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Raising the enemy flag

It is true that, due to what I said yesterday, I no longer want to visit the forums of the racialists. But when I got out of bed this morning a thought came to me that deserves a place here.

Some time ago I saw that in an interview Jared Taylor openly said that the causes of the darkest hour in the West were an absolute mystery. He mentioned Christianity but dismissed the hypothesis of blaming it, although he has spoken of pathological altruism: something that didn’t exist before the religion of his fanatical parents (so fanatical that they migrated to Japan when Jared was a child to preach the Word of the Lord to the heathen).

The case of Brad Griffin is even worse, who used the Prozium penname before his current pseudonym, Hunter Wallace. In a forum called Phora, when Griffin was known as Prozium (and we are talking before he created Occidental Dissent), Griffin defended the actions of the Yankee government to fight the Nazis in World War II. Years later, when Griffin was already the editor of Occidental Dissent, he once said that the causes of the Western dark hour were unknown.

Look at Griffin and Taylor’s level of blind self-righteousness! When Griffin said that years ago, he didn’t realise that he himself, along with millions of Americans who think like him, has been a vector among millions of Western vectors that cause the dark ages. It should be more than obvious that only those who retrospectively side with the good guys in WW2 are not contributing to the dark times!

Charlottesville is the most dramatic example that comes to mind as to why the American racialist movement is made up of schizophrenics in its etymological sense of divided mind: their left is unaware of what their right does; Jekyll doesn’t remember that last night he transformed into Hyde. As we know, among a huge number of American flags, among those who demonstrated on August 12, 2017 a fellow carried a Nazi flag. After the catastrophe, many complained about poor optics and even speculated that the guy who had carried the Nazi flag was an FBI implant to discredit the movement.

I am not asking American racialists to follow in the footsteps of Commander Rockwell and use, for their American movement, the flag that Hitler devised for his German movement. But they could perfectly devise an American flag with the swastika in the middle, and with colours different from Hitler’s flag, to differentiate it. Until they devise that American flag with the swastika, it is understandable that some American racists use, by default, the German flag.

What I want to get to is that the general outcry after Charlottesville of those who were concerned with optics only shows their terrible schizophrenia. Whose side are they on? Do they side Uncle Sam, who fought anti-racist wars in the 1860s and 1940s, and that currently wants to exterminate them in a racial cold war? Because that is what the flag with stars and stripes really means. And if they are on the side of the Aryan race, why, like vampires, are they afraid of the swastika that the Aryans who conquered India already used?

After the degenerate Weimar Republic Hitler immediately realised that the old German flag could no longer represent the spirit of the German people, and decided to create a new one. So little imagination the American racists have that, except for Pierce and Covington, both deceased, they have not even been able to create a new flag that reflects the interests of white Americans: a flag that must be flown against the enemy flag. They do the opposite: welcoming the enemy flag into Charlottesville and condemning the flag with the swastika.

A more charitable critic might think that they are just learning to see History and their past. But I am not a charitable critic and can say that they have forfeited an examination of conscience. Otherwise, they would never have used the enemy flag. By way of illustration I would like to say something about the country where I live.

A few years ago I met a descendant of Spaniards living in Mexico who speaks of ‘the enemy flag’ when referring to the Mexican flag. For this criollo, the flag to be flown is the Cross of Burgundy, the flag of New Spain* before the mestizos took power during the War of Independence. This son of Spaniards is a racist and dreams of a Latin America inhabited by criollos. We could already imagine him and his group flying the Mexican flag: something utterly inconceivable to them!

It must be reiterated: as long as the Americans fail to vehemently reject the enemy symbols their movement will continue to be quackery. If the people of Charlottesville had not been schizophrenic, they would have felt infinite revulsion at the stars and stripes and would have welcomed the swastika.


(*) Instead of ‘the flag of New Spain’, it would be more appropriate to call this Cross of Burgundy the flag of the Indian Viceroyalty, as instead of exterminating the race they found on the continent they married the Indians and, instead of genetically copying Spain, they dedicated themselves solely to exploit natural resources. ‘New Spain’ is a misnomer if you commit the sin of miscegenation.

And precisely because of this unforgivable sin of miscegenation, after Independence the mestizos chose an Aztec symbol. The eagle on a prickly pear cactus devouring a snake in the tricolor flag that appears in the main text was the symbol of the birth of Tenochtitlan before the arrival of the Spanish.

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Southerners blame Northern Whites for everything Jews have done and do to them . They don’t worship God. They worship Jews. And they LOVE their abusers and murderers.

People love Jared Taylor – but I regard him as a total fraud. Brad? I think his CVille lawsuit troubles will vanish very soon…

What is your take on the Spanish Anarchist of the 1930s? The anarchist were against the centralized forms of government, like the monarchist that became the Nationalist insurrectionist and their lawfully elected, communist Republican rivals.

How do you see the Anarchists in relation to the two centralized warring factions of the Spanish Civil War, the Republican communists and fascist Nationalists?

How could they be racist when the population is almost indistinguishable from middle easterners who are flooding Europe as refugees?

Mussolini understood this. This is why he couldn’t adopt NS, he knew the race of southern Italians was highly compromised.

Same case with Iberians. They are more related to North Africans than to Europeans living further north/east. (culturally and biologically)

You are right. This is something that American white advocates just don’t get it, as they have granted racial amnesty to them in their worldview.

The only American racialist movement that I know of who has designed an actual flag was the NWF. They also have a preliminary constitution too If I’m not mistaken, which puts them ahead of the other movement organizations.

Also, I’ve never understood the debate about optics. No matter what any racialist org does they’ll never get good optics so why even bother worrying? There used to a South African blog (ZASucks) which showed graphic pics of farm murders to show what was actually going on. It was a learning moment, so optics be damned. Sometimes a shock is what it takes for people to understand.

In America you might legally get away with waving a swastika, although nowadays you should no longer count on that, and you will definitely be socially and financially ruined before you can say “It’s the jews, stupid”, to which normies will respond as if you just started talking Chinese — a country which cohencidently Kike Inc. has sunk its claws into (recommend listening to FTN-305 second half) — but in several European countries, if you wave a swastika in ANY form, you will get arrested faster than shitskin invaders that raped British girls on an industrial scale.

Speaking of Cuck Island: 2 lads were arrested for puting up a poster saying: “Pubs closed, Borders open” — they were held on suspicion of “racially aggravated public order offences” and a local councillor said the message was “an affront to diversity”.

btw. There is book called: the Strange Death of Europe — very (((strange))) indeed.

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