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O’Meara’s handwriting

Currently I only spend a couple of minutes and sometimes only seconds a day while visiting the racialist sites of the Americans. Curious as to what they said on July 4th, considering what I said that day, I listened to a fraction of a Greg Johnson guest on his podcast and the titles of Brad Griffin’s articles (I think from now on I’ll call him on his real name instead of his penname Hunter Wallace).

I was surprised that Greg’s guest talked about the American flag. Perhaps I am wrong, but in the mere fraction I listened to, his ideology was indistinguishable from what you can hear on Fox News, which reaches an audience incomparably larger than these sites of American racialism. Funny, I thought to myself, since Michael O’Meara, the first featured author in 2009 and 2010 when Greg began his career at TOQ Online, was aware, like Yockey, that things were wrong with the founding principles of his country:

Believing herself God’s favorite, this New Zion aspired—as a Promised Land of liberty, equality, fraternity—to jettison Europe’s aesthetic and aristocratic standards for the sake of its religiously-inspired materialism. Hence, the bustling, wealth-accumulating, tradition-opposing character of the American project, which offends every former conception of the Cosmos.

For the source of O’Meara’s quote see: here. Nothing could be further from what we hear today on forums from American racialists than what Yockey and O’Meara saw. I think Ronin is correct in calling names on today’s white nationalists, such as patriotards, not true racists.

If they were the latter, they would want to learn Scandinavian languages or German, repudiate the golden calf, revalue their values and the centre of gravity would revolve around Europe, as we see on this Twitter account that only posts photos of Aryan architecture and beauty. Instead of repudiating their country they make the Jews the primal threat, the easy way out intellectually so as not to see the beam in their own eye.

Jared Taylor seems to exemplify patriotardism. He wrote on July 4 about what his country’s founders had in mind (again, I only read the title, not his article). It is curious that an ad for the book in which O’Meara summarised his views appeared within the essays of The Occidental Observer in 2010. The ad was a pic of another copy of the book that shows O’Meara’s handwriting above, addressing me by my first name.

It is true what Jack F. says of Ronin’s unreadable prose. But a close reading of O’Meara’s essays, which can still be read online (see ‘External links’ here), are much more eloquent than what Ronin or I can say here because, unlike O’Meara, Ronin and I aren’t Americans. It is a pity that Michael O’Meara, who is still alive, is no longer intellectually active.

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Señor César, le comento aquí porque sé que su blog en inglés es mucho más activo , llevo unos 2 años siguiendo su blog , y he llegado a a la conclusión de que su trabajo es el más importante desde tiempos de William Pierce. Gracias por rescatar toda esa información, Si William Pierce fue el espíritu más grande de USA , me atrevo a decir que usted es el espíritu más grande que ha producido México, me aseguraré que su trabajo siga vigente en las siguientes décadas. Por último solo agregar 2 comentarios más , le recomiendo la lectura de Robert Sepehr y sus libros, en especial Species with Amnesia, lo puede encontrar en español en:


Ahí tambien hay una versión fabulosa de Who We Are, me duele leerlos gratis pero actualmente no tengo el dinero para estar comprando libros. Por cierto le recomiendo estos videos:



Mil gracias por el halago.

Efectivamente: la edición de WWA cuyo sitio enlazas es la que tengo en libro impreso. ¡Qué bueno que ya está disponible online!

Si quieres enviarme un mail, mi dirección se encuentra en la sidebar.


Re: the “Twitter account that only posts photos of Aryan architecture and beauty”. When I think of beauty, I think not of hippie tree-humping, I think of dead Jews in 1941 (the veracity of whose deaths nobody contests, putting my conscience at rest). 99.9% of pro-White pay-to-read evangelising is cuck porn. Compare that to the Taliban who is now sweeping the West-obeyers away, 20 years after their supposed defeat.

4th of July is one of the worst days of the Year.

One of the ‘patriotards’ that I talked to, I said “Why are a blind patriot to America?” He just replied “Being a blind patriot is awesome” as in to not care about the question, the average answer you get is “I don’t care.”

There is also this one man I follow who is anti-Christian but absolutely loves America.
He stated that if Germany hosts pride parades, Germans will say “This is not us, not our values” and claims to say that it applies to America too, that America “ISN’T” a faggot paradise with the worst case of Christianity and non-whites.. because if it was, Germany “would be too.” If someone is going to be Anti-Christian, they’d definetly have to be anti-America.

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