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Writing is not for me

These days I’ve been fantasizing what I would do if I had the means to do it. I would reduce the entries of this blog to a minimum and hire a secretary to continue with the translations of Deschner.

Since as a child I wanted to be a film director, the most natural thing for me would be to have a Crossfire program inspired in that TV program of the 1980s, when Pat Buchanan argued with a liberal and I saw them in my job in Novato, California.

It is natural that the massive hits are on YouTube of the Alt-Lite (for example, Molyneux) and the Alt-Right (Gariépy) more than on websites and blogs. We can imagine the number of hits that a daily crossfire encounter, from Monday to Saturday, would get featuring two of the most radical voices of The West’s Darkest Hour.

In addition to that audiovisual program, I would like to visit all the Western countries that are receiving massive migration. In a white area I would have a picket on the street, ‘I am a Tourist, Speak to me in English’.

I confess that I have the obsession to answer a question that I am unable to answer in this blog. In Europe and North America, Australia and New Zealand, I would interview only Aryan males. After the usual courtesies I would ask the direct question, ‘Do you hate the culture that is exterminating your race?’

Recently in the comments section of this blog a British nationalist declared that it was difficult to hate. As it happened to me when I met the people of the London Forum, all the English people left me perplexed. The most natural thing is hatred when there is an explicit extermination program, to the extent of putting images of mixed couples everywhere in the largest city of Europe. And the nationalists don’t hate? Why…?

Sometimes I wonder if the people I know are not NPCs and I am alone in a virtual world to which I have been punished, a kind of solipsism.

Why white men do not hate with their entire mind, with all their body, with all their soul and all their heart (the reversal of Jesus’ commandments)? Who don’t they see the sin against the Holy Spirit of life everywhere (Aryan women with blacks)?

Let’s put it bluntly: As a mudblood myself I don’t get white people. I do not know what they have in their heads.

If I had power, you know what I would do: you only have to see the central chapter of my book Day of Wrath to find out. But apparently, not even white nationalists hate. They look like NPCs in a virtual game that only torments me.

But as a therapy, if I had the means, I would make that trip to interview as many Aryan men as I could and transmit my elemental hatred (and my state of absolute astonishment and perplexity that my interlocutor did not feel exactly the same).

What are their reasons? A whole race is being exterminated and goes to the streets as if nothing? And why don’t even white nationalists hate like me? It would be great to interview them too, at least the best known.

I do not want to reach a premature conclusion. But my working hypothesis is that they do not hate because the Jew told them not to hate, and the white nationalists obey the Jew, even the atheists. Maybe there is another explanation and that would be the goal of my hundreds of interviews. I wonder if in Germany or Austria it would be illegal to ask this type of question to the Aryans who pass by the street and see my picket ‘I am a Tourist, Speak to me in English’.

On the other side of the Atlantic I cannot imagine what would happen when I interviewed the white nationalists who send money, say, to a Greg Johnson. ‘Do you really believe that Batman’s essays will save the race?’, I would ask. ‘Why, instead of reading Johnson’s webzine, you have not become an idolater of The Turner Diaries, to the extent of spreading the novel everywhere?’, I would ask.

How interesting it would be, in my program, to be able to interview Richard Spencer, who recently expressed himself against the Diaries. I would let him know that throughout Latin America the mestizos and the few remaining Creoles are like little Jews who do not give a damn about the fact that Nordish whites are dying out. (Interestingly, the pure Indians I know do not hate the gringos.) I would ask Spencer why he hates the Diaries when the feeling of unconditional love for the Other is not reciprocal. Non-reciprocity is a phenomenon that can be observed not only in Latin America but also in North America. What would the atheist Spencer say? That we must love them even though they don’t give a damn about white extinction, and many even celebrate it?

I am a creature of pure hatred. I doubt very much that any of the interviewees could dissuade me from my exterminationist ideology. But at least the torment of solipsism, of feeling that they are all NPCs in a virtual game that only torments me, would begin to dissipate throughout the interviews.

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Now not all the waves
of the four seas are calm,
but in the land of Yamato,
where the sun rises,
the winds are sated, men devote themselves to pleasure.
Under the virtuous rule of His Majesty
peace reigns everywhere.
People exchange lazy and calm smiles,
business deals are done,
pacts are made with enemies;
people run, pushed on by foreign lucre.
Those who no longer want to fight
indulge in cowardly acts:
War, having become a nuisance,
now thrives in the shadows.
The trust between spouses, among friends, has vanished
deceitful democracy has its day,
the world is infested
with duplicitous, easygoing harmony.
Forces are diverted, bodies are held in contempt,
the young are strangled
by inertia, drugs, ambition,
and like sheep they advance in herds
towards mediocre desires
devoid of hope.
Pleasures, too, have lost
their flavour,
and loyalty its strength.
All souls are rotted from within,
and, preached as virtue by old men,
everywhere reigns a cowardly will
to self-assertion
and a contemptible security.
Truth is denied,
real emotions grow lifeless
hope no longer lightens
the steps of those who walk,
the laughter of imbeciles echoes everywhere,
every forehead bears the mark
of the death of the spirit.
Joy and pain fade quickly,
purity is for sale,
even lust is worn out:
people think only of money,
its value is greater than that
of human beings.
Even those who revolt
are looking in their own cunning way
for a tranquil abode,
the faces of those who are at the summit of fame,
swell obscenely.
A decadent beauty
infests the world,
only base truths are believed,
the number of cars increases
and inane speed shatters souls.
Enormous buildings are built,
but great causes collapse,
windows are lit by the neon lights
of unsatisfied desires,
morning after morning
the sun rises dim with smog,
feelings are dulled,
sharp corners are blunted.
Passionate and virile souls
abandon the earth,
dark blood stagnates in peace,
arid and dried up
no longer gushing forth in its purity.
Those who soared in the sky have broken wings
while termites mock
immortal glory.
In days like that,
why would His Majesty
become an ordinary man?

– Yukio Mishima, Voices of the Heroic Spirit

I share your hatred Cesar. Let it not be extinguished. Continue your work. It makes a difference even if you don’t always think so.

and i, too, share your hatred, c.t..

infrequently when my mind wanders, i wonder about the affect of emptying a public high rise. what would be the impact? 9/11 scale? and worse if nih could not identify the causal agent. however, even if nih could not, i expect the feds would spin a big one in their attempts to avoid widespread panic. it would be interesting being in the drivers seat and observing the litvak elites in such a state. alas, dreams of old fart whities way out of their contexts.

however, with the present state of crispr and cas9 and dna cloning using crispr kits available on amazon, the likelihood of pandemics that nathan wolfe muses about in his book, The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age, perhaps daily increases. despite what expert authorities say. biomolecular science advances relentlessly fueled by the promise of the finding gold. there are lots of abused and angry youngsters. and enough curiosity about biomolecular science. hey, junior high and high school science classes are using crispr kits to experiment with dna! and there are many very intelligent mad young men and women sprinkled thoughout the world. and it only takes one.

the world will have yet more pandemics. and orders of magnitude more deadly than hiv/ aids. human nature/ the anger and curiosity of maddened abused youth ensures one will make his mark. and likely lots more than a single individual.

makes one worship intelligence, both of the created and the creator — whoever/ wherever/ whatever the hell did the earth with its bounty and the beauty of molecular science and biomolecules that fuel the proteins of life.

how dna fuels war and peace and gold rushes and litvaks. and lazy ass whities who would rather talk than do. amazing shit.

Nothing will ever change on this planet until people will stop being oblivious to death and start having a decent attitude towards being. But isn’t this the history of mankind? Humanity living blindly from day to day and so increasing in degeneracy? And how far are current generations – with no leadership to guide them while fixed in the continual absurdity of technological globalism – from the teaching of Goebbels who once said to members of Hitler Jugend: “As a young person, to already have the courage to face the pitiless glare, to overcome the fear of death, and to regain respect for death – this is the task of this young generation.”

And how stupid, vile and alien to all that is beautiful and meaningful is the race that is responsible for destroying that one last great attempt to build a real community of peoples. How stupid is their game of living in the shadows and ruining cultures and humanity. How could a jew that realizes what judaism is for Life still live and be at peace with himself? I would kill myself instantly, like Weininger did.

On another note, it is quite amazing that there are still aware beings on this planet, but their number surely declines as self-termination becomes the sole conclusion of millennia in human “progress”.

wrt black dick & white pussy,
there are as many young women as young men who think that relationships are free. zero cost. thanks to the relentless and pervasive socialization and sexualization malwares delivered by the MSM and their corollaries, the public schools and popular groupies. only after much bad experiences in executing the downloaded malwares, do a very small percentage reflect on causes and effects and get some success in removing some malwares.

and longing for the good ole days is only fantasy. as long as collectives exist, psychiatric violence thrives because of the alpha personality types that swim to the surface and then doing their imposing on the omegas. fuk em. (every time i look at pictures of 18th century farm families, with their extension of aunts and uncles and cousins living in close proxitiy, i see abuse rendered by the alphas to the omegas, as well as very likely increased instances of incest.) i hate collectives. of any kind. unless fundamentally based on the sovereignty of each individual member. i.e., all relationships among members, young child to oldster adult, are consent-based and mutual-respect driven.

Quintus Arius was correct: “You are full of hate, 41! That is good! Hate keeps you going. It keeps you alive. Now get back to your oar!”

Ben Hur.(Film)

Your reference to a “British nationalist” is to me, but you give a very misleading impression of what I said.

I certainly DO hate the culture that is exterminating my race. I hate the British state. I hate the current government in Britain. I hate the Royal Family. My hate is without any reservation. My hatred of these things is sufficient that I should be prepared to carry out paramilitary activity and kill prominent figures.

I also hate Jews and Pakistani Moslems, however my hatred for these groups is not as great as my hatred for most of my fellow white Britons, 98% of whom are cowards and backstabbers. I only defend my nation against Anglophobia and Britophobia because:

– I am British and so it makes sense that I should do so, since Britain is not just a country or state, but also a folk and nation;
– although 98% of white Britons are worthless, their genetic material is not and in strict Darwinian terms, their cowardice is the manifestation of a survival instinct;
– most of the criticisms of the British are inaccurate or exaggerations, are motivated by jealousy or unfocused hatred, and are the result of Leftist and Jewish propaganda;
– it is in any case utterly disgraceful to liken English people to Jews and I would gladly kill or maim any white nationalist who dares to do so without my earshot.

I did say that I find it difficult to hate, but that was non-specific and I was making reference to the broader PoV of this blog that an individual Nordic man should have a general hateful disposition. I AGREE that he should, that Nordic men should be killing machines. I merely say that it is a difficult disposition to develop – for obvious and understandable reasons. I may hate a lot, but I can’t go round hating all the time as I need to function.

Furthermore, I hold that hatred should be ‘intelligent’ and focused. As the emergent haters, we should think carefully about what we hate and why. Even Hitler (I have read Mein Kampf) began with a completely benign and innocent attitude to the enemies of the German volk. He learned to hate, he was not born a hater.


You are not a “mudblood”. No man who writes as you do can be described that way and I will not accept it. As far as I am concerned, you are an Honorary Briton and you are welcome in my country any time. If we win, you must be regarded as a special case and treated as a Nordic, I hope a Briton.

Hello Cesar, I have been reading your blog almost daily after discovering it about a month ago and must say that it is one of the best sites I have ever stumbled upon. I have bought a copy of your “Day of Wrath” and look forward to reading it.

I think that you are correct that the Alt-Right does not go far enough, and that what we need is the Transvaluation of Values that Hitler practiced. But given the current socio-political climate, Alt-Rightist lines of argumentation such as “All people deserve a homeland, ethnic nationalism for everyone!” are as radical as people can get publicly. The Jews won’t allow something otherwise to happen. Hopefully a system collapse would liberate us.

However, I also think, from a realpolitik perspective, that arguments like the one above could be used by a group of people who actually DO have an exterminationist perspective as a cloak in their attempt to gain political power.

The Jews never said outright “We will liberate your women so they will cuck you, we will send in third world subhumans to kill and rape you, our ancestral enemy” but instead disguised these aims in fancy “Human Rights” rhetoric. Having evolved to be skillful in words they were very good at tricking us into destroying ourselves.

I think that unless a system collapse allows for the Aryan man to liberate the beast he has within, we have to evolve to be masters of deceit like the Jews and use lines of argumentation that appeal to the masses to get political power, and then once we have that power, we begin cleansing the world of those types of human life that are worthless and not worth continuing.

The problem is that the Jews are creatures of the Moon (their calendar is still based on the Moon’s orbit) while Aryans are creatures of the Sun (their calendar is based on the Sun).

Characterologically, the Jews cannot be as frank and direct as the Aryans and vice versa: practicing Taqiya for centuries is unnatural for Aryans. That’s why for an Aryan it is difficult to hide his ultimate motivations. The limit seems to be Hitler’s own life: who said pro-Christian things publicly and only opened his heart about Xtanity in his table talk.

But did Hitler speak like Duke (I’ll post an entry on Duke this morning) regarding the ‘right’ for Negroes to have their own ethnostate? Of course not.

Welcome to this forum.

Of course the idea of giving Negroes anything is insane, especially something like an ethnostate which they could easily use as a platform to murder, rape, and cannabalize us as they are already doing within our country. But I see no other way for Whites to survive than to adapt than to do a certain amount of “Taqiyya”-esque practice in this metapolitical war.

I have no doubt that Duke and the rest of his kind lack the moral conviction of Pierce and that they really do just want everyone to have their own ethnostate so we can all live happily ever after. Duke’s dream is essentially a more restrained version of the multicultural paradise dreamed of by liberals, but everyone gets their own ethnostate instead of their own communities.

But I think that Duke is right that the rhetoric of “human rights” is something a serious pro-white political leader would have to adopt… but only in order to come across as harmless to the public as a distraction.. That’s what the Muslims do: They clamour on and on about how “Islam is a religion of peace” while they stockpile ammunition in their Mosques…

But the point, as Andrew saw, is that Duke is not even trying to deceive his PC audience. After hundreds of videos, it looks like he really loves non-whites (i.e., he subscribes dysgenic Xtian ethics).

True Nordics don’t hate; they can only feel utter contempt for those who have dared to lie as well as those who have violated Nordic principles of divine order.

If Nordics retaliate, however, they do so because order must be restored — but the means of restoration are bound to the Nordic laws of divine order (study the Greek tragedies and Homer to grasp the Nordic concepts of divinity!). And if that need for restoration requires another cataclysm, then so be it; there will come a time when Nordics realize that they have been lied to for the last few decades: then they will feel betrayed — and once they have grasped the gravity of that betrayal they will step forward, fight and show no mercy.

The German Fichte once proved that Nordic revolutions are carried out thoroughly and without compromise whenever a betrayal has been realized at gut level…it takes a while, but we’re getting there. Trust me. I and many others now waking up belong to those who were born to avenge the betrayal done to us.

> “Nordics realize that they have been lied to for the last few decades…”

I would say for the last two millenia. Are you familiar with the masthead of this site?

Yes I am. In fact, your writings on antiquity have been of tremendous value to me; and I am also familiar with the writings of many major German thinkers, historians and statesmen who are branded as “devils” nowadays. But I was specifically referring to the last major historical event and its aftermath that has been sold as a lie to many of us.

And only the betrayal attached to this major atrocity will — once realized by the white masses — open up the path towards the whole truth. I have witnessed many people close to me who on their own had to walk that path. You can focus on the history of Christianity as much as you want: but the great betrayal of the 20th century is key to everything else. Once people have realized this, they will not be mentally impeded anymore; instead they be willingly ready to swallow the rest of the story in no time flat: namely that they have been heading towards oblivion for as long as our historical records can illuminate the past for us.

It took a friend of mine about 6 months from understanding the betrayal at gut level to quitting Christianity for good, and to despising inferiority (of every kind). But the first was the prerequisite for the latter. I wish I could be more frank regarding my thoughts and intentions, but current circumstances do not permit this.

Please bear in mind, however, that hate blinds one to the laws of the divine (Again, I am not alluding to effeminate Christianity, but Nordic divine order!). And hate must abate and be replaced by contempt. The first will most likely cause the downfall of everything (that is why no noble Greek or German has ever advocated it); the latter might help save whatever is worth saving. Hate is emotional and for the weak; contempt is passionless and for the strong. Someone who hates doesn’t know when to stop and what to spare. But the one who despises is likely to keep his actions within the limits of divine order.

I sense that my choice of words will not be embraced by you. But I felt obliged to reveal the thoughts of someone who has discarded Christianity for good and has experienced the sadness and ire caused by stumbling upon the truth after having walked in complete darkness for much of his life.

You can focus on the history of Christianity as much as you want: but the great betrayal of the 20th century is key to everything else.

The masthead or sticky post of this site not only includes Soberana’s essay on Christianity, but a book review about the Holocaust committed by the Allies on the Germans. I agree with you that the lie of the 20th century is the most important issue of all (see also: here, an essay that appears right at the beginning of The Fair Race).

Please bear in mind, however, that hate blinds one to the laws of the divine… The first will most likely cause the downfall of everything (that is why no noble Greek or German has ever advocated it)…

I completely disagree. Demonizing hatred is a thoroughly Christian trick to prevent whites from fighting. Please link to a pre-Christian source that says that hatred is a mortal sin. In our Era, only the Jews’ Yahweh is allowed to hate to the point of exterminating non-Hebrews (the books attributed to Moses). But Christians and non-Christian whites are supposed to love the enemy. I believe in Unwertuung aller werte. We must now transvalue our Xtian values; internalise Yahweh (in Jung’s sense—cf. his analysis of the Book of Revelation in Answer to Job) in order to kill Yahweh’s children.

Maybe it is a semantic issue (‘contempt’, etc.). But by hate I mean pro-white exterminationism, which also includes a non-WN concept, my principle of the ‘4 words’ (cf. my book Day of Wrath, which can also be read in this site).

There are two good sourced discussing “hate” as seen in antiquity:

Seneca, De Ira, Liber I, Chapter 12 and 13 (Read first)
Plato, Laws, Book 5, 731 d (Read second)

If you cannot find an English edition, let me know. I’ll find you one or translate it for you (I can read both Latin and Greek).

Further consider Princess Louise of Prussia who, upon being informed that Napoleon had crushed the Prussian army, started weeping and admonished her children to take revenge, but for the sake of a more lofty ideal: honor and justice, a recurring theme throughout the history of the Nordic race: you take revenge because you are obliged to on the grounds of having experienced injustice or maltreatment. But living a life of pure hate tends to blind people and they might make mistakes. Believe me, once the white masses have stomached the injustice done to them and their ancestors, they will start weeping as well and then take revenge — because they have to, and not because of blind or boundless hate: and anger and ire will only be — if at all — a short emotional outburst. Helmut Stellrecht even admitted after the war that the Germans are not capable of pure and prolonged hate, trying to defend his beloved people against malicious accusations.

A white person breathes honor and values justice and truth; and only if his honor has been violated, or an injustice been inflicted, does he tend to act. Or he acts because a more lofty ideal is given to him: e.g. an empire/plot of land for the sake of preserving the most valuable bloodlines.

As for your pro-white extermination thoughts: I would be very careful here: Although I can reason with your arguments regarding this drastic measure, in my humble opinion it would be wiser, long-term, and more in accordance with divine order, to ensure that the different peoples of the world each re-establish a national noble elite (wherever and if possible), which could then harness the population chaos we currently see (there are, for example, noble Asians and Iranians interested in the survival of the Nordic race as well, but they have no power in this age of bogus finance; nevertheless, a massive increase of noble Nordic blood will always be the requirement for a stable world). Short-term, however, I am afraid that a violent population drop and sporadic conflicts are inevitable.

Maybe it’s all about semantics, as Seneca might have had in mind blind rage, which is not what I am advocating (& princess Louise of Prussia was not pre-Christian).

For your above answer, it’s obvious you have not read even the introduction to my second autobiographical book, translated as one of my articles in Day of Wrath (linked above in the words ‘I am a creature of pure hatred’).

I must apologize for having ignored that link and having based my opinion on another blog entry of yours where I probably misinterpreted your message contained therein. Now your reasoning has become much more lucid and agreeable. I might disapprove of a few things you said there, but more from a metaphysical point of view, which, unfortunately, cannot be argued in writing.

As for Louise: Princess Louise was “Christian,” yes, but in a Nordic way (which is very difficult to explain, so I will not even try to).

I don’t know your concept of the divine, but as regards certain developments: some can be accelerated or stopped by people, but others not. And some things which don’t seem to make sense or might appear brutal at first glance, might indeed serve a higher purpose that is beyond our grasp. The only thing that matters, at least for noble people, is that they put their actions where they mouth is, even if they know that destiny will crush them nonetheless.

May you live long enough to witness the beginnings of a world heading the direction that you desire. And I would like to thank you for having provided some valuable inspiration for changing the way I look at life.

No at all, trusting that you quote them maturely and correct the spelling mistakes wherever I committed them involuntarily.

Why people are gravitated to the appeal of christianity, Is it the slave morality within it or desire for power through surreptitious means or is it just a religion of all untermenschen of human race as Nietzsche put it ” A religion of chandala classes”

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