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War of the sexes, 10

Update: The following text is rough draft. The series has been substantially revised and abridged, and the section by the YouTube blogger Turd Flinging Monkey is available in a single PDF: here.

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Marketplace value for men & women

Successful career women overvalue their sexual marketplace because they don’t perceive they’re not anymore cute little reds riding hoods from our point of view. But we males commit a symmetrical mistake: even when young and handsome we are (or were) clueless about what women are actually chasing in men.

Regarding the first psychological fallacy, the desirability for a woman collapses after her late thirties. Little riding hoods’ beauty is the primary quality that attracts us wolves. That’s why women spend so much time and money in cosmetics. According to the blogger, second to beauty is youth. I slightly disagree because in the marketplace we cannot separate youth from beauty. (Why nature has permitted the genes of fat women, those who even on permanent diet have an endomorph constitution, is a mystery for me.)

The blogger also says that women are attracted by resources, physicality, alpha traits and personality. If men valuate a woman for her youthful beauty from one to ten, women valuate men by their resources.

The 2005 movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is an absolutely must-see film for the architects of the coming ethnostate, even when the 1995 television series depict more faithfully the early nineteenth-century England. Women must be educated that way. In both the film and the novel, Elizabeth and Jane (dressed in black and blue in this pic) were impressed by Mr. Darcy’s and Mr. Bingley’s fortunes. In the specific case of Elizabeth, she changed her mind about smug Mr. Darcy only after she saw his awesome mansion. This is fiction of course: both the women and the men were valuated as 10 in resources and youthful beauty respectively.

The market value for a woman always falls in a descendant spiral, says the blogger. He doesn’t talk about Pride and Prejudice but we can remember the scene when 27-year old Charlotte becomes engaged with the ridiculous Mr. Collins for elemental survival. As in the Jane Austen world, in the ethnostate women should not be allowed to make careers or inherit property, not even their late fathers’ estates, to force them getting married and fulfill the 14 words.

Back to the blogger. He says that even if a woman is married properly, her marketplace value diminishes because she has lost her virtue as is now sexually active. On the other hand, we males don’t fall into a descendant spiral with age. Even I, in my late fifties, could find a much younger spouse if I won the lottery.

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Nature permits genes for obesity because those are not for obesity, really. They are simply genes that make you obese if you eat modern diet, but in paleolithic I doubt there was many obese women. Those women keep obese because the “permenent diet” they try is the lobbied by fake studies to keep the west sick, they should be doing a low carb instead.

Yes. What I mean is that in the paleolithic being an endomorph could be a big advantage.

Do not ever underestimate the power of the poon. Even Ben Franklin advised younger married men to take up with older women as extramarital lovers, although he framed it from the point of view that these old hags would just be thankful to get any old penis.

Truth is there is something to the human connection. Can’t ever discount that.

Why can’t a woman own some property?

Regarding the state of men out here, there are like 60 million more of them in the world than women and many are going gay, turning to drugs and alcohol, and engaging in all kinds of debauchery. In China it is like two men for every woman.

Patriarchy killed itself with its greed.

“Why can’t a woman own some property?”

No real estate or large amounts of money–otherwise many would simply stop having babies (4-8 per family: the quotas we need to make a whites-only world).

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