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Food for thought

The ‘White guilt’ syndrome exploited so assiduously by America’s non-White minorities is a product of Christian teachings, as is the perverse reverence for ‘God’s chosen people’ which has paralyzed so many Christians’ wills to resist Jewish depredations.

—William Pierce

5 replies on “Food for thought”

Pierce was referring to the average Christian in the US. Presently Christian Churches are an enemy of the race. Also, for context see the whole post linked above in Pierce’s name.
Your exception only confirms the rule.

This explains why China and (formerly) Japan sought to kill or quarantine Christians and Christian missionaries. It is a doctrine of doubt whispered in the ears of the strong.

In today’s TRS’s Live With Richard Spencer, Spencer hit the nail on the JQ and Holocaustianity:

‘Why is their history sacred? I am afraid that it has a lot to do that we worship their god’.

He also said that the JQ is, ultimately, an Aryan question insofar as Jews would never take hold of, say, the Chinese psyche as they have of the white psyche.

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