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Degeneracy Homosexuality Michael O'Meara

Homos in white nationalism


A painting about fleeing from Sodom

A year ago Richard Spencer, the editor of Radix, a popular white nationalist webzine, tweeted: “Homosexuality has been a part of European societies and culture for millennia. It is not going away, not something to get worked up about.”

The content of the below text has already been quoted in this blog but it’s worth re-quoting: a passage from a book-review by Michael O’Meara.

This subversive ideology now even aspires to re-invent homosexuals as the flowers of society: liberators preparing the way to joy, liberty, fraternity, tolerance, social well-being, good taste, etc. As vice is transformed into virtue, homosexuality allegedly introduces a new sense of play and gaiety to the one-dimensional society of sad, heterosexual males.

Except, Mr. Faye insists, there’s nothing genuinely gay about the gays, for theirs is a condition of stress and disequilibrium. At odds with their own nature, homosexuality is often a Calvary—and not because of social oppression, but because of those endogenous reasons (particularly their attraction to their own sex) that condemn them to a reproductive and genetic dead end.

As to the favorite counter-argument among homo apologists, O’Meara continues:

To those who evoke the ancient glories of Athens as a counter-argument, Mr. Faye, a long-time Graeco-Latinist, says that in the period when a certain form of pederasty was tolerated, no adult male ever achieved respectability if he was not married, devoted to the interests of his family and clan…

Pederasty as understood in classical times had nothing to do with any of the colors of that nasty LGBT flag.

Postscript of 9 November:

See also “Queer Fascism: Why White Nationalists Are Trying To Drop Homophobia” and hetero Matt Parrott distancing himself from the pro-homo Counter-Currents webzine at an Occidental Dissent thread.

10:00 p.m.

And now in Anglin’s latest article I learnt that Jack Donovan, featured by Spencer’s organization, had posted this:

Yeah, I’ve been a top for years. I basically fuck men like they are women—but I’m glad that they’re not. I’m banging this jacked rich liberal right now. Probably the best piece of ass I’ve ever had. I’ve had sex with women, but I’ve been with one guy for 14 years, so there is no question of… switching teams…in any meaningful way. He’s a good guy who supports me and my work and always has…

As far at The Way of Men [his book] is concerned: It’s either right or it isn’t. A lot of the ideas came from conversations with my straight friends about their frustrations with their lives. It’s not about me “converting” people. Let’s be real. I’m a jacked tattooed guy who is more or less a skinhead. Do you for a moment think I can’t get laid? The reality is I can post a pic to a hookup app and have someone blowing me inside of 3 hours. I’ll be able to pull prime ass from dudes with daddy issues for the next 10 years.

Original source: here.

22 replies on “Homos in white nationalism”

Its a joke. The homosexual lobby was created in order to be a part of the grand coalition of Jewish-led forces against tradition and European survival. I agree with Spencer in the sense that we have far more pressing existential concerns, that it’s nothing to get worked up about, that it’s true that it is not going anywhere. But I depart where he sees it appropriate to associate himself with homosexuals for whom carnal appetites constitutes the bulk of their identity, particularly those for whom distain and contempt for women constitutes the bulk of their politics. It is a bleak movement that so desperate for manpower that it embraces such allies.

He quit Counter Currents some time ago. But now those who are tolerating homos in WN conferences are these guys:

radix homo

Spencer for one recently advertised the recent, October 31 WN meeting by mentioning first the name of homo Donovan.

I understood that Richard Spencer was strongly pushing to get as many Young Men in the conference as possible.

On scanning many podcasts linked to TRS I hear Homoerotic fantasies of Aryan Munnerbund and gang rape of ” young men without beards” whilst Jack Donovans name is mentioned in the same breath…

Apparently Mr. Spencer does not think that gays and lesbians being overwhelmingly liberal is a problem. If you listen to gays on the radio they are happy if white culture is ruined and America is run by brown mongrels. How can this be? Radix has bigger fish to fry, like what? How about millions of Mexicans flooding the country who don’t know how to use a toilet, is that a problem Mr. Spencer? The breakup of America will come in fits and starts and will be so shocking to seem unbelievable. Okay with all that Mr. Spencer?

Take note of the ongoing drama at Occidental Dissent linked in my postscript today within the above article, of which I’ll only quote two comments unrelated to the homo debate:

When Andrew Hamilton left, Counter-Currents lost a bit of its appeal for me.


Hunter Wallace: “So, a Brony, a Nietzschean superman, Lord Humonguous, a Young Earth Creationist, a neo-Confederate, a Neo-Nazi Odinist and an Orthodox fascist walk into a bar. They debate who is respectable.”

LOL! I haven’t commented on this site in years, but I had to say that’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Good stuff.


FYI: Trains broke the silence of commenting at OD.

I would like to think that all this noise about homosexuality is caused by hostile elements. However the reality is that many of these people are on our side but find it more comfortable to attack their friends than their foes.

On one hand people attack Pro-White homosexuals but will fall over themselves in joy when a Non-White supports them: link

I actually left a comment on that. Donovan didn’t say that at an official event.

My feeling is that it helps the pro-gay to focus too much individuals. A definite element of the homosexual propaganda is pushing the line only Christian eroto-phobics care about homos. This is not true, so I think it’s important when critics go after homosexuality, homosexuality is actually the issue, as opposed to something else.

We still disagree. Any guy who says the fag things that Donovan said, quoted above in the P.S., should be shunned—never allowed to address the young (as those who attended the NPI meeting last month).

Conversely, if you use that coarse language to say lycanthropic things about little reds that make us drool, that’s ok with me.

The article by Hajo Liaucius I collected for my compilation by the way criticises homosexualism from a non-religious POV.

its somewhat irrelevant – it will be completely irrelevant in 20 years time when factories are producing white children – yes we are already very close. When we reach that point the whole male/female mating game will be redundant – then youll need to reconfigure your argument – in the interim the white race is under dire threat

nope. personally l’m not overly fond of homos but nothing is gained by alienating them – particuarly when the plastics in our environment are turning people homo – BPA to name one. You are probably turning homo as l type. Schools and the media are conditioning young people to accept homo as normal – even if you dont agree with homo per se your conditioning will take control nine times out of ten. lf you want to be seen as relevant in young peoples eyes it might be a good idea to delete the metaphorical homo bashing – homo isnt the main message – the 14 words are the main message, the babylonian control matrix is a main message, everything else is just an add on

in order to ensure its continuing existence the tribe/state recognises the institution of hetero marriage – to keep the production line of white babies moving along. its a vested interest, that is why the state has legally formalised the institution. homos dont produce anything therefore the state has no vested interest in homo marriage. legal state recognition of homo marriage is rediculous. this is granted on the basis of ‘equality’. equality is a trojan horse thats used to facilitate white genocide.
when public policy is subordinated to the continuing existence of the white race it doesnt matter what homos do in the privacy of their own homes, however it does matter if we alienate a whole bunch of young people many of whom are not enjoying the raw diversity and are ripe for recruitment. my advice would be to tone down the anti-homo rhetoric as its counter productive, homo is a dead end side issue – the only way to turn it into a positive would be to kiss homo butt lol

I’ve never said in this blog that we should interfere with closeted homos, only with open homos, as is the case of the one quoted in the above entry. He spoke on October 31st to young males interested in white issues. Bad idea from the organisers.

Dissipationist homosexuality may be harmful, but I don’t see why every possible manifestation of homosexuality must be considered antagonistic to White interests. For example, gay couples of each sex could form larger four-person families in which to have children. That way, the individual desires for romantic and conjugal affection and the communal needs of population stability are both met.

You’ve said that your appreciation for the beauty of the Aryan female gives you the inspiration to fight. If another gains that inspiration to fight from the nobility of the Aryan male, why not welcome it?

As for Faye’s comments, I think that his personal aversion to homosexuality as a heterosexual is coloring his perception of it. That is I think he is unaware of his own projection and decides that because he personally wouldn’t find fulfillment in a homosexual relationship, no one possibly could.

While the majority of homosexuals currently are liberal, there are two causes in particular for this. The first is your own observations on how psychological abuse as a child creates the desire to destroy one’s own culture, and thus ethnosuicidal leftism as an adult. In their case, the psychological suffering is the rejection of their latent homosexuality from their parents, and the parents’ attempts to “correct” it. The rift between wanting to please one’s own parents and their own neurological mandates is a source of great suffering.

The second cause is, quite simply, the unprovoked aggression they receive from the Right, both mainstream and alternative. When they are constantly told that they should die, that they’re going to Hell, that they’re “degenerates,” they feel that they have no choice but to join the only community that will accept them – leftism. They’re following their rational self-interest. Considering this, I am honestly very surprised that there are as many Right-wing homosexuals as there are.

I find your implication that closeted gays are superior to open gays to be a strange one. Perhaps we have a different usage of the term. Gays become open because they want to step out of living in fear; to have the assurance that their family and friends will support them no matter what. It has nothing to do with declaring themselves superior to heterosexuals or rejecting national values.

I won’t read your comment with care. Suffice it to say that I should not discuss this subject with homos. Also, I’ve never said that closeted homos are superior, only that open homos should not be given positions of power (like addressing the young).

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