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War of the sexes, 11

Update: The following text is rough draft. The series has been substantially revised and abridged, and the section by the YouTube blogger Turd Flinging Monkey is available in a single PDF: here.

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Crude facts

In his video “Unified theory of human interaction” the blogger says that animals are stupid and that, since humans are animals, we are stupid too; the females of our species more stupid than the male.

He reproduced a brain diagram that I knew since reading Carl Sagan in the early eighties (Reptilian brain, Limbic system and the Cortex) and said that the most primitive parts of our brains can easily control the most developed parts. When a man allows being controlled by the impulses of his dick, he’s being controlled by the most primitive part of the nervous system.

Like many animals we humans are a dimorphic species. Guys are several times stronger than the gals. When I was a child I played rough games with my sisters. I could easily put any of them on the floor face up, with my hand holding her two extended arms above her face forming a lock; she could not break free even when one of my hands was on the air. Once I tried the same trick with a skinny boy and was surprised that I could not put my usual padlock even using my two hands and the force of gravity.

Although those were non-sexual games it looks like women have been constructed to be rapable creatures (remember Sparks on “Machiavellian males”), with only other males being capable to impede massive rapes in our society.

So dimorphic is our species that in Nature a woman left totally alone will die. There cannot be such a thing as a Robinsona Crusoe. Women must become attached to the male society if they want to survive. Even in our feminist society, says the blogger, women depend a hundred percent on the protection that men alone can provide.

But males are not the only the puppets of our primitive, R-Complex brain. When an alpha male mistreats a woman or grabs her by the pussy, her primitive brain may be triggered too as they feel protected by sheer brute force. Of course: it is only a psychological hook. They would become tired with someone who always treats them like shit.

In the next entry I’ll quote the blogger regarding the most controversial aspect of sexual dimorphism in humans.

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