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The homo question

Three days ago Richard Spencer, Greg Conte, and Don Camillo discussed the issue of homosexuality.
I’m glad they have a good grasp on the subject. In our libertarian and individualistic world, racist homos seem to believe that what they do in private doesn’t harm white society, which is untrue.
So I withdraw the horrible doubts about Spencer that I raised three years ago. With his recent podcast, 40-year-old Spencer has finally claimed responsibility. And by the way: although usually, I don’t recommend radio programs because they consume a great amount of time, in this case, I make an exception. It can be listened: here.

4 replies on “The homo question”

So, is Spencer a homo or not? I couldn’t sit through more than 5 minutes of those three chattering away like hyper-geeks, sorry.
As for my own view, if it’s not conducive eugenically to the betterment of our race and nature itself, it’s to be eliminated. To say nothing of the “ew, how nasty” aspect of homosexuality. I always try to ask myself WWHS (what would Hitler say?) about a given topic. Especially as that topic may relate to race, nature and nation. I’m pretty sure Uncle Hitler had a place for these homosexual degenerates who had to wear those pink triangles. One of the work-camps.

I wish there were a transcript of the show: I simply couldn’t sit still waiting for them to get to the point. Please inform as to how Spencer finally took responsibility?

Incidentally, the NS leaders were in their 40s when they took power. I’m personally still wary of Alt-Right leaders, but it’s true that “racially conscious” gay men are cultivating an unnatural habit. It’s the same as with people who hunt animals for sport or to consume them. How do people think Jews ended up the way they are today? William L. Pierce was convinced that the Jewish habit of robbing nations got into their genes.

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