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Prognosticator extraordinaire


Winter is coming

I have said that I would not visit the forums of racialist Americans who fail to condemn what Uncle Sam did to Uncle Adolf the century they were born. But that doesn’t mean I am prohibited from seeing what Sebastian E. Ronin said today on his Facebook page, as this German-speaking Canadian does condemn what Uncle Sam did. This is what Ronin said today about covid-19:

The highest cases per one million is registered by Spain at 4,367. Amerika, by comparison, is at 2,475. Herd immunity would require 80 percent of any given population, i.e., for Spain roughly 37 millions, for Amerika roughly 260 millions; global 6.2 billions. Precautions are slowly being wound down. The second wave, whenever it hits, will be vicious, as was the second wave of the Spanish Flu.

It will be funny to see how Reality hits the racialist flu bros next winter…

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Good old Seb! I think this is way, way overinflated. CoronaChan is being used to implement Communism. The virus isn’t even really that deadly now.

The sun is setting
The clouds are coming
Night is rising from the depths…

And if you are wrong about C-19? Will you just say that it didn’t matter anyway?

Like Chris Martenson I base my ideas on what science says – true science, not the propaganda ‘science’ that pushes an anti-white vision around the West. In his video yesterday, for example, Martenson complains about the sloppy science behind the Stanford investigation of covid-19. The only thing that can change my opinion is the facts, not the wishes of ideologues who don’t face the facts.

You’re right. Lets not give any credence to the irrational libertarians who are against mandatory microchipping and vacciation as a precondition for declaring the pandemic over. Trust the scientists on this one (no not THOSE scientists! These ones over there!)


“The second wave, whenever it hits, will be vicious, as was the second wave of the Spanish Flu.”
And what do you do in the meanwhile?

The best defence you have is your own immune system. The fact that a new wave may run amok within the overweight, underweight and generally sick people should come as no surprise.

We have allowed these groups to grow out of proportion. Now nature is coming back to harvest…

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