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Contra Alt-Right

“They are pandering cowards trying to
rationalize their cowardice.”

Max Macro

3 replies on “Contra Alt-Right”

In no way this quotable quote means that I agree with everything that Max Macro says. But I agree with a sentence in another of his articles:

“If you support Donald Trump, you’re a cuckservative. This struggle requires and will be won by fanatics, not by reactionary, nostalgic cowards pining for the reform of a hostile system.”

See also “NPI Conference: Becoming Who We Never Were”, authored by another writer of Ronin’s group. Alas, this 2nd article, which focuses on Jack Donovan is written by a woman. I wish a man would write a learned article about him and the ridiculous infatuation of hetero WNsts with Donovan’s writing.

Consider that most of Western Europe is descended from one man who lived about 5,000 years ago. Further, almost the entire period was harshly ruled by Malthusian natural law.

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