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David's story


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In the part about his daughter finishing at 55:00, is this a case of normal empathy or of degenerate Christian morality, Cesar? Should National Socialists despise doctors who save the lives of suiciders, especially those suiciders who are already incurably ill?
Also, should National Socialists feel any sympathy towards ordinary soldiers/sailors/pilots of the Allies? Shouldn’t they all be considered irredeemable traitors?
I understand, David Irving is not ideologically on our side, but I had to ask this. Barely anybody cares about such details.

Any good National Socialist feels deeply the loss of anyone who is of the White Genome. Germany lost because she was defeated by White Men. They weren’t traitors, but fools; propagandized to believe in ‘human rights’ as a general concept without understanding the ethnosuicide it entailed. Not one of these men would have fought for the ‘Allies’ if they had known that Europe would be invaded by Negro’s 60 years later, or America ‘occupied’ by Mexico.
David Irving is the premier historian of WW2. His in-depth reporting of the personalities and insights of National Socialists from their own records and personal interviews frees us from the felonious character assassination that distorts objective understanding.

Yes, and what bothers me is that WNsts and normies buy a narrative for simpletons: both those who accept the media narrative about the so-called holocaust and the revisionists who say that it’s a total fraud.
After listening someone like Irving you start to surmise that historical reality is a little more complicated and nuanced that what the two sides vociferously claim.

And having gone through the video now, it is notable that despite Fred Leuchter’s report showing no trace of cyanide poisoning in the large bldgs at Auschwitz, David Irving now believes that ‘gassings’ did take place ad hoc at Auschwitz eliminating old fragile Jews not capable of slave labor in another small building, and that gassings as a primary operation did take place at other facilities after plundering Jewish personal items.
As I have commented before, the essential point is that the German leadership, contrary to the accepted Rules of War, decimated the Jewish population.
Since this cannot be justified according to the Rules of War or considerations of common humanity, only a ‘New Morality’ based upon the concept of miscegenation leading to Ethnosuicide can. Hitler intuitively understood this. We must develop a practical orientation demonstrating the differences in Homo Sapiens, or anthropologically new classifications to justify this.

There’s no contradiction in what Irving says. He surmises that only 300,000 died in Auschwitz, of which very few might have been gassed.

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