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Brigade (novel) Civil war

The Brigade excerpts, chapter VIII

by Harold Covington

“Running The Game”

Covington in uniform
“There’s an old Norse saying: ‘Luck often enough will save a man, if his courage hold,’” Wingo replied. “McGee. That’s Irish, right?”

“Well, the Irish never gave up for eight hundred years,” said Wingo.

“I hope we can win a bit sooner than that,” said Kicky with a small laugh.

“The Army Council is basing all its strategic thinking on an assumed thirty-year conflict,” said Wingo seriously.

Back in the operations center Lainie Martínez had her headphones on. She was listening intently and taking notes. “30 year terror campaign (???!!!!)”

“So what happens now? What do you want me to do?” asked Kicky.

“The next step is that we will arrange for you to receive a copy of the old Party Handbook and the new NVA [Northwest Volunteer Army] General Orders,” said Ma. “The General Orders you need to memorize, and I do mean memorize, and then destroy the sheet of paper that they’re printed on, because if you’re caught with them in your possession it’s a federal felony carrying a death sentence. No kidding. These tyrants are killing people now simply for having a single sheet of paper. You need to have the General Orders committed to memory not just for your own security, but because you will be expected to obey them. Always. Without fail.”

“So when do I get to be a Northwest Volunteer?” asked Kicky.

“You don’t, not at first. We need to take a good long look at you and see how you perform, like any job,” said Wingo. “To begin with, you’ll be what some crews call an asset, what others call a candidate member.

“You won’t be asked to make your bones for a good while,” said Wingo, “And even then, it will be voluntary on your part. This is not a regular war. Our people have to carry an immensely personal and crushing burden on their shoulders, and that goes far more so for the shooters and the bombers. Only a small number of people have the right combination of steady hand and nerves of steel, along with—oh, hell, I suppose you’d call it a lack of introspection, the ability to just do the job and then not worry about it afterwards. If they’re not right for it, their conscience gets to eating at them, they start losing their nerve and going to pieces and muttering about finding Jesus and getting forgiveness. No offense, Ma.”

“None taken,” said Ma. “It does happen, and then there are problems all across the board. White people are the greatest killers the world has ever known, but we have in fact been subjected to that century of social engineering and behavior modification through propaganda that I mentioned earlier, and in a lot of our people, that predator gene does seem to have been bred out. You will never be asked to do anything that is beyond your strength. But you will find that as time goes on, and you come to understand who you are, that your strength is greater than you think.”

On the cab ride back, as they neared the center town, Kicky asked him, “What did Ma mean when she said you had a bug up your ass about women?”

Wingo sighed. “Same thing you probably feel about men. I’ve just been betrayed once too often. Nothing personal. I think that’s the worst thing that the Jews have done to us, in a way. Made white men and women hate and fear and mistrust one another.”

“Yeah, I know it in my mind,” said Kicky. “It’s just common sense that there have to be some good men left out there somewhere. But why the hell don’t I ever meet any?”

“The mutual consensus seems to be that white women are all neurotic and treacherous bitches…”

“Does the NVA have a lot of women members?” asked Kicky.

“Mmm, some. Look, I’m afraid I still presume most white women are write-offs, but I will say this: the few remaining exceptions have more range than men do.

“You’ll probably start getting some of our special trips tomorrow night. One of the people you drive will give you a copy of the Handbook and the General Orders. I’ll repeat what Ma told you, because this is important. Memorize the General Orders and then live by them. There’s only ten of them, just like the Commandments, and like the Commandments they’re just what they say they are: orders, not suggestions.”

Kicky tried to wrap her mind around the fact that the mightiest empire the world had ever known would use all of its power and resources to put her to death if they knew she had this sheet of paper in her hand, and if they knew she had read these ten paragraphs.


General Order Number One: The Army Council of the Northwest Volunteer Army is hereby constituted as the governing body of the Northwest American Republic…

General Order Number Four: No Jew or other non-white person, no homosexual, and no white person engaged in interracial sexual activity shall reside within the boundaries of the Northwest American Republic, or within any area of NVA operations. NVA field commanders shall deal with violators of this General Order at their discretion…

General Order Number Seven: The provisional government of the Northwest American Republic demands the complete and unambiguous loyalty and cooperation of all white residents of the NAR, and of all areas of operation of the NVA, and will accept nothing less. Any and all collaboration, cooperation, informing, public incitement against the Republic or its armed forces, or giving of aid and comfort to the Occupation authorities is prohibited, and will be dealt with by NVA field commanders at their discretion…

Then she went back and picked up the Party Handbook. There was no table of contents or title page, and the text simply started at Chapter One: Race. She read:

Race is the North American issue. It always has been, ever since one of Columbus’ sailors shot the first Indian with a crude matchlock musket back in 1492. Every problem that America faces today, every crisis of the economy or of the spirit, is in some form or another eventually traceable back to the problem of race. Every civilization, every culture, every major historical achievement of mankind is the product of the racial personality of those who created that civilization. Destroy a race and not only living beings are destroyed, but an immense hole is ripped in the entire fabric of this planet’s existence. Destroy the most intelligent and creative and dynamic race of all mankind, the Aryan, and damage has been inflicted on the human species that can never be recovered or repaired. The racial issue can be boiled down to one very simple question: Who does the world belong to? Does it belong to the various black and brown races of the Third World, who have contributed nothing except sporadic physical labor?…

Racial purity strengthens a society; whereas diversity weakens and eventually destroys it. No nation is born diverse. Diversity is indeed the antithesis of nationhood. The multicultural, and especially the multiracial state, carries in its makeup the seeds of certain national destruction. Deliberate fragmentation of these nations into racially diverse, politically disharmonious elements and special interest groups, and the resultant loss of national identity and purpose, are requirements of the New World Order. The leveling in a multicultural, diverse society is never upward, always downward.

We have been taught by our lords and masters to view “racism” as evil and wrong. It is not. Racism is in fact the purest expression of patriotism. We live today in a world where old ideas of geopolitics are being replaced by biopolitics. Racism is right because racism is the will of Nature. Racists are doing the work of Nature. They are aiding Nature by helping to protect the most important of Nature’s creations: the different races that Nature has evolved over many millennia…

My God! thought Kicky in wonder, trying to understand and assimilate the wild heresy before her, which contradicted everything she had ever been taught in her life. These NVA people actually expect me to THINK!

It was a strange sensation. For the first time in her adult life, someone was trying to reach her, to teach her something they thought she needed to know for her own good instead of something that would serve the interest of the rich people and empowered minorities. For the very first time in her adult life, someone was acknowledging that race even existed, telling her it was all right to think and feel in terms of race. The very idea that anyone seriously expected her to sit down and think about something instead of buy something, stunned her. Suddenly a thought arose in her mind unbidden. These are the only people I’ve ever met who don’t want to fuck me, in one way or another.


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That’s powerful.

I prefer the use of Neanderthal genes or European genes/heritage/culture in place of Aryan Race (which is kind of dated, psuedosciency, and reminds people of OMGHITLERNAZINAZINAZI). And of course whats wrong with just the White Race? But of course, I have no problems with the above passages.

“White Aryan” is the most accurate. Our genes are Europid and our culture is Indo-European. This excludes colored gentiles and jews claiming White status.

Being Aryan is a spiritual thing. You could say Aryan is to European what Jew is to Semite. You can be Jewish and not Semitic. You can be Aryan and not European if you try really hard. Jews would consider themselves the noblest of the Semites as true Aryans are the noblest of the Europeans. It is a balance of spiritual and physical components. Yet all up and coming nations are in the process of Aryanization. Countries in decline, such as America, are Africanizing themselves . Most nations have adopted aspects of Aryan culture. The modern Ashkenazi Jew is more Aryan than Hebrew in the way he lives and is thus more successful than any other Jew. It is no coincidence that all the most famous Jews came from Germany or there about. Aryan culture permeates everything we see around us, from drinking beer, to the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the houses we live in, the mode of transport and the pets we keep, to the very structure of our thoughts. Animal rights, anti-pollution laws, social welfare and the notion of human rights are all Aryan concepts.

Anglo Amerikan,

The problem with what you are saying is that the most assimilated, pro-White “Aryan” of Jewish origin will in all likelihood, due to regression to the mean, produce frizzy-haired, hook-nosed, usuring, homophilic, White-genocide-supporting Zionist offspring. That is why responsible, objective citizens of Aryan nations who are wholly or partially Jewish (e.g., me) should not breed. As Helmut Stellrecht wrote: “You do not have only the right, but also the duty to pass your blood on to your children, for you are a member of the chain of generations that reaches from the past into eternity, and this link of the chain that you represent must do its part so that the chain is never broken. But if your blood has traits that will make your children unhappy and burdens to the state, then you have the heroic duty to be the last.”

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