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3-eyed crow William Pierce

The raven’s sight

More than forty years ago, in ‘Why the West Will Go Under’ published on National Vanguard (excerpted: here), William Pierce predicted everything that would happen today. I consider Pierce to be one of the extremely, extremely few three-eyed ravens to use the metaphor I use at the end of my eleven autobiographical books.

Four decades after his very wise words, a few racialists have begun to see glimpses of what Pierce clearly and transparently saw when whites thought that everything was great. The following are three posts from commenters of an article published yesterday on American Renaissance:

Commenter 1: There is no fixing this politically. You need to understand that right now. As I have said numerous times, it will take a Hitleresque type of ruthlessness to save the country and the white race. You want to keep playing fair with these people, then prepare to die.

Jared Taylor who runs that webzine has been trying for decades to play fair (remember that Taylor’s parents were fanatic Christians that moved to Japan to save the heathen).

Commenter 2: What I will never understand is just how many White people in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand support the extermination of the European peoples worldwide.

Has this guy read one of the three articles that we recommend in the comments section of the sticky post, that of Black Pigeon Speaks? (When I finish my review of Game of Thrones I will replace it with a passage from my eleventh book.)

Commenter 3: What if the nation has been sick from the inception and this end is fitting? Do we really want to save this horrid monster? We should not even attempt life support, let the USA die.

They are just beginning to glimpse things that the three-eyed raven had seen thanks to his precognitive abilities…

15 replies on “The raven’s sight”

Commenter 1: There is no fixing this politically. You need to understand that right now. As I have said numerous times, it will take a Hitleresque type of ruthlessness to save the country and the white race. You want to keep playing fair with these people, then prepare to die.

Hitler wasn’t ruthless enough to save the white race back in the 1940s. If it needed someone more ruthless than Hitler in the 1940s, it definitely needs a white man 1000x more ruthless than Hitler now, in the 2020s.

In the 1940s the world population was only 2.4 billion people, the white race was the largest race on Earth and ruled the world, having mastery over most of the earth’s surface. Today, in the 2020s, whites have given up world domination, retreating from virtually ALL their former colonial possessions (admittedly not without a fight in many cases), whites are currently giving up their own countries and the world population is nearing 8 billion with whites now consequently the smallest race.

It would now take someone completely psychopathic to “save the white race” from extinction and who really wants to do that when most whites have made it extremely clear that they don’t want to be saved and in fact want to die, to go extinct. This is not the 1920s and 1930s when whites wanted to be saved from Communism by Mussolini and Hitler etc. And where would a white man, a new Hitler, find white men of the quality of those in the Third Reich today? Since 1945 the white race has fallen to abysmal depths, and the white nationalist movement has kept pace with the decline of the white race. One is tempted to say, based on their behaviour since 1939, whites are not worth saving and just let them get on with their mad extinction instead of behaving like a white knight cuck trying to “save” a people who hate you for doing so.

But back to Hitler. If the white race is to survive we essentially have to re-fight WWII this time winning it instead of a repeat of the fuck-up in the 1940s that has cost us so dearly since. If there is a ‘next time’ (and there may not be, it might just be a long, slow extinction for the remainder of this century) there can be no chivalrous ‘making peace at Dunkirk’ like Hitler tried to do. No more of that old, outdated, FAILED NSDAP nonsense such as parading around like big men at Nuremberg rallies only to be taught a lesson that Germans will never forget via the means of the Hellstorm Holocaust, then becoming a pathetic humbled cuck nation riddled with guilt (a real Master Race wouldn’t have behaved like the Germans did in defeat, and like Aryans do worldwide today). No use in imitating the failed tactics of the past. Time to move beyond Hitler and beyond the Swastika!

I have not read all your comment because I am still correcting my last post. But from what I read I think you fall into the error of the anti-Hitlerian Romanian who used to comment here. I replied him that those who really failed were the Anglo-Saxons and the Russians who allowed the governments that perpetrated the Hellstorm. All our hatred and criticism must be directed at them (which is why neither the Romanian nor pro-Stalin Adunai shall comment here anymore) and the religion that allowed this mess.

If we speak of exterminationism, America delenda est and the Night King should be our emblem: the final message of my eleventh book.

One meme said that you need to transmute despair into both hatred and determination.

We have the ADL trying to get Tucker Carlson fired. Pointing out that Americans are being replaced—which is true—is grounds for sacking. But as in Jew-occupied Germany: the truth is no defence.

If I had a time machine I would tell the Romans that instead of selling the Jews into slavery, that they should simply put them all to the sword. You never let a defeated enemy live: else they will one day come back for another swipe at you.

The Jews know this. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The Jews are chasing down the last white man.

But as in Dracula—which is probably an antisemitic parable—we freely invited the Jewish vampire into our house—who would otherwise be powerless to hurt us—when our traitorous elites were handed bags of shekels by the likes of Saint Patrick to adopt an alien slave racially-destructive, pedophilic Abrahamic religion.

So in one sense, this is fair. Yahweh probably doesn’t punish the children for the sins of the fathers down to the 3rd and 4rth generation… but nature does… and this is fair.

Dr. Robert Morgan rightly points out that most white people want this. Can we blame nature for wanting to rid such a perverted and suicidal race from the planet as unfit?

As a white nationalist, I admire and respect black nationalists and sometimes read their books. They point out that we whites have always had a traitorous elite who looks down their noses at the white hoi polloi with contempt. Blacks don’t have this traitorous elite. Their elite is always working to uplift the black common folk.

Sorry but there’s a contradiction. It’s either:

> ‘The Jews are chasing down the last white man’.


> ‘Dr. Robert Morgan rightly points out that most white people want this’.

IMO your second comment is closer to reality, as Jewish propaganda became so powerful only because whites rolled the red carpet for them after they internalised the Old Testament (courtesy of Martin Luther!).

Now tell your pal Linder that he got it all wrong: that Xtian ethics is the primary cause and Judaic infection the secondary cause.

In the universal set of problems destroying the white race:

The Aryan Problem is the superset of the Christian Problem which is a Superset of the Jewish Problem.

The Aryan problem encompasses the Christian Problem which in turn encompasses the Jewish problem.

I don’t think that either me or Alex are in disagreement with you on this. If you follow Alex on Pieville, he criticizes Christianity all the time.

Were it not for the Sauline notion that all Israel must be saved by Henoch and Elias in the end-times, instead of Christian civilization expelling the Jews 110 times, a Hellenic or a druidic Europe probably would have put them to the sword once.

I no longer use the term ‘Aryan problem’ but rather focus on the Christian question (since the real self-hatred apparently started with Christianity).

And you’re wrong about Linder. He does believe that the JQ encompasses all other questions. Even if he criticises Xtianity he still believes that Jewish subversion is the primary cause, not a mere secondary cause. He may be considered a bicausal type-A, not a bicausal type-B.

Big difference, since we believe that we shall look for the kingdom of destroying Xtian ethics and everything else shall be added upon you. Linder doesn’t believe it. In his gospel there’s not such paraphrasing of Matt. 6:33.

However, if you read Socrates you discover that Aryans have always believed in wacky perverted suicidal nonsense.

Socrates was offered a means of escape by his homosexual boyfriend Alsibiades, but preferred to remain behind and drink hemlock. He bowed to Kritarchy and the dictates of the state.

Socrates said that it is better to be sinned against than to sin, and that death was better than life because it brought you closer to “God.” Eyes instead of helping you to see actually obscured the sight of the eye of the soul.

Just on and on and on with wacky proto-Christian perversion and stupidity.

Socrates might have been right about 95% of stuff… however that 5% error makes him a fool and a scoundrel… and most Aryans either don’t know about this, or else if they do know this, they cannot see that Socrates was a pervert and a scoundrel, a proto Rabbi Jesus.

If you got rid of Christianity tomorrow, the Jews would simply invent another perverted religion to sucker Aryan fools.

Indeed this is what Communism and Atheism Plus are.

You cannot read Socrates, only what Xenophon and Plato said about him. Nietzsche started his career by taking Plato to task in his first major book, and he was right.

> ‘If you got rid of Christianity tomorrow, the Jews would simply invent another perverted religion to sucker Aryan fools’.

If we got rid of Xtian ethics Jews would simply be exterminated.

Yeah, I don’t really bother with textual critical stuff. The character of Socrates that we are presented with.

Alsibiades for instance was most likely a later forgery.

Same with Jesus. I don’t bother trying to figure out what the historical Jesus actually said and did. I just take the Textus Receptus, Douay Rheims, Vulgate, and KJV; the versions used by Traditional Catholics and Protestant Evangelicals and Fundamentalists as a fictional story with a fictional character and criticize that Jesus. Because this is the Jesus that people actually believe in. There is no religion dedicated to the Historical Jesus of textual criticism. There is no religion dedicated to Bart Ehrman’s version of Jesus; to John Dominic Crossan’s version of Jesus. Maybe liberal Christianity… however criticising liberal Christianity doesn’t really interest me. I would rather criticize the thing itself than a liberal warping if it. And also: very few white nationalists are liberal Christians.

> ‘… very few white nationalists are liberal Christians’.

I hadn’t thought about that but yes: They’ve not even reached the level of the scholars of The Jesus Seminar, let alone the scholarship of neochristian Carrier (before accepting mythicism I was influenced by the secular approach to the ‘historical’ Jesus by Morton Smith).

As Denis Mc Kinsey put it: most orthodox Christians are still in the middle ages. Once Copernicus proved that the earth wasn’t flat, that it had no 4 corners; that heaven had no windows or floodgates; that Yahweh didn’t put the sun to bed in a little tent every night, and let it out again in the morning to circle the earth… that there was no firmament, and consequently no sapphire-brick heaven above us, or volcanic hell below us, bible-literalist Christianity should have totally perished at this point. As Annie Bessant points out in her My Path to Atheism the supernatural claims of Christianity are contingent upon a disproven cosmology.

Pius XII as late as the 1950s proclaimed the assumption of mary into a heaven that doesn’t exist… at least no longer as a real physical place with definite stellar coordinates… that he knew church historians in germany had totally disproven as an invention of the 400s CE. This is how utterly absurd and stupid all of this is… and yet our people to a large extent continue to practise this litteralist version of Christianity.

They have never heard of Strauss or Reimaurus. To their credit, Ehrman and Crossan as popularisers have had some success with this.

Aryans had between 1000 BCE to 300 CE to exterminate the Jews, and yet failed to do so.

Epiphanes thought that he could convert the Jews to Hellenism, which is as stupid as magic water.

I think to become a Christian monocausalist would be a step backwards for this blog.

In Answer to Job, Jung explains beautifully why Catholics cling to that recent dogma you mention about Mary. The problem with secular criticisms of religion is that religion is a parental introject, which means that only depth psychology can decipher it, not rationalistic approaches.

As to why the Romans didn’t exterminate them, have you read the masthead of this site?

“Aryans had between 1000 BCE to 300 CE to exterminate the Jews, and yet failed to do so.”

Actually, Aryans had between 3000 BCE to 1945 CE to exterminate the Jews, but they failed to see that. Instead of exterminating the external threats, they (especially Romans) exterminated the internal and pure elements of the White race such as Gauls and Germans. Didn’t Julius Caesar kill more than a million Celts in his stupid Gallic Campaign? And if he hadn’t died, it would have come to the Germans. But thanks to Arminius, the Germans did not submit to Roman stupidity. (In contrast to Arminius’ victory at Teutoborg Forest, the Romans kidnapped Arminius’ wife and child and sold them in the slave market.) I really do not understand the obsession with the Romans. Praising the Roman Empire, knowing that they gave the Celts and Germans the same 1945, is just absurd. (Not directly targeted at you. I’m also criticizing the White Nationalists.)

The Christian morality/suicidal behavior was always there, within the Aryan mind. And again, especially within the Romans because they intermixed with the hedonistic Mediterranean non-Whites. And for me, the ultimate reason behind the stupidity and suicidal behavior of Whites is the Romans. And our hatred also must be directed towards the Roman Empire.

Remember Jewish Marcus Eli Ravage’s words: “Almost by accident.”

Yeah, my point is that between 1000BCE and 300CE there was no political Christianity. Aryans were pagans, and not a small number of the intellectual elite were atheists. They believed in “based” stuff like ‘man is a wolf to man’ and ‘atoms and the void’.

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