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Feminized western males

On racist wimps

by Apollokult

The fact: all of these very educated, erudite, passionate and energetic bloggers (involved in the racially tinged verbal diarrhea) have nothing to say about the Day and the Person. What a shame: there is really nothing to speak and there is nobody to speak about it!

And you waste your time too in searching some posts with cliché pictures and trite congratulatory sentences which seem an outstanding thing and a heroic deed in those totally underground and marginal circles nowadays.

If a dollar crush and an economical collapse will happen, this chance will be fucked up by these quacks and wimps. The kingdom of Heaven as well as the paradise of Earth are taken only by force, but their Lebenskraft is at zero level. They live in the past and expect miraculous help outside. This is a deadlock. What we can expect with their genetic and intellectual decay?

Our ancestors were not worthy of the thousand-year Reich, and now we reap a thousand years of Hell. Maybe, such is the price of the ultimate awakening and the coming of absolute Avenger, as Savitri Devi predicted.

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