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Racial studies

Mapping Aryan expansion

Just ignore the PC title of this YouTube clip: ‘Mapping Indo-European language expansion’.
For ‘language’ just replace ‘racial’ or ‘Aryan’ and you’ll get the picture (see Arthur Kemp’s history of the white race for a textual explanation of such expansion).

One reply on “Mapping Aryan expansion”

Don’t you subscribe to the Kurgan hypothesis that places the original Aryan homeland in the Eurasian Steppe?
And no matter where they had come from, this map is incorrect in that it doesn’t mark the Eurasian Steppe as inhabited by Aryans at all. Yet it was. Up until the dawn of the common era when they were exterminated or pushed westwards by the Huns from the east. Arthur Kemp does mention it.
P.S. The “Indo-European language family” is indeed a newspeak term, the old one was Indo-Germanic. Even though they both originate in the early 19th century.

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