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Der Antichrist (book) God

God – postscript

It has been two months since I reproduced the entry ‘God’ in which Jung analyses the god of Judeo-Christians. It is so important that I will include it in the 2018 edition of Day of Wrath (the present edition of the book is from December 31, 2017).
I would like to say something about what is being discussed in one of my recent entries about the Shroud of Turin, especially what the Catholic Gaedhal says.
It is good to follow Jack’s advice in that thread of discussion: get acquainted with what I have translated for this site authored by Manu Rodríguez. I’m not sure why: but freethinkers who have roots in Spain are somewhat more aware of the calamity that Christianity represented than the English-speaking freethinkers. I have translated a lot of the other Spaniard, Evropa Soberana; but I should translate a little more of Rodríguez; and it is amazing how three Spanish speakers if I count among them, have maintained very similar views about Christianity.
The crucial thing is that the very idea of ‘God’ is toxic and deadly for the Aryan. Nietzsche saw it very well in the final words of his best book:

Sixth article.—The ‘holy’ history should be called by the name it deserves, the cursed history; the words ‘God’, ‘saviour’, ‘redeemer’, ‘saint’ should be used as terms of abuse, to signify criminals.
Seventh article.—The rest follows from this.

The point is that, as Constantine and the other Christian emperors dedicated themselves to erase all traces of the Aryan gods, and in their place implanted in the white psyche the god of the Jews with incandescent neon letters, every time someone revolts against the implant a ‘bug’ arises, so to speak, in those who unconsciously continue to defend Western Christian Civilisation instead of salivating for its collapse.
It was Nietzsche who saw ‘God as a spider’—his words—which is what Yahweh really is for the Aryan mosquitoes that fall into his net. If we are to win the chess game to the Jews, the first thing we must do is checkmate their god. It’s amazing that white nationalists fail to see something so obvious. The Covingtonistas that on Twitter are puzzled why the Aryan does not defend himself should begin to think that the cause is that he has a major bug in his mind, the god of the Jews.
If one visits the blogs of a typical white nationalist it is apparent that none promotes an internal Jihad. They want to save the race by means of slight changes, such as deleting and adding programs instead of the radical change of the Operating System itself (changing from PC to Linux in their spirit, so to speak). It is precisely for this reason that, although many believe that they have left Christianity and the Jewish god behind, they continue to say neo-Christian things, just as I mention in my last quotation from Linder, instead of hating the enemy more ferociously than loving one’s life.
If only hatred for the enemy can save the Aryans, God is a Spider: but a spider for whites only (ethnocentrism for me—Old Testament—, universalism for thee—New Testament). What Gaedhal proposes is, basically, to continue to honour the Spider and put on it a cosmetic Aryan garment without killing the monster behind it.
That, as have seen the two Spaniards mentioned above, is impossible.
I have complained that what is killing whites is what I call ‘partial apostasy’ when what we need is a ‘total apostasy’. The only way to transvalue all values, as Nietzsche says, is to start weaponizing the sacred words of Judeo-Christianity as insults to the unredeemed Aryan, which includes quite a few white nationalists. Wanting to save the Aryan race from extinction without purging the alien—the very idea of God—is similar to Ridley Scott’s Alien in that they didn’t remove the arachnid-like parasite stuck in Kane’s face.

11 replies on “God – postscript”

Why:do you want to save the “Aryans?” Why do you want to save Pashtuns, Uzbeques, Bengali and Indian Brahmins, Poles, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Russians, and so on?

I’m white, 100%. I’m from South Brazil, there’s about of 20% of real Europeans in the region. Calling somebody “Brazilian” “brasileiro” is considered an insult in my area. But I don’t care too much.

Dr Morales: You have exactly the same email of a troll who some months ago tried to insult me repeatedly in gross comments I did not let pass.
If you are white you’re a traitor (‘Why do you want to save the Aryans?’). If you are a ‘Brazilian pardo’ this site is not for you either.

“Aryans” were not “white”, the Proto-Indo-Europeans aka “Aryans” from the Yamnaya culture didn’t possess the genes for fair skin.
“Aryan” is a very outdated term, it’s just sounds silly to read it, especially equating it to “Nordics”.
I don’t have a single drop of “black”, “Indian”, “pardo”, “Spanish”, “portuguese” in my veins In my city it’s the same for about 80% of the population.
You just should open your mind, you have some good points, but using non-stop the “Aryan” term and the non-stop Christian bashing, only will resonate to an absolutely extremely tiny powerless minority.

My region is composed mostly by small cities, not cosmopolitan, ever heard of Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Carol Trentini? There’s no Jews around, let alone me being one
I saw some Jews in the capital, a very tiny population. But unsurprisingly, they (Sirotsky family) control the media.

Ergo, if you really are white and are unconcerned that whites are becoming extinct, you’re a traitor, and this is no blog for you.

I’m much more than concerned, I even indoctrinated my two brothers with racism,.and I try to do the same with close persons.
But the use of the terribly misguided outdated term “Aryan”,.worshiping pigs and rascals like the Brits and bashing Christianity are obviously wrong

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