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Ryckaert quote

‘The slogan “all men are unequal” should be written in gold in all our public institutions’.

—Franklin Ryckaert

3 replies on “Ryckaert quote”

“All Men Are Born Equal” is as silly as “All Tennis Players Are Born Equal”. The Aryan mind became enslaved to the Equality abstraction as the highest moral value.

The Alt-Right still hold that statement to their hearts.
What those ‘American nationalists’ don’t say is that America was founded upon that statement. It doesn’t matter whether the Founding Fathers were speaking of whites only. When you leave a law open for liberal interpretation, your country is doomed from its first day.

The soliloquy that I woke up this morning:
The trouble with Americans is that they fail to recognise that Germany had a superior culture to them. If they recognised that, salvation of whites would be much easier. See for example how a serious attack on the very basis of Christianity had roots in Germany since the times of Reimarus and D.F. Strauss. Most American WNsts have not even reached a stage that the Germans reached since the times of the Enlightenment.
The same with music. American racists listen music that would be considered ‘degenerate music’ by the 3rd Reich. The former, who culturally are inferior, won’t recognise it because it would damage their self-image. But their inferior culture is at the root of white suicide.
Eccentric Sebas Ronin got it right: Murka must burn if whites are to survive.

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