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War of the sexes, 9

Update: The following text is rough draft. The series has been substantially revised and abridged, and the section by the YouTube blogger Turd Flinging Monkey is available in a single PDF: here.

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turd-flinging-monkeyIf the overwhelming majority of white guys died tomorrow, that would not threaten the white race. But if the overwhelming majority of white gals died tomorrow, said the blogger, it would be a catastrophe for the race. That’s why women are allowed to abandon sinking ships or burning buildings first. This is not only chivalry: it’s an unconscious drive to protect them, especially the young and fair. Attractive women detonate something in our reptilian brain: we unconsciously want to make love with them even when we experience no overt sexual desire at a specific moment.

Women are also programmed: but programmed to find a man who protects them and provides for her needs. In the animal kingdom female mammals are vulnerable and require food and protection. They will look after an alpha male.

Men and women have different biological impulses: they experience love in different ways. We are attracted by youth and beauty: a sign of good genes and health. When a man loves a woman he loves her directly. This is not the case with women. They are attracted by the resources the male can provide. In one of his early videos the blogger reproduced the pic of a silverback gorilla and commented that if the alpha male disappears, the females don’t care much and would simply go after the next alpha.

In female humans the saying, “I need a man who can take care of me” is an euphemism that they are long-term whores. If the provider gets sick, loses his job or becomes handicapped, love disappears. For the blogger, “women understand marriage as a business relationship.” In his video Women’s suffrage caused the Welfare State he cites academic articles supporting such claim, and in another video about the same subject he reproduces pie charts showing where does the welfare money really goes. The YouTube blogger concludes that the government is taking our money to give it to women, especially single mothers.

But this blogger is an antiracist. He claims to be anti-egalitarian but he is sleeping like any normie regarding race, collectivist fascism, and the Jewish question. He is not alone. MGTOWers in general fancy themselves awakened and ubiquitously use the first Matrix film to advance the red pill metaphor.

They are wrong.

Naked and weak, they have woken up in the liquid-filled pod finding themselves beside countless people connected by cables to an elaborate electrical system. But the giant spider-like robot of the film still has to unplug them from the System. The blogger that I’ll be quoting is one of them: already awoken in a pod he’s incapable to wrap his head about what exactly is the electrical plant he’s now seeing.
redpill_handFatherly advice to MGTOWers

You are not red pilled as you believe but merely purple pilled. The feminism you so rightly condemn is a subset of a broader principle of non-discrimination. Today’s religion of whites is that discriminating on race, gender or sexual orientation is the most serious sin of the West and the white man in particular. You have picked a secondary issue—gender—and ignore the other two.

If you claim to be anti-egalitarians start right from the beginning: race realism. Read for example this article by Jared Taylor. If you can digest that piece without throwing up (as Neo popped in the film) read the book that I edited, also available in PDF.

If you start following the white rabbit through the articles and books linked on the sidebar, you’ll find how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

5 replies on “War of the sexes, 9”

certain MGTOW is a high-jacked jew attempt at perverting what would be an enlightening experience for males, learning the truth about the opposite sex. Instead as you say it is washed thoroughly with PC garbage. It is for “all men”(all races), nationalism gets rejected in the blogs, they deem themselves more extreme than nationalists as the (im sure of it) jew controllers of the page/movement have deemed nationalists as the greatest slave of women, and a patriarchy as still slavery. Their response to women forsaking their natural role is to throw a tantrum and say we won’t do ours either, which is precisely what the Jews want. It throws dirt on all sides, as it separates the “manosphere” (people seeking truth on the opposite sex), from would be “white nationalists”, as white nationalists see a group of pc men in a circle jerk with wogs and other cruds over how awful white women are and naturally deem them scum. And the mgtow’s know they have superior knowledge on women to WN’s, the same landslide moment where it hits you, they had that on behalf of women, and WN’s had it on race, but the bulk of each side is clueless on anything else and so really nothing is gained.

The problem with race and with feminism are not dissociated. There are two ways to destroy race; bringing it down by unconsciously sterilizing its people (promotion of homosexuality, feminism. promiscuity, baby prostitution among its members) and/or forcing that group of people to mix its race with others….now both of them (intended as phenomenon) are widely spread in our societies and enforced every day more intensively by governments, credit institutions, media, etc

Now you said; “would be an enlightening experience for males, learning the truth about the opposite sex.“. Let me ask you which truth? for what i know the role of women in society has always been a reproductive function, which is missing today among whites…. Political correctness, the religion of this era may be considered the major responsible for it, and we cannot blame to much women about their choice to stand with the enemies of our race…. Nietzche considered the “will for power“ the most genuine feeling ruling human life…therefore why blame them for seeking further power, even though by damaging the race? the solution is just to restrain them and make them return functioning as always!!

Or you can refer to vikings, who used to let their women express freely their sexuality!! They were the strongest warriors of middle ages, they had not reason to fear any nation or tribe as they continuosly plundered and razed with relative ease; THEN WHY THEY DISAPPEARED FROM HISTORY? I think i already provided the response above, but feel free to contest my argumentation!!!

Oh and not to mention the front page reads “be this guy”, pointing to the one man who didn’t join in the Hitler salute at a rally.. cmon now

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