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Christendom Destruction of Greco-Roman world Karlheinz Deschner Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Kriminalgeschichte, 63

Below, an abridged translation from the first volume of
Karlheinz Deschner’s Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums:

Against Hellenism
An anti-Hellenistic law passed the following year sanctions for the offering of sacrifices as a crime of lese-majeste. In case incense was offered, the emperor confiscated ‘all the places that would have been hit by the smoke of the incense’ (turis vapore fumasse). If they were not owned by the person who burned it, he had to pay 25 pounds of gold, as well as the owner. The indulgent administrative chiefs were punished with 30 pounds of gold and their staff was charged the same amount. Geffcken considers this law ‘almost in the tone of a rhetorical missionary sermon’. Gerhard Rauschen speaks of the ‘funeral song of paganism’. It resulted in the prohibition of worship of the gods throughout the Empire.
In this way, many temples were victims of the Christian furore, such as that of Juno Caelestis in Carthage or that of Sarapis in Alexandria. Theodosius, who ‘eliminated the sacrilegious heretics’, as Ambrose praised him in his funeral address, transformed the temple of Aphrodite of Constantinople into a garage. He also threatened with exile or death for performing religious services of the Hellenistic superstition (gentilicia superstitio); it was forbidden to offer incense, light candles, place crowns and even private worship in the house itself. Augustine also praises this fanatic because ‘from the beginning of his government he had been tireless’, ‘helping the threatened (!) Church by very just and merciful laws against the pagans’, and because ‘he had the images of the pagan idols destroyed everywhere’.
But Theodosius repressed Hellenism even through a violent war; in circumstances that, once again, show the behaviour of Ambrose.
(Editor’s Note: Returning to my quotable quote from my previous entry, ‘Only revenge heals the wounded soul’. If whites will survive they must strike back: destroy all the Christian idols in addition to their temples. That alone would heal their psyche from suicidal Judaization: having dared to have a fucking jew as their personal lord and saviour. After three pages describing a bloody episode, Deschner continues:)
Augustine was also glad that the victor overthrew the statues of Jupiter placed in the Alps and that he gave his gold rays ‘gladly and obligingly’ to the messengers of the troops. ‘He had the images of the idols destroyed everywhere, for he had discovered that the granting of the earthly gifts also depends on the true God and not on the demons’. ‘That’s how the emperor was in peace and in war,’ says the devout Theodoret, full of joy. He always asked for God’s help and it was always granted’.

On January 17, 395, at 48 years of age, Theodosius died of dropsy. And Ambrose himself died, on April 4, 397. His remains rest today, which he had never imagined, in a coffin with those of the saints Gervase and Protase.

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If the time came where I felt as ready as ever to commit an act of terrorism, there is a 95% chance my target would be a church. In London we have the Westminster Abbey, and the act would raise Global attention.
Guns are virtually illegal in Britain, but not impossible to get a hold of if you look in the right places.
I would be scorned by the Alt-Right, and probably even James Mason, but do I care?
The answer is a firm NO.

I would never attack a church at present. All lone wolves (and trouble trios if possible) should concentrate on my plan to silence the MSM, as discussed with Norman Spear on Twitter.

As I travel around meeting many, many, more thoroughly Jewed, brain-dead individuals than Christians; those without the slightest shred of cognizant religious thought influencing their lives, I can only wonder how these individuals might continue shaping the world once all the Christians are gone.

That’s fine for you, but how do thoroughly Jewed, non-Christians feel about your assessment, when they in fact share your position on Christians? You summarily assign this role to both atheist and the religious. Yet both these groups will soundly reject your assignment lumping them together.
Yet, while maintaining they are either Christian or anti-Christian, both fully support the Jew’s agenda! So how might one intend on separating the anti-Christian wheat from the pro-Christian chaff when so much of the wheat is admittedly anti-christian but pro-Jewish? Perhaps by killing them all and letting “god” sort them out? So what happens to your white racial support base then?
What calls this to mind are the people I know that froth at the mouth equally over both Christians and Nadzees, making it a toss up which they hate more. Yet all these idiots invariably maintain reverence for the sacrosanct Jew, recoiling in horror at the slightest suggestion Jews might exhibit any impropriety or hatred.
Thoroughly programmed idiots without the slightest shred of religious overtones they are every bit an enemy of the white race as any Christians and there are a fuck lot more of them out there these days thanks to the Jew’s ongoing efforts at destroying Christianity.
Save perhaps the Mormons, the churches I see these days are clearly the rapidly dying domain of the elderly. Once the “baby boomers” are gone, there will be a major reduction in the Christian influence in western civilization, even as Muslim influence grows. Yet daily, the Jew’s influence grows ever larger, vastly eclipsing all other western cultural influences – especially that of the Christians.

What matters most is not dogmatics but axiology. Both Christians and white atheists share the same ethic standards: inheritance from Xtianity.
One way to wake up the atheists is starting calling them names, for example: ‘You devout virgin Mary worshiper!’ Once they become puzzled by the epithet, you explain this to them.

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering about this
(The fate of churches once everything is again sane)
I would not object to leaving some which have ruin value, but I’m under the impression that all
their valuables ought to be looted and stored in a multitude of great museums or temporary holding locations until such a place can be constructed.
On the one hand, it would be nice for those whites of the future to be shown the ornate craftsmanship of their ancestors but simultaneously the effect which Christianity had on the direction of art among Aryans and the prevalent theme thereof.

@Arch Stanton. Yes, Christianity is virtually dead in the West (outside America) and has been dying for 200 years. Both Christ-tards and secular Left-tards consider Christianity as a proxy for Western Civilization. Both have no appreciation that Christianity is a Semitic religion that was imposed on Europeans. Jewified, cultural Marxist indoctrinated Liberal Leftists attack Christianity for the Crusades and the Inquisition, etc, and rightly to a point. But Christianity is mainly a proxy to attack Western Civilization, the evils of colonialism, imperialism, on and on. Conservative Christians, and conservatives in general, defend Christianity as a defence of Western Civilization.
You’re right, both are equally hostile to the ‘evil’ Nadzees. Take Michael Hoffman II – pre Vatican II Catholic – very jew-wise, written excellent stuff exposing the Talmud, Secret Societies, White slavery, yet defends the Yahweh psychopath and OT jews … “Hebrews only fighting their enemies”. And attacks the evil Nadzees as pagans and idolaters.
Revilo Oliver said that “jews love Christianity”. Elite jews knew it for the spiritual poison it was for Whites. Elite jews also used it as a weapon against small, Ghetto jews to maintain cohesion -“Whites will kill you because jews are Christ Killers, stay inside the Ghetto”. Now jews, cultural Marxist academia, mainstream media, Hollywood are anti Christianity, subtly if not always openly, as a proxy to attack Whites and Western Civilisation.
It’s amazing talking to and reading Christians of Michael Hoffman’s stature, they really consider that Christianity built High Culture for Western Civilization (Gothic cathedrals, music, high culture despite Christianity). That there was no Aryan high culture prior to Christianity; nor any appreciation of the cultural destruction, barbarism at the hands of early Christianity. To be fair, I’m only learning of the extent of latter, mainly from reading this website.
Of the two, I’d prefer to talk to Christ-tards about the general collapse of Western societies. They at least perceive the effects of cultural Marxism. Liberal Leftists are totally insane.

So true what you say in your last paragraph. The sickness is worse now, like AIDS, terminal phase (after carrying HIV with no secondary infection for centuries).

Some of the comments from John Kaminski’s article posted on Darkmoon. Can anyone think Christianity might still be a problem when most assuredly the Jews do not?

Carnaptious says:
May 9, 2018 at 9:58 am
It is forbidden to teach Christianity in US schools. Jewish lawyers working for the ACLU won’t even allow symbols of Christianity to appear in public spaces as part of the celebrations of Christ’s birth, now officially known as “the Holidays”, but in Connecticut students will be required to take classes on the Holocaust(TM). https://www.timesofisrael.com/connecticut-unanimously-passes-law-requiring-holocaust-education/
This legislation passed unanimously (147-0). Does it strike anyone else as somewhat odd that one of the first places this news appeared was in the Times of Israel?
Sardonicus says:
May 9, 2018 at 11:58 am
A sad situation, Carnaptious. Your astute comment about the double standards in operation here, clearly demonstrating that the Jewish religion of Holocaustanity is now the officially recognized state religion of America, fills me with the bleakest pessimism. It would perhaps be marginally tolerable if Christianity were treated as an equal among equals, but it is not. Christianity is now undergoing persecution, as it was in Ancient Rome under Nero and Caligula, with Christians being thrown to the lions in the amphitheatre.
You can mock Christianity openly now and commit blasphemy against Jesus Christ, boiling him in excrement to your heart’s content, as per the Talmud, but the slightest doubt expressed about the Holocaust will bring the wrath of the Jews down upon your head!
Insult 2.1 billion Christians if you wish, Sir Jew, and get away with it! No problem! But if the slightest doubt be expressed about your so-called “Holocaust”, the religion of 14.4 million Jews, all hell breaks loose!
Truly, it makes me want to puke.
I console myself with this thought. What goes up, comes down. The pendulum will swing back one day. The gloating smiles of the Jews today will be replaced one day, in the not too distant future among their descendants, by the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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