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Ancient Rome Cicero Evropa Soberana (webzine) Judea v. Rome

Apocalypse for whites • II

by Evropa Soberana

Chapter 1
Geopolitical, anthropological and ethnic context
The Near East or the Levant—what today are Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt—has been a very important geostrategic zone of confrontations between the Europe of the forests, the snows, the rivers and the mists, and the deep East of the dry, jealous, sterile and inhospitable spirit of the desert. In this area there have been, from time immemorial, ebbs and flows from both Europe and Asia and Africa, and crystallized in the appearance of the Neolithic and the first civilizations of the world.
Paraphrasing Nietzsche, we would say, ‘if you stare at the desert for a long time, the desert will also stare at you’. If there is a natural selection environment radically different from that of the glaciations, it is undoubtedly the desert: monotonous and infinite environment like the laments of the songs now preached from the minarets of the mosques. Immersed in this type of landscape for a long time, it is easy for a man to have visions and see illusions and distorted reflections; to listen voices that, according to oriental folklore, come from evil spirits and, finally, to lose one’s way and sink into despair and madness, and let your mind take a journey into darkness, from which it will never return.

The deserts are the places where the total absence of the fecundating power of heaven—represented by rain and lightning, and by typically European gods such as Zeus or Jupiter—has propitiated the triumph of the Earth, and therefore the death of Nature and the levelling, the devastation, the equalization of the horizons and the lack of permanence of the same floor that is stepped on. It is totally imprudent to think that all these elements do not leave a deep mark on the idiosyncrasy and collective imagination of a people.
The subject that we treat is revealed as a confrontation that, in last instance, is reduced to an evolutionary insurrection of the East not to disappear in an unequal competition with the European human varieties. In 56 BCE, in a speech entitled De Provinciis Consularibus given in the Senate of Rome, Cicero himself describes the Jews, along with the Syrians as a ‘race born to be a slave’.
Syrians and Jews were ethnic communities in which the Armenid race was strongly represented, and which are encompassed as Semitic cultures. The Semitic waves constituted, for millennia, a source of pain, malaise, violence and tragedy for Europe, from the Carthaginians to the Ottomans. The present book will deal particularly with the Jews, without forgetting other groups that, like the Arabs, Persians and Syrians, made common cause with them on many occasions, including during the rise of Christianity.
Although today they try to unload Europe with an unreal multiculturalism, the daily and historical reality is that the coexistence between different races has only two results: third-worldization and/or balkanization: ethnic conflicts and territorial ruptures. What we are going to see in this book, of course, has nothing of multi-cult and nothing of ‘peaceful coexistence’, since for centuries and centuries the coexistence between Greeks and Jews was marked by great waves of bloody violence. It did not work.
Far, therefore, from the politically correct fantasy of the ‘coexistence of cultures’, we will investigate the beginning of a series of ethnic cleansings throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, which would culminate in the low Roman Empire with eradication, in North Africa and in the Near East, of the Greek and Roman communities and of most of the classical legacy at the hands of the East.

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Hearken: ‘It is totally imprudent to think that all these elements do not leave a deep mark on the idiosyncrasy and collective imagination of a people.’
That sentence is so simple yet very well explains what hell the monotheistic religions sprung from, why ritual infanticide was so prevalent among these people.
I am just going to come out and say it: The Armenid race is most likely the central cause for everything wrong with Europe and her people, and with the materialist mind-set of whites today.
Having said that, the Moors and the Carthaginians were too militaristic to be of solely Armenid stock.
The Armenid race, in its pure form, is too effeminate and mercantile to have been solely responsible for the Semitic hordes that ravaged this continent since time immemorial.
The pure Nordid tribes who mated with Armenid women (apparently the matrilineal line is predominant) fucked over their white descendants without thinking. Only the Nordid blood, especially the Red Nordid variety can account for the sexual aggression and cruelty inflicted upon us by these foreign hordes.

You nailed it, and this is exactly why I, who was born in Mexico and have both blue-eyed blond and brown cousins, have been so purist regarding blood: something that WNsts ignore because they cannot see the havoc that mestization causes.
The most infuriating thing I face in Mexico are not the Jews but those ‘castizos’ or ‘harnizos’ (comparatively whiter Mexicans than those who emigrate to the US) that use their white genes against the scarce whites that live here. The same happens in the US: mulattos like Obama use their white genes to attack whites.
What WNsts ignore is that, like a mulatto, a mestizo, castizo or harnizo is far more dangerous for whites than, say, a pure 70 IQ black (or a pure Amerindian). Remember that Latin American girl who recently challenged Richard Spencer about race on TV (YouTube clips are available)? She was not brown but a castiza.
This is precisely the thing that the likes of Greg Johnson, who doesn’t deal as I do with mestizos, castizos and harnizos on a daily basis, will never understand: Pierce was right when he said that what the invading Dorians should have done was to exterminate those Mediterranean mongrels that, as you say, had Armenid blood in their veins.
No contemporary WNst that I know has knowledge of these important matters. When in February I finish my Spanish-English translations of Apocalypse for whites, every Saturday I’ll start translating other articles by Evropa Soberana related to blood.
How surreal that I have to translate texts from Spanish for an English-speaking audience! This is what bothers me: both the Americans of yore (e.g., Madison Grant) and the NS Germans had perfect knowledge about these matters. It’s the egalitarian white nationalism, now called Alt-Right, what completely obfuscated the issues because of PC. And this was done because, just as they didn’t want to form a party in the previous decades (white hats) or fight (black hats), they are too coward to face reality.

If you know of the NRC it also makes you see March of the Titans in a more understanding light, as you infer -or at least I did- that the ‘Old Europeans’, which Kemp calls the ‘white Mediterraneans’, were, despite their whiteness, far more mixed with Armenid blood than the Indo-European conquerors.
I think it was in EVROPA SOBERANA’s Esparta y su ley that mentioned that the white Mediterranean had extremely peaceful city-states compared to the Indo-European invaders who put immediately put walls up for war. the building of the city-states as if war is alien is remnant of a mixture between the compassion that our race is capable of, and the effeminate, mercantile spirit of the Armenid. This creates a people who can be seen as admirable hobbits on the one hand, and weak, mixed race mongrels on the other, who fucked the Nordic gene pool even further.
Also, Cesar, remember: In Etruscan civilisation, where Armenid blood was very strong, feminism (if I remember correctly) was what gave them their fatal blow. Silly notions in these peoples heads of ‘feminism’ would not have been there if their pure Nordid forefathers did not keep it in their pants when encountering the matriarchal Armenid women (though what turned them on in the first place, I don’t think I shall ever know).
Just to finish, Richard Spencer said in a recent interview with the news people that ‘blacks are better off in America.’ This video got 70,000,000 views by the way. People are being lead to believe Dickie and Greggs are true revolutionaries, when in reality they aren’t even small timers.

I fail to find any Spencer video with seventy million views. Can you provide the link?
The trouble with the NRC is that most WNsts scarcely pay attention to it. Even Kemp, when I talked personally to him, told me about Evropa Soberana, “He is wrong” but apparently he had not read my translations.

A fantastic series! There’s not much stuff one can read about history from the racist/”racialist” perspective.
I wonder if they explain how the Semites of the Middle East (Akkad) became civilized 2000 years before Aryans (Mycenae).

I am not sure at the moment they do, but I would say it is because o the substantial amount of Nordic blood in their veins.

I mistakenly thought that the video was most likely the most well watched video in the world. ‘70,000,000 views’ is the name of the you tuber who posted the particular video. the real video has 6,918 views…
My bad. I will link the video anyway, even though I think it is a waste of your time:

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