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On the 1st proposed US seal‎

Why the Jews have so much power over the West?
• Because the United States, the most powerful nation on Earth, has empowered them.
Why they empowered them?
• Because of what on this site we have been calling ‘the Christian problem’.
Judge it by yourself. The next post of Deschner’s Christianity’s Criminal History, a long one that I’ll probably reproduce next Monday, will be about the figure of Moses. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress asked Adams, Jefferson, and Franklin to design a seal that would represent a symbol for the new United States. They chose the symbol of Moses leading the Israelites!
Isn’t the Canadian Sebas Ronin right that in order for the race to survive Murka must burn? The big truth is that Jews and Israel are admired in America, especially by evangelical Christians because, as a nation, the US got up from its very start on the wrong side of the bed.
Covingtonistas for example are dreaming. They want to use a Christian hymn written by Martin Luther, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God as the national anthem of the Northwest American Republic; that is, a newly founded white ethnostate. Like Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and also those pilgrims who previously had fancied themselves as the new Israelites who would found a city upon a hill, even revolutionary secularists still cannot break away from Judeo-Christian tutelage. (The new national anthem still has the god of the Jews as the god to worship!)
What American racists need is the exact opposite: Nietzsche’s Law Against Christianity. Full apostasy is the only to see the Jewish problem from an eagle’s point of view, starting with the history of Christianity that is being reproduced, step by step, in this most humble site.
If you Americans fail to become apostates like Julian, you can kiss your race goodbye.

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Aryans in the USA need to become apostates from identifying as Americans, from Americanism itself, as well as apostates from Christianity. Their loyalty needs to lie with their race only. Religions, empires, countries and even white ethnicities and white nations come and go but the race is the one fundamental principle underlying all changes.
I remember David Lane saying that he considered Judeo-America the second worst enemy of Aryans after Judeo-Christianity itself.

I concur. In order for any Aryan living within the belly of the beast to truly become an effective warrior for their race they have to completely alienate themselves from America. They must learn to treat themselves like a soldier who’s deep in enemy territory, attempting to blend in.

Their loyalty needs to lie with their race only.

If American white nationalists would be fulfilling this, they would become avid readers of their own historical past: books like the histories of the white race by Pierce or Kemp would be beside their bed.
Instead, many don’t even know that the ancient Greeks and the patrician Romans were of Nordish race, and they don’t even care.
Just compare them to the Nazis. When I lived in Gran Canaria, a Spanish island off Africa, I was told that in the 1930s the SS visited the place because they were interested in archaeological research insofar as the pre-Iberian natives of the island were blonds.
But most American WNsts don’t even take the trouble to purchase a copy of Pierce’s Who We Are. They’re stuck with current politics and, when they opine on international events, they lack the historical perspective that shows, crystal-clear, that Xtianity has been toxic from the beginning or that the Greco-Roman culture was built by whites of the Nordish type.
So we must paraphrase your phrase above thus: their loyalty still lies in the concept of the US as a ‘nation’.

“Aryans in the USA need to become apostates from identifying as Americans, from Americanism itself, as well as apostates from Christianity.”
Is Americanism distinct from Christianity? And if by “Americanism” you mean a kind of patriotic spirit, why is that any more toxic than patriotism in Canada, or in the European nations? All white countries have a Christian past and a culture heavily influenced by Christianity. The thing that makes America unique is that it’s the world’s technological center, and that technology is growing at an exponential rate, necessarily shattering all cultural norms and destroying races in the process. Reset worldwide technology to a more primitive level and you’ve solved the problem.

Americanism is distinct from Christianity though it is strongly influenced by Christianity. As you may have been able to gather I would agree with you that identifying as a Canadian or identifying with a European patriotism rooted in Christianity is equally as toxic as Americanism. A White person should ideally identify with their race, if not solely then at least first and foremost, over any geographical boundaries, religion (including paganism) or ethnicity. Blood is what counts. Personally I like pan-Aryanism though I believe questions like who would be defined as an Aryan can only be resolved after white racialists have acquired some form of state power and I’ll be dead by then so my definition doesn’t really count.

technology is growing at an exponential rate, necessarily shattering all cultural norms and destroying races in the process
i could cast this observation in terms of captialism/ money. technology is fueling incredible market growth for the capitalists owning it. and those fuker’s are mostly all throwing their support behind the liberal whitie nationalism-bad line. bring the markets down, and effectively shut these fukers up.
i don’t patronize hollywood product. nor faceshit. and only google maps. though i confess i patronize amazon. for its convenience for a old fella w/ no DL and only a bicycle for point-to-pont transportation. breaking loose from the grips of amazon would impact my daily schedule: half or more of each day would be spent going to & fro for food & clothing.

Just trying to visualize what apostasy from Americanism would look like, and how it differs from apostasy from Christianity (if it does, or can.) Whites working for their continued existence as a race is arguably the most anti-American thing they can do. But it’s also at odds with most versions of Christianity.
America was founded on the assimilationist Roman model and therefore has a form of government inherently hostile to the continued existence of distinct races. Christianity, too, with its doctrine of universal brotherhood, seeks to assimilate races to itself. That makes it tailor-made for empire; indeed, it could well be the case that Christianity owes some of its notion of universal brotherhood to the previous efforts of Rome and Alexander the Great to impose it by force. It was obviously a successful technique, and so, consciously or unconsciously, it was incorporated into Christianity.
Like Rome, America is the cultural, economic, and technological center of its world. When Rome fell, the technological system suffered a setback that lasted a thousand years. It’s doubtful though that if America fell, the technological system would suffer a similar setback. This time, only if the circumstances of the fall were sufficiently catastrophic (e.g., a nuclear world war) would the technological system suffer collapse as well. In other scenarios, the world’s technological center would only shift to another country, and current assimilationist trends toward global governance would continue unchecked, or could even be accelerated.

Energy devolution has a chance of being truly apocalyptic in this century. The current demographics, especially in the 3rd World (but also the massive migrants in the 1st one) are a demographic bubble, and all bubbles pop. After the music stops there will be no time to find alternative sources of energy for at least a few billion humans, which means a monkey wrench into System’s machinery.
But I agree that while facing these tribulations using the atomic toys in wars of desperation (for the first time after 1945) will help us. ‘Chaos is a ladder’ —Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger.

how would germany react/ change if 300,000 aryans could/ would immigrate? quality persons. w/ decent C.V.s? folks whose central priority is the german nationalism.

Your longtime commenter Blake here.
I want to introduce my new website Volkish.org to you, and the WDH community.
I have drawn enormous inspiration from your writing over the years. It would be safe to say that my work on the new site would not be possible without your influence. So thank you.

If some piece on the site strikes you as worthy, feel free to cross post it here.
Also check out the Shop link on the site. I have finished your Himmler t-shirt…you better order one!

What does the ‘text’ (?) behind Himmler say?
I love the idea of t shirts promoting – awareness about – Aryanism.
One also can for example simply print “100% Aryan” on a shirt and wear it. I do it already.
Very nice site you have created. One of many around these days. A phenomenon unthinkable 15 years ago.
Death to niggerloving white trash.

Thank you for your appreciation of this site. I read your July 11 ‘GOD AS SUICIDE’ and the story of a Xtian inserting negro embryos into his wife is beyond shocking. It is more than elemental that all Xtian churches must be burned to the ground in the coming transvaluation of values back to normalcy—if the white race is going to survive. Meanwhile, we have no choice but to wear your T-shirt.✋??

What was that?
O wait, it’s that child named ‘Jack Halliday’. You know, the one that wouldn’t talk to me again. Something I was already doing in return after the very first disagreement. He’s doimg it for the second time now.
Aryans can learn a lot from east Asians, especially to think in ethnic terms.
BTW, anyone who compares niggers with east Asians should get his head examined. But I guess I don’t have to tell that to someone who is already as far gone as fantasising about killing dogs.

Well, since you ask. Thinking ethnic, traditional values and always striving for improvement. And whiteness is looked up to and being appreciated a lot more by east asians than among the bulk of whites themselves. That’ s what.
And i don’ t think aryans and east asians can live in harmony on this planet, i know so. The one alien ethnic group living in white territories that isn’t causing any problems whatsoever are east asians. They actually bring something to the table. You cannot compare them with sub-human paki cockroaches with which your country is so severely infested.
Now you enlighten us about how you fight the enemy, other than being a loudmouth online.

“Thinking ethnic, traditional values and always striving for improvement.”
And we must keep mister Miyagi alive for this? We as a Race can’t just do it ourselves?
“And whiteness is looked up to and being appreciated a lot more by east Asians than among the bulk of whites themselves”.
What are you talking about? Which Asians? Which specific country? In what way do they “look up to whiteness”? How do they exersice their love of “whiteness” I need some examples please, and please don’t say “anime”.
“And i don’ t think aryans and east asians can live in harmony on this planet, i know so”.
A meaningless statement.
“They actually bring something to the table”
What do they bring to the table, besides from a bowl of noodles?
“You cannot compare them with sub-human paki cockroaches with which your country is so severely infested.”
I agree, but I can compare them with Genghis Khan, Ogedei Khan, the rest of the Mongol horde, Attila and the Huns, and the very same “east Asians” that ravaged Germany as depicted in Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm.
“Now you enlighten us about how you fight the enemy, other than being a loudmouth online.”
Apparently me voicing a disagreement with you about a particular topic makes me a loudmouth. Who knew?

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