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Against the City upon a Hill

After Lulu Press deplatformed me last month, I became tempted to open an account in Amazon’s Create Space so that my Day of Wrath and the other volume I complied, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, may be easily available as softcover books.
If Amazon doesn’t deplatform me, in the 2018 edition of the latter I’ll remove my introductory remarks for each chapter (remarks that still can be seen as a PDF here) and also thirteen essays (PDF here). This does not mean that the removed essays from several authors are unimportant. It means that only the texts that caused a huge impact on my worldview will remain.
However, since the 2018 edition will include the long essay that I’m presently translating the weekdays, ‘Apocalypse for whites’, I won’t be able to assemble it until I finish the translation:

CONTENTS [revised February 2018]:

Our 14 words 3
Preface: The ultimate conclusion 5
The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour
Part I Basics 9

Worst generation ever! – B.P.S. 10
The depth of evil – Andrew Hamilton 14

Part II The Judeo-Christian problem 16

Seeing the forest – William Pierce 17
Rome contra Judaea; Judaea
contra Rome – Evropa Soberana 26
Arrows and comments – Jack Frost 115
Burn them all! – Albus 134

Part III On the need to undemonize Hitler 135

Hellstorm – J. A. Sexton 136
Manu Rodríguez’s first letter 146

Part IV The Aryan problem: Gold over blood 149

Heroic materialism – Kenneth Clark 150
History of the white race – William Pierce 153

Part V Nordicism 261

March of the titans – Arthur Kemp 271
The black man’s gift to Portugal – Ray Smith 273
What race were the Greeks and Romans? – J. H. Sims 279

Part VI Translated texts of Evropa Soberana 289

Were the Greeks and Romans blond
and blue-eyed? 290
The new racial classification 310
Sparta and its law 371

Part VII Our New religion: Hitlerism 469

For the Hitler Youth – Helmut Stellrecht 470
National Socialist worldview – SS pamphlet 471
Rockwell – William Pierce 481
Faith of the future – Matt Koehl 514

Part VIII Transvaluation of values 525

Polarities – Francis Parker Yockey 527
Manu Rodríguez’s second letter 529
New tablets of stone 531

You will notice that the table of contents includes the text of Civilisation’s chapter, ‘Heroic materialism’ by Lord Kenneth Clark. Yesterday I said that, culturally, the US has been inferior to Germany (at least before the Germans betrayed themselves). I’ll illustrate it with today’s article at Occidental Dissent, ‘Techno-Traditionalism is Feasible’. The author argues that traditionalism is compatible with modern technology because some very modern cities thrive even under Sharia.
This is the wrong paradigm. The right paradigm would be to compare—and here’s why I include Lord Clark’s text on New York—an unhealthy Aryan city with a healthy Aryan city. Francis Parker Yockey summarised this view with crystal-clear prose in his essay about the enemy of Europe (Americanism).
I won’t elaborate much in a single post except saying that in the 1990s I worked in Houston downtown, which reminds me the picture that the author chose for the Occidental Dissent article. We only have to contrast the soulless edifices we see when going to work with Raphael’s town square and see how anti-Aryan, and Judaized, our large cities have become. This is what the Spanish blogger says in my previous post:

All these quotes point to a stubborn ideological as well as military confrontation, in which both Rome and Judea were going to think a lot for a final solution: a conflict that would influence History in a huge way and, therefore, cannot be ignored under any pretext. This article tries to give an idea of what the old clash of the East against the West meant.

Today’s Americans are clueless that they lost the cultural war since the pilgrims considered themselves Israelites that would found a City upon a Hill: a phrase from the parable of Salt and Light in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:14.
Hopefully, my translations of Evropa Soberana in the next weeks will throw some light into the subject of why we must reject any sort of Judaization of the West, especially the religion of our parents.

3 replies on “Against the City upon a Hill”

It was Hunter Wallace the one referred to above as the author of a piece on Occidental Dissent. Independently of my criticism, today he said something that merits citation:

As far as the Alt-Right is concerned, it has been quite a year for capitalism. We’ve been defunded by PayPal, Stripe, GoFundMe and Patreon. We’re already purged from Reddit and Facebook. We’re about to be purged from Google/YouTube and Twitter. We’ve been banned from AirBnb and Uber. We’ve been banned from Soundcloud and Spotify. Some of us have been banned from Amazon. Several websites have had their domain names have been seized. There doesn’t seem to be a private hotel or restaurant in the United States which won’t fold under the pressure of violent threats from Antifa. No one in the United States suffers more from employment discrimination than we do. In Trump’s America, we are now operating like an underground resistance movement in the Soviet Union.

Nonetheless, in that thread one of the commenters said something that reflects how clueless WNsts are about the havoc caused by materialism/capitalism: ‘If you are genuinely pro-White I don’t care from which end of the political spectrum you come’.
Point is, no real pro-white advocate would accept Mammon worshiping under any circumstance.

Even the European cultures have been drained of life and Mammon worshiping, as you call it, is being groomed to take its place. Even Yule, an ancient Germanic-pagan celebration, aside from being given Levantine connotations, has been commercialised to the point where my father was always taxed if he didn’t spend enough by New Years!
After an event takes place, such as QE along with the dollar crash or something similar to the Turner Diaries but on a semi-global basis, where there is a return to lycanthropy and which allows our race to be in charge like it had been a few millennia ago, we will really have to work towards re-incorporating the Nordic cultures back to how they should be, very carefully.
Anyway, I hope that you do get to sell your book on Amazon in paperback form (though I prefer hardcover, as it cannot bend when travelling with it or stuffing it into small spaces).
there is a 98% chance I will buy a copy.

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