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James Mason

Siege, 43


I don’t pretend to be an expert on the art of surviving under very primitive or hostile conditions. Yet, aren’t we all doing that very thing when you really consider it, and more so all the time as this civilization continues to rot away? Despite the erroneous image some have in their minds of what the NSLF is, or is supposed to be, few of us in fact could qualify as guerrillas.
But probably the biggest difference between one of us and a “real” guerrilla is all the Hollywood-style phony image-making plus the fact that we aren’t little boys out to play army, but instead revolutionaries who must pick and choose our means as the case warrants. Primarily we’re not off on any trip and as real and valuable as survival preparations and techniques are, when made into a hobby or an obsession, they become an actual trip.
We are realists and as such we view these things merely as part of the weapons arsenal, not as central to the issue much less the issue itself. We are the first to tell you to be prepared but we are also the first to tell you never to get sidetracked.
The talk of survivalism is now everywhere. It’s not a bad thought. But I see that the profiteers have moved in, including those non-political, non-racialist, and even many who are part of the Establishment. Whenever this phenomenon occurs, you can be sure the thing is deliberately being overdone and is well on its way to being run straight into the ground. It is today’s fad. And whenever the Establishment feels secure enough to dabble around in something, you can be pretty sure that it is in no way very valuable to the struggle we must fight.
What about all those bomb shelters of the 1950’s? And what of those hidden weapons caches of the 1960’s? No Russian bombs, no Federal swoops. What about even all the tremendous harum-scarum of the Red-inspired marches and demonstrations of the 60’s and 70’s? No Red revolution in the streets of the U.S. Merely the latest thing to get spooky Right Wingers vibrating and shucking out vast amounts of loot.
But then the NSLF and Siege hammer away about the impending collapse and even the necessity of such a collapse before anything good can be accomplished. A contradiction? Not really. It has been stated before that very few things in this world are in plain black and white and this includes any sort of national collapse. We are in fact in a state of collapse now. We are indebted to a real slime-dripper, former New York City mayor John Lindsay, for providing us with this beautiful and accurate simile: the crime rate alone in this country is equal to a nation-wide, non-stop “riot in slow motion”.
If it hasn’t already passed the point of total ridiculousness, it will any second now. But that is beside the point. The Right, and people in general, think only in terms of the melodramatic, the stereotypical. This, however, has been proven enough times to be what the expected case will not be, that we in the Movement should know better. They can’t seem to see a Leader, they’re scared to death whenever one of us pulls a revolutionary act, and yet they think in these grandiose patterns of things happening in a big, overwhelming way. They cannot seem to think and see in terms of stages and degrees which is precisely how the Enemy advances.
Survivalism for the realist can be bound up in only a few very basic, commonsense principles.
First, remove yourself from what I call the “Death Zones” which are simply the metropolitan areas of the country. In these places not only is Big Brother’s grip the tightest, but the lowest-common-denominator genetic miasma has you badly out-numbered. The air and water are going fast, many of the so-called “Whites” still there are totally gone to degeneracy, and life itself is already abnormal, a mutation of what it once was. There is no hope for these places whatsoever, under any circumstances, so get the hell out now while the getting is still good.
Second, get located in an area where self-support can be possible. An area where you can successfully survive—and survive white—as a separate region in the event of a complete national break-down and protracted chaos. Let the cities go to hell, right where they came from! If the Russians don’t get ’em and if crime, famine, and disease don’t get ’em, then we’ll have to later on.
Third, on an individual level, you must have all set-up and ready-to-go independent sources of water, food, and heat. At the same time you must have weapons and sufficient stores of ammunition with which to defend yourself. All of the above is basic essential. None of it is wild or exotic.
The above is simply a way to live, a habit to get into. At the same time it doesn’t interfere with one’s daily business or daily living. It doesn’t make you “weird”. But you’d be amazed at the number of those who fall flat in all three of these categories. They are not going to survive. More than what I’ve outlined is optional.
For example, some advanced essentials would have to include medical supplies and independent communication sources. The actual organizing of neighbors into tight-knit communities and defense units is a tough one to accomplish. To go any further here would be to depart from reality because I know human nature and the laziness and “Never-Never Land” mentality of the Right Wing. They won’t do it because they don’t have the scope of imagination or the long-range gumption. I speak only about what you can and should do.
The danger in survivalism lies in the fallacy of the hobbyist-escapist’s own, private dreamworld. Most imagine that blowing exorbitant sums on the supposed trappings of the “professionals”, or the accumulation of a library of doom-say manuals, or even the acquisition of a monstrous personal armory, means survivalism. But are they living in a metro area? Are there hundreds of thousands of undesirable humans only blocks away? Do they have a good well? Wood-burning heat and adequate fuel? Can they grow or hunt food? Are they a likely target in the event of a nuclear war?
To me, survival and reality are the same. Phony, faddish “survivalism” is nothing more than a hobby and hobbyism is nothing more than escapism. But, admittedly, escapism appears to be part-and-parcel of the “Movement” as it stands.
Useless and expensive hobbies won’t make it. It’s all the same if you remain hooked up to Big Brother’s life-support system. If you are, you will get disconnected with the rest and sink with the ship. This phony survivalism appears to be the most elaborate yet of all the dished-up excuses for inaction and retreat. It’s another way to build yourself an expensive sandcastle. There is a clear path to survival just as there is a clear path to victory. Both involve being in touch with reality and in taking action, in going forward.

Vol. X, #10 – October, 1981

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