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Indictment (1995)

Regarding my list of 50 movies that I recommend, this morning I was tempted to replace Elizabeth (1998) with Indictment: The McMartin Trial (1995). I didn’t because, twenty-two years ago, the beauty of Cate Blanchett (pic above) and the clothing of other women, almost at the beginning of the film, briefly portray the nymphs on this blog’s sidebar with real-life specimens (here, and Elizabeth with her boyfriend here). But the plot of Elizabeth is Hollywoodesque and doesn’t seem as relevant to understanding the dark hour as Indictment.

In the forums of white nationalism, and even in Metapedia, we are told that the expression ‘conspiracy theory’ is a Jewish invention. The reality is that there are some racially conscious whites who don’t subscribe the theories of staunch libertarians, like those of the flu truthers. Those reluctant to flip through Bugliosi’s JFK book, but who are interested in knowing why I despise conspiracy theorists so much, can do so by entertaining themselves with Indictment, and viewing it as the #51 movie of my list of favourite movies.

Indictment shows the incredible delusional level reached by some conspiracy theorists in the decade that Elizabeth was filmed: a witch-hunt that, in real life, destroyed the lives of innocent men and women.

Everything has to do with understanding mental illness, even the folies en masse, not from the point of view of psychiatry, which is a pseudoscience; but from the POV of my book Day of Wrath which explains the notion of ‘paleologic thinking’ to distinguish it from the more artstotelic forms of human cognition.

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So, ‘conspiracy theory’ is a conspiracy theory. Pretty much what you’d expect from the Alt-Whiters!

And still they continue to whinge about ‘muh freedoms’ and ‘muh economy’, when they need to be pressing the normies’ panic buttons about Covid-19 regardless of whether or not “it’s just the flu, bro” or the Black Death.

Who needs controlled opposition when you have such easily controllable opposition?

I not only have decided not to read WN sites (cf. my post of yesterday): I have not paid attention to what the MSM has said for many years. As to covid-19, since January my source has been Martenson, a YouTubber with a PhD in pathology, not the MSM. Therefore, visitors cannot accuse me of gullibility if my main source is not a mainstream media source.

Although I no longer visit forums by racialists, I do visit Goebbels Hub just to see the titles of the new articles without ever clicking on any of them. So I know that Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent tries to debunk covid-19 conspiracy theories almost every day. I’d advice the flu bros to visit Occidental Dissent and try to debunk what they call the official narrative there.

Incidentally, I believe that lockdowns are terribly misguided, especially in summer. People should simply work with facemasks, as in Czechoslovakia.

P.S. Covid-19 is not the black death. Perhaps it kills about 20-30 times more people than the common flu? We will see the real stats after the next winter is over…

Any list of “masterpieces” after 1945 is a strained consensus because we choose the relative best of the overall worst this way. And that best is just infected less than everything else.

I have sad and anxious feelings at the thought what a huge aggregate of outstanding achievements in arts were not created and not experienced due to the defeat in 1945. How many painters, writers, musicians and film directors could fill the cultural space with their opuses of the highest aesthetic order instead of the meaningless and ugly rubbish omnipresent in our time!

What a promising stratum of the noble ideals and fruitful ideas was lost forever! We may only guess about hundreds of majestic simphonies, epic novels, heroic sculptures and architectural embodiments of dreams, inspirations and darings by real geniuses in the universe of victorious Germany instead of perverts and swindlers of the present artistic cesspools.

Thousands of people very gifted in politics, soldiery, arts, sciences – their bios, feats, hopes – have been intentionally erased from History, although their lives and deeds would be an inexhaustible basis for the post-WWII Renaissance. And then our parents, we and our children would have a chance to live in a more healthy and beautiful world.

But the mental illness en masse you talk about is an old worm in our racial soul, they coexist so long that became symbionts. So the German victory in WWII was hardly sufficient, it would just delayed the next cicle of our disease. We need to reach the Limit. Only in that I can see a predestination of our lunatic actions from the Antiquity to 1945 and a precondition of convalescence.

You’re right. Of the 50 movies I recommended a week ago, for example, it’s hard for me to see most of them again. One way or another, most post-1945 movies contain overtly or subtly bad messages.

Wise words from someone who seems to be familiar with the inner world of artists .
What you say about the missed works of art after WWII is absolutely true, its a certainty.
It is very hard these days for an artist to stay true to ” Himself ” ( if he (or she) ever ventures out to search for ” Himself ” ). It usually means that one is being ignored , that means one creates only for ones own satisfaction .
I live in a spanish mountain village where the local gathering of professional artists , most british nationals , have excluded me from taking part in their yearly shows just because they googled and found out that I wrote some articles on an “alt.right ” blogsite.

Your conclusion is absolutely true.
In a very unsuspected way mental illness has crept into the western European culture and the level of mental illness has become intolerable since 1945,
Even if Uncle Adi had won the war he would have run into problems because of this. It is a great pity that National Socialism did not get the time to mature.
That christinsanity has crept in is just a consequence of that slowly disintegrating mental health.
Properly seen it started already in antiquity.

It is very curious that the magnificence of classical Greece lasted only about hundred years while a Chinese culture has kept its inner balance for over 2000 years !

I have a theory that says the Greeks lost their inner spiritual balance ( that which guides ones energies and keeps it integrated ) because through the wars with Persia they were forced to use their blossoming mental faculties to create weapons and warships etc. in a very short time, a kind of spiritual freaking out in times of urgency.

When they had won the wars they had lost the very delicate inner balance and things started to settle down into habits and conditionings which historians call Hellenism.

“No miscegenation, no decadence.”

Isn’t miscegenation by definition decadence? Gold over blood. Choosing a spouse based on their wealth as opposed to their material (i.e., bodily) value.

Exactly that is what I meant ! Phenomenons are interconnected.
Again and again we run into the bluntness of words.

The finer and higher energies control the baser ones, but when through exhaustion one loses too much of this fine energy and replenishment does not happen , as through war efforts for example, the grip, the integration seen from the higher perspective is lost.
In spite of this ones biological machine that the body is can function quite well and produce sperm, but the choices that the “body” takes are not governed anymore by a higher energy.
It does not make sense to force people to ” not to miscegenate “, because if you have a rotten mind you have a rotten mind.

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