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War of the sexes, 8

Update: The following text is rough draft. The series has been substantially revised and abridged, and the section by the YouTube blogger Turd Flinging Monkey is available in a single PDF: here.

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My extracts of John Sparks’ Battle of the Sexes may give the reader a taste of the flavor of his book. I ordered Sparks’ book while living in Manchester in 1999 and found this scientific area of observation of Nature more than fascinating: it contains the ABC to decode human sexuality.


From this entry onwards I’ll be quoting and paraphrasing the blogger Turd Flinging Monkey, who uses this gravatar in YouTube. The most conspicuous difference between this blogger and academic naturalists is the blunt language he uses to state the obvious (keep in mind Spark’s excerpts in the previous entries):

  • Humans are animals too
  • Our primitive brain naturally overpowers our rationality
  • We are controlled by our primitive biological urges (e.g., sacrifice ourselves pursuing reproduction)
  • The enemy that would betray us males is our own biology
  • Men are wired to acquire resources, compete with other men and sacrifice ourselves in order to attract a mate.

Curiously, in the YouTube audio where the blogger stated the above he used an example of male birds trying to impress females quite similar to what Sparks wrote in the third entry.

In the next posts I’ll follow closely what the blogger has said in his videos and audios, starting from his oldest videos.

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