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In my previous post I reproduced what a commenter said about my entry on April 20, where I wrote: ‘The movement with the deceiving title of white nationalism was quackery from its origins in the Judeo-Christian US, it remains quackery today, and it will be quackery’.

What has happened in my mind since the recent anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birth has motivated me to take some drastic steps, such as never visiting again the sites of white nationalism or the alt-right that do not give Hitler his due place.

I will make the exception if one of them links my site to say false things about me or what I write about. But even potentially big news (e.g., that one of them is attacked by Antifa or imprisoned by ZOG) will not make me visit their sites out of curiosity.

I had been visiting the sites of white nationalism since mid-2009. But now I am sick of those stuck in the middle of the psychological Rubicon who refuse to get to the other side. I shall give them the same treatment I gave to counter-jihad sites when they refused to address the JQ: I stopped visiting them a decade ago.

This decision gives me tremendous freedom, which I can use to review the syntax of my books in my native language or read David Irving’s books. (Of my eleven books, it doesn’t make sense that, after having translated the first one a month ago, I continue translating the second for the simple reason that only three people have ordered a copy of the first.)

I also don’t want to repeat here anymore what I’ve already said about covid-19, or how will it develop this year. I think that visitors to this site already know that, in my opinion, of the YouTubers who have been investigating the matter the best is Chris Martenson.

For new visitors who don’t understand my dispute with white nationalists, read ‘Suicidal Nationalists’ on pages 548-552 of The Fair Race.

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When I saw the title I thought for a moment you were shutting down the blog or something; glad to see that’s not the case. Perfectly reasonable choice – I know I’ve totally stopped reading multiple sites that used to be daily stops. It wasn’t a conscious choice – I just can’t be bothered to read nonsense.

Speaking of counterjihad: did you know Baron Bodissey recently came out as a flu truther? All the usual nonsense as justifications.

We’ve surpassed the number of deaths in a whole year of bad flu, in just six weeks, and it’s still going up, and they just keep on with the nonsense about how “the projections were wrong” (I should hope so, the whole POINT of taking measures against the disease was to make them be wrong) and “it’s only killing people who were going to die anyway”.

On that last topic, this blogger is a guy I rather like – he’s a nurse in a Los Angeles hospital, former military, who has personally treated multiple COVID patients, and he has a few things to say about co-morbidities:


Also his view of the overall state of the disease:


“We’ve surpassed the number of deaths in a whole year of bad flu, in just six weeks, and it’s still going up, and they just keep on with the nonsense about how “the projections were wrong” ”

We are physically weak. Get used to it.

To live on the illusion that physical strength and physical immunity is less vital than anything else in our fight is at best delusional.

CT has decided to drop the the WN sites that do not respect AHs contribution. I can agree with that. It is a necessary step for some to gain strength in this battle.

But a sound mind is useless unless it comes with a sound body. And a sound body tackles the Covid 19 without too much discomfort. In the same way as it once tackled the Black Death.

Man, as I see him, has three dimensions to his being: The physical, the mental/intellectual and the spiritual. Neglect any of them, and nature just plows you into the soil again so maybe something stronger can grow out of it.

Health? Is there any man so healthy as to drink cholera-infested water and not to shit himself to death?

You’re a delusional idealist. Nature does not care about muh’ strength or muh’ higher living forms. We’re all pieces of meat she fucks and blesses as she pleases.

We do have some agency – health does exist. But it is not an ideal. Platonic ideas do not exist. A chair is just a piece of matter man has shaped to sit on – but it is imperfect and it can break.

Order is merely a temporary borrowing from the chaotic and uncaring forces of Nature.

Thinking our free will is absolute is pure Christianity. Hitler had the will and even was right about the Cosmos – but he was buried under the mass-produced with female hands trash heap of Industry.

“You’re a delusional idealist.”
As much as any 59 year old man who has seen life come and go and after a while starts to notice what works.

“Nature does not care about muh’ strength or muh’ higher living forms.”
Oh yes she does. Strength and the will to procreate are the very basics of her physical demands.

Does nature have bugs out there that kills even the healthiest amongst us? Probably. But covid-19 is not one of those.

You are touching on a few other interesting questions regarding our existence, but it would carry to far to start discussing those here.

In the meantime I take my supplements, I eat healthy (keto is not bad), I do my exercises, get plenty of fresh air, incorporate basic hygiene and keep myself healthy.
That does not include drinking cholera-infested water.

And may your health take you far!

I have thought more about this and read the articles suggested by Rollory. If you meant your original post in the context of the fat slobs ubiquitous in America, then you are almost right; those of the young in the industrial nations who are not fat are effectively immune to corona.

Moreover, those folks are even stronger than our [at least, mediaeval] ancestors – purely by virtue of eating more.

> “Strength and the will to procreate are the very basics of her physical demands.”

That is incorrect. Nature is such a fickle mistress that she sees no issue with the strength of Christians killing Pagans – only to die themselves in due time and leave a wasteland. Neither does Nature see fit to impose barriers to miscegenation.

You take care, too.

@C.T. Are you now turning into Robert Morgan, blaming technology, or do you mean something else? The process of miscegenation had been underway in full force long before the introduction of technology, and certainly outside the boundaries of Oecumene – the DNA of Iranian Sarmatians from before the Hunnic invasions shows traces from East Asia.

Nature could have made mongrels infertile. Or removed the possibility of conception. Or of intercourse.

Obviously, the mongrels will lose out to the pure-blooded race in the end, so they are “unviable”, but it does take time for them to lose.

Please read Who We Are. I’m not supposed to be discussing matters here that regular visitors should already know, even if they disagree with Pierce.

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