogs, you should be reading the SS booklets, whose English translation I’ve been reading (and of which I’ll add more entries shortly, until I finish reading the fifteen booklets I acquired).

Conspiracy theories are a vampire sucking the mental health of the Aryan man with good feelings. The System loves that these Aryans find themselves trapped in ideological alleys instead of seeing what is really happening.

I have a long history of readings that debunk the pseudosciences because in the past I was in a dead-end, mentally trapped in a couple of pseudosciences. The younger people I interact with on the internet cannot imagine the decades of suffering and spiritual odyssey I underwent not only in them, but in investigating other extraordinary allegations that have nothing to do with reality.

I repeat, if instead of reading what contemporary racialists write you read what the Nazi leadership wrote, you would realise that the latter didn’t suffer from any paranoia but saw reality as it was. For example, soon I will start uploading entries in the German section of this site where I will be reproducing every table talk of the Führer before the damned allies killed him in his bunker.

I confess that although I recently studied, for months, a book on German grammar, I don’t know German. When I publish translations from German here, for example Karlheinz Deschner’s book, another translator does them. (Both, the books in the original German and the Spanish translations of Deschner’s books by the publishing house Martínez Roca are in my bookshelf.) But I am infinitely sorry that Germans today listen to Americans instead of Uncle Adolf, or the SS booklets I’m reading.

Changing the subject, yesterday Jared Taylor published a featured article (when he does it, he puts it in red letters on the main page) of a mulatto woman. We can already imagine the SS authors doing something similar!

I say it once again, and not only to the Germans: Stop reading the sites of American white nationalism and become familiar with the real thing…

26 replies on “A response to Wolfrein”

Ironically, if the Führer had believed England to be consumed by the mad spirit of anti-Aryan Christianity (or a more conspiracy-sounding variation thereof), he would’ve been closer to the truth. I wish the Germans had chosen a cold war-style approach the way modern Iran has done, instead of offering the otherwise cowardly Allies a carte blanche for total war.

I’ve checked Wikipedia, and apparently, the only non-Pacific countries not vaccinating right now are Tanzania, Burundi, Eritrea and North Korea. Haiti, too, but they are going to. Cuba has developed its indigenous vaccines called Soberana 02 and Abdala.

Just for the record, I am not an anti-vaxxer. But these covid vaccines have not been properly tested, to the extent that I am now calling my family, relatives, friends and acquaintances ‘guinea pigs’. Only Big Pharma can benefit from such bad science.

Yes, but there are Jews certainly taking part in manufacturing these jabs.
Even if they would have never made coronavirus, personally it is hard to think it even exists, or it is a failure. That’s why the Lab theory kinda falls on its feet, but does not dissaprove it per se. The news haven’t made me convinced of anything either. When this whole thing started, I was optimistic to believe, but it didn’t work out.

A text I haven’t checked, but seems plausible.

“1. CDC Director, Rochelle P. Walensky, is a jew.
2. CDC Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat, is a jew.
3. CDC Chief of Staff, Sherri A. Berger, is a jew.
4. CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolfe, is a jew.
5. CDC Director, Washington Office, Jeff Reczek, is a jew.
6. COVID Czar, Jeff Zients, is a jew.
7. COVID Senior Advior, Andy Slavitt, is a jew.
8. HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, is a jew.
9. HHS Ass. Secretary, Rachel Levine, is a dude and a jew.
10. Pfizer’s CEO is a jew.
11. Moderna’s vaccine created by a jew.
12. Johnson & Johnson’s CEO is a jew.
13. Teva is an Israel pharmaceutical company with a jewish CEO.
14. Regeneron Pharma CEO is a jew
15. AstraZeneca’s CEO was to take over as CEO of Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals which means he’s a jew.”
The World Economic Forum has also a broad member of Jews.

I agree that you shouldn’t underestimate their involvement, because economy and society aren’t ours anymore. I agree that we shouldn’t blame Jews for things they didn’t do, especially if it starts some sort of Boomer facebook conspiracy chain that Whites get too involved in.
Though what difference would that really make? Just blame all non-whites — and I guess– ourselves.

PS. Some WNs and Boomers are so pathetic that they keep using the “Nazi argument” against jabs and lockdowns, they even claim that Big Pharma and Vaccine Passports come directly from Wealthy Nazi German families, makes me very annoyed. It’s also a losing tactic.

You mean the Sars-Cov-2? If that is the one that “was manufactured and escaped from the lab” then yes; it might be a failure, nonexistant or our immunities are just that good.

Of course Coronaviruses exist, but just like the flu, you don’t necessarily fear them. I mean, I haven’t had the flu -maybe- ever.
My family and relatives haven’t gotten Covid in the span of 1 and a half years either.

I’m maybe naive but I won’t follow the regulations our governments put up, from following the news, the whole things seems like circus. I’d rather not care about it nor about the virus.

César, thanks for taking time to respond to my post. What I’ve said is not just my personal paranoia, but more or less a consensus among German völkisch-nationalists. If your German improves someday, I strongly recommend you to read such websites as Sezession, Compact, Endederluege, Horst Mahler blog (wirsindhorst) and Michael Mannheimer blog, especially the first two. One of the regular commenters on Sezession is Jürgen Graf (under the nickname Der_Juergen), one of the greatest living revisionists and “Holocaust-deniers”. And he is also a proponent of the “paranoia”, as you kindly call it.

I don’t pay attention to MacDonald, but I read Unz Review from time to time and I think the covid conspiracy was discussed there in a couple of articles. I also read Tom Sunic sometimes, otherwise I have neither the time or the desire to read WN websites.

I don’t agree with you that “conspiracy theories” are nonsense per se. Uncle Adolf was convinced in the Jewish-AngloSaxon-Bolshevik conspiracy, which again was and is so obvious for everyone who deals with the real history of the 20th century that there is no need to discuss it any longer. There are thousands of primary and secondary sources on that topic.

Regarding Uncle Adolf and the NS-literature: I have almost entire “collected works” of Hitler in printed form, including three Germans editions of the Tischgespräche, which I’ve read many times. I also have thousands and thousands scanned NS books from the now defunct Neuschwabenland-Archiv, which thank God are available on archive.org. So I am more familiar with the real stuff than you think.

I have criticised Ron Unz on this site for what he believes about the JFK assassination. But what you have to understand is:

Conspiracy theory ≠ conspiracies

Conspiracies are real. When I was in my twenties and living in the US, a real conspiracy was discovered when Ronald Reagan was president (the then called ‘Iran-Contra affair’).

Conspiracy theories, on the other hand, are things like the claim that the American government secretly harbours alien UFOs in Hangar 14, or what later became known as Satanic Ritual Abuse: a moral panic that landed innocent Americans in jail in the early 1990s.

They are very different things.

I’m sorry that the German sites you mention believe in conspiracy theories. Instead, they should read the literature in German that can still be read on archive.org.

If you want to dig deeper into what I say, you could start by reading Vincent Bugliosi’s book on the JFK assassination: something that people like the ethnic Jew Ron Unz, despite his amazing reading capabilities, refuse to do.

I understand your point. Since the virus and the vaxx agenda are long-term projects, obviously planned for decades in advance, time will show if this is a real conspiracy or just a “conspiracy theory”.

But that’s exactly what, to my eyes, is paranoid. It reminds me of the book about the protocols of Zion, although the gentiles are also involved in this covid ‘conspiracy’ as you said above. You also wrote: ‘Of course I don’t have any proofs. It just seems logical to me’ (my emphasis).

To scholars of UFOs and those of satanic ritual abuse it ‘seemed logical’ that in time their paranoid delusions will be vindicated by the facts.

I’m going to put it this way: those who study the JQ academically (for example the KMD trilogy) don’t fall into paranoia for the simple reason that they understand Jewry better than those who consume what Orwell called prolefeed.

Conspiracy theories are prolefeed for the proles (only those who have read 1984 can understand this phrase).

The main issue is not the jewish bolshevik zionist masonic conspiracy, they can be easily dealt with once the Aryan man finally attain his own sanity and straighten his thoughts, he must be much more cold-blooded than Himmler and the SS( If he were to succeed) The main stumbling block is christian axiological percepts and morality which prevent him to emulate the tenacity and spirit of NS Germany or SS. He has to overcome himself before overcoming the eternal enemy.

The SS and NSDAP are being viewed as agents of “evil” not because of the Jewish-AngloSaxon-Bolshevik conspiracy, but because of the parasitic and self-destructive nature of christian ethics deeply ingrained in the Aryan psyche and soul.

I am somewhat perplexed by your position. Obviously, baseless conspiracy theories are for the simple folk and those of a delusional mindset. Yet the the Covid situation is something totally different – it is a specific multifaceted medical agenda propagated by the enemy. Call them Christians, Jews or Globalists; it is all the same really. They want a homogeneous docile populace ruled by a small gluttonous elite. The supposed Covid vaccine will have far ranging consequences for the Aryan remnant – all of them negative. That benefits no one except those pushing the vaccine. Is it paranoid to believe in the possibility of a sterile saline syringe for a select few? I do not think so. I cannot understand how you are unable to envision such mischievous behavior writ large. Especially, since you are so well versed in the evil acts propagated by the allied forces during the Second World War and those of the Jews in the Old Testament. I mean Jacob literally deceived his own father by dressing up like the first born Esau – an Aryan type. These people will do anything to destroy Aryan culture- in this case I am most worried about the long term fertility of our beautiful Aryan women. In conclusion, I do not see why we should believe anything coming from the enemy camp. A simple trip down to the local ER will suffice for demonstrating the degenerate population effected by this virus. Generally not real winners. This quote from Plato wonderfully illustrates a traditionalist approach to disease, the exact opposite of the vaccination campaign:

“Asclepius displayed his medical skill only for the benefit of those who were suffering from a specific disease but were otherwise healthy both in their constitution and in their manner of living.  Such people he cured with drugs and surgery, instructing them to carry on with their customary lifestyle….But when it came to people whose bodies were permeated with disease, he did not attempt to extend their useless lives…and have them producing children who would probably be just like them. Asclepius did not think that he should treat people whose habits rendered them incapable of living, since treating them did no good either for the patients themselves or for the state.” – Plato, The Republic, 407.

I do reject all covid-19 vaccines for reasons stated on my Monday post (and related thread—especially the embedded video on ivermectin) on Robert, Steve and Bret.

But the key phrase in Wolfrein’s quote above is: ‘Of course I don’t have any proofs. It just seems logical to me’.

It’s a huge mistake to believe that your intuition, however logical it may seem to you, is by definition empirical fact. Remember what I said last month:

The white nationalist’s methodology is contrary to that of Sherlock Holmes, who told Dr. Watson: ‘It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts’. I try to be like Holmes: first comes the data and only after the theories.

The provided video was fantastic. In fact, I may try to find the article mentioned in podcast; sounds like a good summary piece. Do you have a copy?

I am in total agreement with you on the necessity of data. Nonetheless, in Covid hell, all the necessary data is filtered through a system which is inherently corrupt.

My limited, but unfiltered experiential data suggests that Covid is inconsequential for most people, that asymptomatic spread is BS, and that the vaccine is of little utility. Not evidence based per se. However, at least it is free of the tentacles of Fauci, et. al.

Congratulations on avoiding the vaccine thus far. I hope I can do the same. Yet I fear a big fight is lurking upon the horizon.

Jim Saleam dedicated a chapter in his dissertation “American Nazism In The Context Of The American Extreme Right: 1960 – 1978” to conspiratorial thinking. He noted that conspiracy-belief tended to paralyze its adherents. Christians especially were drawn to it, and tended to attribute the conspiracy to metaphysical evil – exculpating them from the need to physically act as only “exposal” and prayer could win the day. I would add that the more outlandish (or unfalsifiable) the conspiracy, the more it precluded action.

The revolutionary, by contrast, understood the conspiracy as something to be physically defeated by collective National Socialist effort.

A relevant quote from Chapter 6 of this work:

“However, he used conspiracy ideology for a political mobilisation, which places Rockwell in both the American and Continental fascist traditions. Rockwell did not wish to ‘expose’ the conspiracy and ‘wake up America,’ but to make a revolution. He opposed the conservative Right on its own ground, as was illustrated in his Dallas speech to conservatives in which he pilloried them for their lack of influence, while admitting that their ideas were right. Further, in Rockwell’s system only fascism, especially Hitler’s brand, had overcome the conspiracy, proving the necessity of similar tactics in America – the tactics of radicalism.”

This quote is extremely interesting, and I had already intuited, by visiting so many discussion threads in the forums of white nationalism, that assigning the Jew unlimited powers was only paralysing potential warriors (or pre-revolutionary men in peacetime, who, without those theories, they might think like Commander Rockwell.)

I know, but by comparing it to the flu, I meant it more in the sense “I have not had the flu in years yet people fear flu a lot” and are adviced to take the flu shot every flu season, maybe they want to, but I don’t, it should remain a choice, right?

I said I haven’t decided that it is nonexistant per se, but I’m definetly leaning more to that side.

That’s why I advice everybody to live their life normally and focus on informing themselves on the NS and Christian slavecultism instead.

The jabs won’t stop the ‘new’ change in our society either.

Why do you say it doesn’t exist? The virus obviously exists as we saw in the Chinese images when it broke out (and then when it went to Italy).

The family doctor, who issued my father and sister’s death certificates, died of covid-19. Those were times when the virus strain was far more lethal than today’s Delta variant.

“Conspiracy theories are a vampire sucking the mental health of the Aryan man with good feelings.”

Now, define “conspiracy theory”. Any normie, wether on the Left or on the Right, who looks at your blog for 2 minutes would label it a nest of the most insane “conspiracy theories”, from the notion that the jews rule the world, through the idea that the Left is in charge of everything, that the white race is headed towards extinction, that Hitler and NS Germany were the good guys, to the view that Christianity was engenieered by the jews as a way to conquer and enslave the gentiles. You would be branded a seriously mentally-ill conspiracy theorist by virtually everybody, regardless of political orientation.

I personally subscribe to all the above views, but don’t you see how grotesque, how unbelievable it is to see a guy like you, with such a worldview, denouncing “conspiracy theories” views that are not establishment-approved?

I don’t want to soud rude but, despite your non-kosher views, you strike me as a boomer through and through, from your bizarre admiration for a totally degenerate form of sub-art like cinema (Game of Thrones? Really?), to your instinctive scorn of what you call “conspiracy theories” – ie, non-government-approved ideas.

For example: tell us what you think of the “Apollo Missions”. Did the Americans go to the moon? Tell us your opinion on the matter. I’ll grab the popcorn.

No intelligent racialist believes in conspiracy theories. Not Greg Johnson, not Kevin MacDonald, not Hunter Wallace, not Jared Taylor (and Wallace is not a boomer).

If you were aware of what I say on this site, you would know that I dedicate a book to denouncing every bad message from Game of Thrones. That book is On Beth’s Cute Tits, that can be seen on the sidebar.

Regarding defining what is a conspiracy theory, I don’t know an exact definition. But the big paradigms would be JFK, 911 and now covid. That’s why I want my readers to start with the first one, for example the way that on this site I have criticised Ron Unz for leaving the courtroom every time the prosecutor (Bugliosi) speaks.

We can already imagine a court that would allow one of the jurors to walk out of the room every time the prosecutor spoke (because he dogmatically believes that what the other attorney says is true)!

That would be my own definition of what a conspiracy theory is: never listen to another’s arguments.

But I won’t discuss this topic here now that I will be busy reading Savitri Devi’s book. Contact MacDonald, Johnson, Wallace, and Taylor and ask them why they don’t believe these theories either. Again, no truly intelligent racialist believes this stuff.

“Contact MacDonald, Johnson, Wallace, and Taylor and ask them why they don’t believe these theories either. Again, no truly intelligent racialist believes this stuff.”

Oh yeah, MacDonald, Johnson, Wallace and Taylor. Sure. Very independent minds indeed.

Don’t you routinely mock these figures here on your blog? Don’t you constantly call them weak and controlled opposition?

Taylor is a philo-Semite, Wallace is a christian fag. Johnson is a literal fag himself. MacDonald is totally clueless regarding the Christian question.

These people are very far from the arbitrers of what constitutes being intelligent. As a matter of fact, to begin with, they wouldn’t touch the themes you approach here on this blog even with a barge-pole.

The fact that an enormous hoax like the fake moon-landings are never mentioned by what passes by the “alternative media” just goes to show how incapable most people are of thinking for themselves, but I won’t belabour this point as I know there are only so many redpills most people can take. You saw the light regarding National Socialism and the Jewish charade of Christianity but excpet for that you’re mostly a normie, denouncing “conspiracy theories”, telling people to invest in gold and silver, [but not Bitcoin!] etc. I’m sure you do believe that the Americans sent men to the moon, that there is indeed an “international space station” orbiting the Earth, etc. That’s fair enough, it shouldn’t be used against you, some truths are so bizarre that very, very few people are willing to even consider them, so upseting they are to any normal person’s mental health. Peace.

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