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Harold Covington

Racism, the greatest virtue

Race is the North American issue. It always has been, ever since one of Columbus’ sailors shot the first Indian with a crude matchlock musket back in 1492. Every problem that America faces today, every crisis of the economy or of the spirit, is in some form or another eventually traceable back to the problem of race. Every civilization, every culture, every major historical achievement of mankind is the product of the racial personality of those who created that civilization.
Destroy a race and not only living beings are destroyed, but an immense hole is ripped in the entire fabric of this planet’s existence. Destroy the most intelligent and creative and dynamic race of all mankind, the Aryan, and damage has been inflicted on the human species that can never be recovered or repaired. The racial issue can be boiled down to one very simple question: Who does the world belong to? Does it belong to the various black and brown races of the Third World, who have contributed nothing except sporadic physical labor?…
Racial purity strengthens a society; whereas diversity weakens and eventually destroys it. No nation is born diverse. Diversity is indeed the antithesis of nationhood. The multicultural, and especially the multiracial state, carries in its makeup the seeds of certain national destruction. Deliberate fragmentation of these nations into racially diverse, politically disharmonious elements and special interest groups, and the resultant loss of national identity and purpose, are requirements of the New World Order. The leveling in a multicultural, diverse society is never upward, always downward.
We have been taught by our lords and masters to view “racism” as evil and wrong. It is not. Racism is in fact the purest expression of patriotism. We live today in a world where old ideas of geopolitics are being replaced by biopolitics. Racism is right because racism is the will of Nature. Racists are doing the work of Nature. They are aiding Nature by helping to protect the most important of Nature’s creations: the different races that Nature has evolved over many millennia…

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4 replies on “Racism, the greatest virtue”

I think it was Joseph who said that racism is really only specie-ism, it is perfectly natural with the Eternal Laws of Nature. Like is attracted to Like, speciation and onto further sub-speciation. The corvid genus evolving into its sub-species:- crows, ravens, magpies, etc. Ditto homo sapiens genus into its sub-species:- Mongoloids, Caucasoids, Negroids…. Nature lets us know what she thinks of hybridisation – mules are sterile.

That’s been a thought of mine for some time now. I don’t really like the word race anymore, I prefer the term species. Using the term species for the many animal species but using race for the various human species reminds me of the Abrahamic belief that humans are somehow separate from animals (this probably arises because humans are the dominant species on the planet and with their capacity for language appear different from all other creatures i.e. ‘made in the image of God’) and that the scientific terminology that we use for other creatures should not apply to man, we can have our own special word ‘race’.
Aryans, Mongolians, Negroes are distinct species, much of the evolutionary and racial literature written before 1945 states that the differences between the various human races are so vast that if these were animals they would be classed not only as different sub-species but different species.

And even after 1945 some have said they are different species. See the first paragraphs of this Pierce article (see also the booklet Eugenics and Race by Prof. Roger Pearson).
By the way, lions, cheetahs and leopards are also different species though they can interbreed.
To human mating with an inferior breeding species I call ‘the sin against the Holy Ghost’, as once mongrel children are born it cannot be undone.

Of course there have been writers who have said that the races are actually different species after 1945 but the difference is before 1945 that concept was on the verge of reaching the mainstream of science (and basically did in NS Germany). After the revolution in values of 1945 that accompanied the defeat of NS Germany any such concepts went underground.

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