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What is a youth

Yesterday I saw, after a long time, a film that, as girls, my sisters loved: Zeffirelli’s adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Older people remember that it was a hit for the adolescents of other times.
Nowadays it would be unthinkable that a film of this kind would interest the directors or the degenerated youth who only listen to degenerate music.
When yesterday I saw the young man singing What Is A Youth (composed by Nino Rota, written by Eugene Walter and performed by Glen Weston) to an audience that included Italian beauties, I could not help but feel something deep about the world that I used to live in ideals, and that is now being betrayed in the most criminal way not only in Italy, but in the rest of the West.

Almost at the beginning of the film we see a dialogue between Juliet and her mother in which the mother begins to prepare her, at fourteen, for marriage. Later the visuals of the marriage, filmed in the interior of a Romanesque church, are also very moving and in a healthy culture should be a paradigm of love.
What is a youth?
Impetuous fire
What is a maid?
Ice and desire
The world wags on
A rose will bloom
It then will fade
So does a youth
So does the fairest maid
Comes a time when one sweet smile
Has its season for awhile
Then Love’s in love with me
Some may think only to marry
Others will tease and tarry
Mine is the very best parry
Cupid he rules us all
Caper the caper; sing me the song
Death will come soon to hush us along
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall
Love is a task and it never will pall
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall
Cupid he rules us all

(20 second flute interlude)
A rose will bloom, it then will fade
So does a youth
So does the fairest maid

If there is something that I liked in a Covington novel it is that, in the ethnostate of his story, the exhibition of films made after the 1960s is not allowed.

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Any worthy exceptions to that rule you can think of off the top of your head, other than LOTR?

I was in grammar school during the ’60’s . I can remember having been in total AWE of the instrumental version of this song. I can’t remember ever having heard this one before unfortunately. I didn’t know it had words.

If a proper racist Aryan party were created in 2018, would it allow women its membership at all?
The two golden rules of such a party should be the following.
1. Stop letting women own property and attain education.
2. Stop praying to a crucified Jew.

In the peculiar country where I’m living, only the Aryan Mennonites fulfill your first law (but fail on the second).

I have never heard about Mexican Mennonites!
Now that I think about it, wouldn’t a full-blown Bolshevik revolution in the 1960s America have been better than what happened in real history? Wouldn’t have worsened feminism or miscegenation, but would have at least killed a few hundred thousand Christians. My spirit rises when I read about the priest-killing Reds in Spain, and yet Hitler supported Franco (who remained neutral)!
Doesn’t Olivia Hussey look too Mediterranean/Slavic/Mestizo with her cheekbones and straight black hair?
BTW, I can’t save WordPress pages to the Wayback Machine anymore for some reason. Only archive.is remains.

Strangely enough, Hitler actually claimed to be on the side of the Republicans, who apparently had “the people in mind”, whereas Franco was surrounded by clergymen. Hitler also claimed that if the Republicans has won, overtime they could slowly be converted to proper National Socialism. The Fuhrer was clearly off his head thinking he could make a mud Nation NS.
Hussey looks strikingly Hungarian/Romanian, of the ethnic leavening agents from Tartar and Turkic invasions.

I looked to see if he mentions it in his Table Talks, but I cannot see it. Where I originally saw this factoid was on the linked page of a rare commenter here called Lord Molyneux or something similar. His name takes you to work by David Irving which speaks in depth about Hitler, Goebbels and others from the party. It tells you about things which I doubt you even knew of the Fuhrer. But, I cannot find this commenter, so I cannot give you a source.

In the film the mother says Juliet is 14; and since the Romeo actor, Leonard Whiting, was born in 1950 that means that he was 18 when the film was premiered.

I have always found older-younger relationships to be intriguing, especially in romances. Of course, I am referring to when the man is older than the girl. Bitter Moon would have made a good film in this regard, if only every other scene wasn’t concocted inside the psychological laboratories of a perverted Jew.

What are other movies do you recommend, Cesar, aside from the ones already mentioned on your ten recommended films list?
Also, What are your thoughts on the works of directors Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford?

I love how Hitchcock represents San Francisco before the homos took over the city. The scene implying Scottie and Madeleine visiting Muir Woods in Vertigo (1958) contrasts mightily with what we see today in the Sin City.
WNsts should watch John Ford’s The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962). It’s about the idea that civilisation depends on men who use violence, but that civilisation, once it is founded and secure and no longer needs violent men, ignores and derides the very men without whom it wouldn’t exist. The city slicker (James Stewart) wasn’t up to the job; the town had to be saved by the violent, marginal brute (John Wayne). Whenever you find such men hold on to them.
The problem with post-1960s movies is that the message is almost always toxic for the Aryan spirit. This does not mean that pre-1960s movies are free from (((dirty))) hands, only that after my teens I started to note the corrupting messages more and more, like a cancer. Just compare Sleeping Beauty (1959) when Walt was happily with us—I remember the day he died: my cousin gave me the bad news—and the über-toxic Maleficent (2014) after the kikes took over Disney Co.
Even the hilarious Back to the Future (1985) has bad messages, e.g., with that boss in the cafeteria telling a nigger employee if he believed he would be the town’s mayor (in the next film the nigger was indeed promoted to mayor), and Michael Fox telling the audience after the school dance that their kids will love (degenerate) music in the future.
However, I have not detected bad messages in Stand by Me (1986), though I still have to watch it again.
In the past I used Shine (1996) to illustrate that a specific kind of child abuse can cause schizophrenia in the adult child, though the two main characters, father and son, are Australian kikes within the story.
Incredibly, Spotlight (2015), which won the Academy Award for Best Picture along with Best Original Screenplay, can be used by us in our war against Christianity.

I saw it on the big screen and never liked the thing at all (castrating boys and telling lies to the castrated Farinelli).

Romeo and Juliet are Venetians. I live in an area in Southern Brazil that is about 85% Venetian. There are also some Poles, some Germans, some Portuguese and some negroes.
Having a Venetian or German surname or even Polish you will be well treated.

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