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On women in the movement

Corinna Burt (“Axis Sally”) was Harold Covington’s trusted assistant. She left his circle and in ‘Punching Nazis: Not Enough’ she’s now saying that ‘Racists have chosen to remove themselves from human society and as such do not deserve to be treated as humans. They are mere giant bugs, only less useful because at least bugs feed frogs’.
A Briton who sends me links of articles of interest comments: ‘Axis Sally and other female Movement freaks like AfD’s lesbian matriarch Alice Weidel; and the French National Front’s flaky flop Marion le Pen; and YouTube’s Anglo-Indian feminist Alt-Right Jewess Tara McCarthy, Zionist Danish Jewess Lauren Southern and cock carousel riding “Catholic” slut Brittany Pettibone, are precisely the reasons why Anglin is so right in demanding that women be barred from any form of serious leadership position in our Movement’.

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“A Briton [says] … are precisely the reasons why Anglin is so right in demanding that women be barred from any form of serious leadership position in our Movement”.
Women are talkers, not leaders. On average, women are more verbal than men, so let them talk.
Also, being an ordinary man, I like to look at sexually attractive women instead of plain or ugly women, and I’d much rather watch a pretty alt-right woman like Tara or Lauren than some plain or ugly looking alt-right woman if there are any on youtube — there are probably at least a few plain or ugly looking alt-right women on youtube, but no one is watching them.
I’m not aware of any alt-right woman out there who is claiming to be a leader and saying that we need to follow her. Thus, Anglin is beating a dead horse.
Anglin holds our women in contempt and likes to slander them and attack our women when they display their sexuality. Anglin is a wordsmith, not a leader. His hostility to our women is harmful to the alt-right movement.

I see zero hostility from him or Weev regarding women. Zero.
What we are basically saying is that values must be transvalued back to pre-1960s mores and even before (1st wave feminism), when women didn’t vote.
Feminism = white genocide, and I’m ASTOUNDED that purported racists fail to see something so obvious.
The only explanation for such behaviour is that WNsts are heading toward extinction. It’s exactly the same phenomenon of Richie Spence saying that mulattos have a place in his so-called ethnostate; Greggy’s claim that European browns are white, or MacDonald accepting Jews in his webzine, etc, etc.
Non-NS ‘racists’ are de facto liberals or conservatives whatever claims on the contrary.

If Whites are going to go extinct that explains perfectly why the post-1945 Movement has been so disappointing and pathetic. It’s simply the dying gasps of a degenerate species. Revilo P. Oliver treated the Movement this way, I remember when he wrote about South Africa in 1987, he placed absolutely no hope in the AWB and other resistance organizations there.
Time has proven him to be 100% correct. I am a pessimist like Oliver, though I do believe the White race will survive I acknowledge it’s just a belief with zero evidence to support it. All the evidence of the past 72 years points to the opposite conclusion—the White race has lost the will to live.
The real life and death struggle between the Jew and the Aryan to determine who will survive and who will go extinct has already been fought, it was WWII and the Aryan lost. Now Aryans dwindle to extinction.
That said, if the White race does survive our descendants will look back upon the present generations as the worst generations of Whites who ever lived.

We are not in the Alt-Right movement.
It’s that simple.
How is Anglin harmful to the movement for stating that women are not to be involved in the realm of ideas? The way I see it is that he is harmful simply because he is keeping the Alt-Right how it has always been: a cowardly internet meme which demonises those who think 2 hour long podcasts with Jared Taylor and countless essays about ‘New Right’ verses ‘Old Right’ bollocks isn’t getting us anywhere.

‘His hostility to our women is harmful to the alt-right movement.’

Your hostility to the Nordics is harmful to our race as a whole.

You sound like a Nigger. Contrary to Rap Music and other MSM attempts to glorify AIDS carrying Congo Rats, Nigger men are serious Momma’s Boys who fuck each-other up the ass and suck each-other’s cocks at ridiculous levels. Putting women on a pedestal is the mark of a feminized and infantile man.

In the unfolding struggle, until the Aryan Man ‘grows a pair’, this splintering argument will continue. As outlined in Covingoton’s NW Novel series, Men lead – period. Whether or not a woman is by his side is superfluous. When deed counts more than intention or word, will our culture transform and thrive. Things will have to get much, much worse until the deed-based and brutal reality of the Natural Order makes itself manifest.

Women want to be involved in every movement that displays masculine leadership. The problem that comes with letting women in, is that they naturally want to be involved on an influential and decision-making level. That type of situation leads to disaster, because women will steer every movement they partake towards a softer, kinder, and impotent version of itself.
The Jews are well aware of this, and will be pushing hard for this Shield-Maiden LARPing bullshit. They will promote it, and lots of young women will squeal about wanting to be involved, at first in recruitment and propaganda matters, then philosophical and ultimately strategic matters.
There is a reason the NSDAP did not have female members: they knew that having to deal with internal feminine drama would eventually stop them dead in their tracks. That’s why they created the NS-Frauenschaft, to keep their political women in their political kitchen.

So true.
Years ago, when I harboured the idea of joining Covington’s NWF (before the Corinna affair), I started to wonder why he allowed the woman Gretchen to review books in his podcast.
Women are not natural born killers, and they actually demoralise would be soldiers as the latter have to artificially treat them as equals.
Covington himself talks of ‘gun bunnies’ in his novels but in real life his feminism backfired in the most grotesque way: with Corinna now siding the enemy and exposing Covington’s secret nazi meetings.
I call this poetic justice, but most WNsts still refuse to get the memo of what Roger Devlin and MGTOW have discovered about female psychology.

Sorry but you are wrong. The NSDAP certainly did accept female members and were happy to have them. Hitler very much appreciated his female membership. “In 1939, the membership total rose to 5.3 million with 81% being male and 19% being female … by 1945 the party reached its peak of 8 million with 63% being male and 37% being female.” -Wikipedia
Plus, you don’t have a movement, you only talk about having one.

Childless women should never have a voice in our cause. Mothers should be allowed to gather with other mothers in a role supporting – but never guiding – the cause. One can look to the example of Gertrud Scholtz-Klink and the National Socialist Frauenschaft for guidance. Once again, these altrighters are failing to learn from history.

It reminds me of the recent movie ‘Imperium’, where a member of their movement is having a barbeque in his back garden. In that scene the women gathered in the household bake the cakes and the skinhead men all talk in groups gathered outside. they look like proper housewives too.
It’s a shame that a liberal movie is the one which gets it right.

Gertrud Scholtz-Klink also said “a woman, if she understands her mission rightly, will say to a man, ‘you preserve our people from danger and I shall give you children'”.
Our men have NOT preserved our people from danger. The effeminate weaklings of the AltKike hate and fear NS and Hitler, and furthermore their ‘ranks’ are laden with cryptos, philo-Semites, nigger worshippers, faggots, and various other degenerates.

That Scholtz-Klink quote you posted encapsulates women’s role perfectly. As you say, the crucial fact today is that white men have not preserved their race from danger. I’m certain the key to the survival of the white race lies in us men killing our enemies. There’s talk of raising the birthrate of our race but to expect white women to defy the sexual revolution and have more children on a worldwide scale while living in our Jewish-liberal societies is unrealistic. Only through the creation of racial state’s, countries for Whites only can we expect to be able to raise the birthrate again and thus halt our rush to extinction.
In order for ethnostates to be created white males will have to kill their enemies. Unless a significant number of white males kill Jews and non-whites, it is over for the White race.
“Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”-Adolf Hitler

Western men and women don’t really differ physiologically or morally. Both sexes are dumb, cowardly, and take it up the ass.
Alt-right is a joke in everything they do. It’s fascinating that they display some courage in their discourse, and then stop half-way.
After Hitler, only Chechar can go all the way. And the likes of Savitri Devi. But anti-Christians are so rare.

“adunal” – you are a joke. Chechar cannot compare to Hitler in any way whatsoever. All he does is run a website and print a few books. Savitri Devi only wrote books. Only the people who actually participated in the NS movement in Germany with Hitler are National Socialists. The rest of you are playing make-believe.
Maybe you should come up with your own name for your own ‘movement’ instead of appropriating Adolf Hitler and then distorting him. I think your real leader is Nietzsche. He also only wrote books.

And what do you do Carolyn? You run a boring podcast where you condescendingly interrupt your guests. Your not a national socialist either, just some spinster burnout who missed her meagre opportunity to be in some man’s kitchen long ago. Making up for lost time by going full nazi now?
Spare us woman. You have no skin in the game. No one cares about your opinions. You say nothing that Alex Linder, Weev, or Anglin didn’t already say, and much more intelligently as well.

Oh my, oh my, someone came out of the woodwork. Someone with the big, brave name of Auschwitz Gas Installations. I am not a man. I do not claim to be heading a “movement.” I write about and make Adolf Hitler’s life and work more understandable / accessible. Certainly none of the people you mention do that. Your ignorant comment is a perfect illustration of why all you ‘followers’ add up to a big joke.

It’s ok woman, Mein Kampf speaks for itself. It doesn’t need a woman’s window dressing.
Nah, Anglin with DS has made Hitler far more accessible to my generation than some embittered boomer with no kids. As I said; you have no skin in the game.
The least thing a NS woman can do is have White children. Looks like you failed that one. No one needs your mouth. That’s the real joke here–a woman who’s deluded herself into thinking her intellect is valuable. Lol, at the end of the day I’m a young White man, infinitely more valuable than a spinster’s loud mouth.

“Lol, at the end of the day I’m a young White man …”
You can’t be too young or you wouldn’t write the things you do. I’m pretty sure this is not the first time you’ve written this stuff to me. And if that’s all you’ve got to say for yourself, you don’t have much. If you had accepted any responsibilities in your life, you wouldn’t be hanging out on this website in the middle of a workday.
Sure, Andrew Anglin is going to transform the world for you young white males.You can pretend to be ‘Nazis’ who have read Mein Kampf in your online existence, but you don’t fool anyone. It’s all very sad. FYI, I am not a spinster.

I’m in Australia, so there’s a time difference.
Yeah I’m mid 20s.
Not that I need to justify any of that to a childless hag. Obviously you failed to accept the responsibilities of 14.88, and you want to call yourself a NS? LOL woman.
You’re irrelevant to our cause, we don’t like boomers. Keep up your dumb show where you can tone police and henpeck betas who none of us respect.
Just wait in your kitchen for a Muslim Sharia patrol or a White Thot patrol to come by and tell you what to do.

Dilettante morons like (((Lauren Southern))) and Brittany Pettibone, who narcissistically babble into webcams daily yet say very little, do not represent me. Non-whites and Jews like (((Tara McCarthy))) are pushed by Richard Spencer because he himself is a crypto-kike: see link.
I hope the men reading this understand that there are probably many women like me, who are quiet devotees of Savitri Devi and the 14 Words. If only our men would step up to the plate and lead…

Just look at this pathetic cuck (RamzPaul):
He uses the examples of Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I of England, and Anne Coulter (!) to claim we must respect those women who don’t want to have babies. He simply empowers women to choose if they want to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen making cookies. We are supposed to respect female whims.
Of course, all of this will end in the forthcoming rape of the Sabine women to form an ethnostate (the same way the Romans founded their city). The alternative is continuing to allow the Muslims to rape pubescent English girls: the way that feminized western males have apparently chosen.
As I’ve said: worst generation ever since prehistory.

This is amusing because Covington chose not to air my talk on swastika activism because it was not Christian but he does promote antifa women it seems. Has it ever occurred to any of you that good leadership and judgement are lacking in the so called males of WN in many cases? Also, I do note that you do not want to ban homosexual men. How strange that you do promote homosexuals and Jewesses as though they were White women and use Jewesses as an example of why White women are bad. Does that make logical sense to you? Do you honestly think “men” who are latent homosexuals and cannot reason are fit to lead anything?

First, I have never said that we have good leadership. Quite the contrary.
Second, no homo is promoted in this site. Had you clicked on the category ‘Millennial Woes’ on the sidebar, you’d hit a handful articles very critical of Woes.
Third, what the hell are you talking about (‘Jewesses’)?

Millennial Woes is a homosexual. Why do you even mention his views? He’s not us. Lauren Southern and Tara MCartthy are both Jewessess, not even part of our tribe. Their behaviour has no bearing on that of White women, they aren’t White. Using them as a bad example of White women’s behaviour is illogical.

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