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Coming with the wind

“Patriarchy is coming back. It’s just a question of whether it will be a White Patriarchy or an Islamic one.”


Watching the hypocritical Fox News these months I’ve seen many times Sean Hannity criticizing what he calls “radical Islam.” He has been saying that the clash of our civilizations consists that Muslims under Sharia don’t allow women to go outside their homes without a male companion. He has also been saying that, unlike us, Sharia Muslims don’t castigate marital rape or the “denigration” of women as second-class citizens; and that in Saudi Arabia women must cover themselves as their husbands want, etcetera.

I am about the age of Hannity and use the word “hypocrite” because the guy is concealing the fact that, in the last decades, sexual mores have shifted almost a hundred and eighty degrees in this continent.

Gone-With-The-Wind-PosterIn a couple of those opera-like theatres, I saw Gone with the Wind as a child and then in my teens. Many scenes of Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) with Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) made a deep impression in my juvenile mind:

• Throughout the film, since the opening scenes in Georgia, the costumes of women of society always hid the sexual appeal of their bodies, especially the southern belle dresses; and I am talking not only about Scarlett and the female elements in her family but of Ashley’s fiancée and the other society women (Melanie Hamilton, who eventually married Ashley, is the perfect model of how women should behave in the West)

• At the Twelve Oaks party, before the barbecue is disrupted by the declaration of war all women are taking their mandatory nap (except Scarlett who escapes the upstairs bedroom) while men discuss serious matters. It was unthinkable that a woman had a voice in such matters

• Even after Scarlett is widowed she is called “Mrs. Charles Hamilton” in the sense that her reputation still belonged to the shadow of a man who died in uniform

• Similarly, after the Entr’acte Frank (Scarlett’s second husband), Ashley, Rhett and several other accomplices make a night raid on a shanty town after Scarlett is attacked while driving through it alone, resulting in Frank’s death. It goes without saying that in that night the women of these brave men stayed at home sewing and reading decent literature: what women were expected to do

• Once married with Rhett Butler, “Captain Butler” was always greeted first by street pedestrians while walking with Scarlett. She, faithfully beside her husband in those street walks, was only mentioned after the pedestrians greeted Rhett

• Never forget the marital rape of Scarlett when Rhett carried her up in his arms telling her, “This is one night you’re not turning me out.”

In those fancy theatres of yore when I was young, the film depicted very healthy Occidental mores—before values got corrupted and completely inverted in this darkest hour of ours.

Have Hannity et al lost memory of history by implying that our culture has always subscribed feminism? What is going on in their “conservative” minds? I tell you: they are liberals, phony traditionalists. Racists should treasure Gone with the Wind instead of a thousand movies of this century as every film today, and TV program without exception, contains ethnosuicidal messages. Mention any movie filmed after the 1960s and, if I’ve seen it, in the comments section I’ll tell you the ethnosuicidal message. But of course: this is something that phony traditionalists, like every Fox News host, will never acknowledge.

Pace conservatives and even quite a few white nationalists, patriarchy is coming back throughout the West with or without a great awakening in the white race. Demography is destiny and, with dozens of millions of Muslims in Europe, the wind has already started to change. The only question is if the coming patriarchs will behave like Clark Gable or, more probably, like towelhead decapitators.

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The WNs of today are totally inept when it comes to cultural issues, such as good movies and, especially, more than any other cultural venue, good music.


The only thing that American WNsts got right is race but culturally… Just compare them with pre-1861 Dixie or my recent posts of Uncle Adolf’s views on classical music, architecture, painting, European history and women of course.

Yes, solid insight. We’ve discussed this numerous times before. One can’t blame them because they’ve been divorced from their heritage since their grandfather’s generation.

In a new order they want all-white cities but I feel that promulgating modest attire and good music would cause massive riots.

The White masses are defunct. They have no connection, no organicity to their past. They are cultural niggers.

Yes, White niggers as Alex Linder calls them. When I see these aimless, gluttonous, animated corpses strolling around those soullessly hellish places called malls, I realize that such subhuman specimens do not deserve to survive.

Time will tell.

“One can’t blame them because they’ve been divorced from their heritage since their grandfather’s generation.”

It’s most surreal to consider that, as I was born in the late 1950s, I fell in love with the healthy films I watched in Mexico City in those luxurious theatres that are now gone with the wind. The surreal thing is that even in this side of the border if you were raised in the 1960s and educated in an artistic home, you could appreciate the luminous side of the old American culture. Having been born here in those times was infinitely better than the “education” that much younger American kids get! In other words, I have a better grasp of the luminous America than most Americans in their teens, twenties and even thirties.

This is one of the reasons that I don’t discuss in WN forums anymore. Posting with pennames commenters much younger than me call me names only because they disagree with something I said (9/11, nordicism, etc.). Whiggers calling names a man in his fifties would never had happened in the Old America. As Hajo Liaucius put it in one of the few scholarly originals for this site, the US has already suffered several transformations:

1.- The Confederated Republic (1781-1788)

2.- The First Federalist Republic (1789-1861)

3.- The Second Federalist Republic (1861-1912)

4.- The Third Federalist Republic (1913-1954)

5.- The First Post-Federal Republic (1954-2001)

6.- The Second Post-Federal Republic (2001 to the present)

degenerate WN

Explain that to the whiggers!


Throw not pearl to swine.

The modern white person is horribly degraded compared to the generation one saw in Hollywood movies even back in the early ’60s. Gangster movies featured bad guys placing Schumann and Chopin on the piano.

You’re an extant fossil. The West is dead.

Speaking of ethno-suicidal messages in movies, I just recently watched ‘A woman in Berlin’.

It’s quite literally a cuckold fantasy story thinly veiled as a WWII movie about Germans suffering under the Russian invasion. It’s no where near as graphic or truthful as Hellstorm, but it does spend a lot of time focusing a German slut’s affair with a Russian invader.

As if German’s weren’t demoralized and cowardly enough already.

I think a new wave of european “puritanism” will be needed if the west is to survive. Anyone who thinks “slut walks” and “gay pride” marches are weapons or protests against Islamisation is a fool.

One wonders if the nominally white male converts to Islam adopt patriarchal attitudes or behaviors? I could just as easily see them only taking one wife (a liberal one at that) and submitting to their dusky brothers in the faith.
In all things, the nominal white asks for permission first.

The movie “Gone With The Wind” was/is a hoax. It was written by Margaret Mitchell, a poor European woman who lived in the South and worked as a homemaker.

Scarlett actually had 4 children in the REAL story, and this was not depicted in the movie as it would be deemed offensive I guess. Truthfully, so what if she was married a number of times and had a number of kids, as being from working stock and not the Autistic Upper Crust, it was not uncommon for spouses to die in work accidents leaving kids behind and hence having the widow or widower remarrying and having a blended family

Mitchell herself was noted to have said that the opulence presented in the film was not how things really were in the Old South. In short, she thought the costumes and homes were overdone.

Yep, there is something called reality.

As far as ‘marital rape’ goes, I have to disagree with the thinking that women are owned by men. The bottom line is that you will never own women. Sure you can go ahead and indulge in rape fantasies like Gone With The Wind, which was just fantasy as the audiences at the time were going through The Great Depression and needed luxe on the Big Screen for diversion, but at the end of the day, it is just fantasy.

Slavery in all forms is wrong. Trying own others, and yes women are people, and treating them as chattel is wrong and not Aryan in thinking. But there seems to be a purposeful gap in that thinking here on this so-perceived “intellectual” blog.

Islam will not bring back patriarchy. If anything, it demonstrates the excesses and greed of homoerotic patriarchy and if it does infect the West, it will just lead to more dissolution. But I guess if you are a homoerotic sociopath who believes that other people are just out here to be used and abused for your sadistic pleasure, I guess Islam is your cup of tea.

In the end, it does not matter, as Mother Nature will set things right.

I am a man, and I agree with you, while these WNs can threaten you with patriarchal subjugation culturally, but women in the West has been liberal for centuries. The cat has gotten out of the bag, fertility clinics make sure you have great children, you just need the perfect man and that man could probably be not your husband or BF.

Women guide the civilization now with their wombs, especially the beautiful ones. We just to make sure the beautiful ones do not have Hollywood as their criteria for offsprings. Once the beautiful ones stay beautiful and strong and the rest of humanity goes mud, the gap is even wider between what modern human is and its archaic counterparts.

It had happened before in our history as hominins that we were left up to only 7 individuals that survived the challenge of the time. Now, it is another struggle for the most aesthetic, intelligent, and powerful Nordics to be the biological fathers of liberalized ambitious White women.

With automation and abundance of redundant menfolks, women are the choosers, not the beggars.

The only thing that can make women stay and participate in a quirky culture that one’s have is whether that community/society has enough entertainment/thrill to occupy their emotion all day long. They need to laugh, be caressed and all their senses excited or they will feel stressed out.

Women value 3 things, good dick, funny/interesting conversation, and good well-bred healthy children to brag on. They come and go to breed with whomever that please them, and you can only breed with them in these fun times, otherwise their mates for sure come from well selected high qualified sperm banks.

We learn about the black widow spider, and it seems our White women are still humane compared to that.

Thanks for your comment. I never set out to ‘rock the boat’ in the Silent Patriarchy of America by having my kids on my own. In reality, I had no choice.

I look at my dad. He is in his early 70s now but still handsome. He came to the States poor and in his late 30s. He is Frisian. He had married my mom, a Slav, because really, as a ‘poor foreigner” his options may not have been that great, no disrespect to my mother.

My mom was poor, but raised with manners. My dad was poor, but smart and enterprising, and made it okay later.

My point in saying these things is that Germanic fecundity has been screwed so to speak by a system that now dictates that mating for BOTH sexes is dependent on earning power in the world market and whether or not that person kisses the other’s azzzzz enough.

Most Germanic women I know are humane. They are not out trying to kill off their male counterparts or make them submit to Matriarchy. They just want a decent life, but the quality of life in the West has declined significantly and I think this is due to the quality of people, be it because of tribe mixing coupled with poor environmental conditions

In the USA, the dating and mating reality is not based on reality at all and it has completely screwed up the genetic make up of the nation’s population and this will come to pass as it’s biggest threat to national security. Hopefully some remnants will “shake out” of this mess.

“The only thing that can make women stay and participate in a quirky culture that one’s have is whether that community/society has enough entertainment/thrill to occupy their emotion all day long. They need to laugh, be caressed and all their senses excited or they will feel stressed out.”

I am not sure how to read this statement.

Anyway, there is no culture at present for Germanic people or if there is, many are in disagreement as to what that should be.

I see men and women needing the same basic thing: respect and loyalty. Love is really not a feeling, but actions based on respect and loyalty.

From where I stand in the USA, many partners have been disloyal to one another and there seems to be a lot of manipulation to bring about capitulation. Does not work and only brings about resistance. So many “white” men have fetish fucked either in the flesh or just mentally that this has caused a rift between Germanic men and women.

Women want what men want: loyalty and respect. It really is that simple.

Necessity is mother of invention, evolution is based on trials and errors, what you and similar other women did will set a precedent in reproductive revolution.

Maybe in your case for older women, but we need to be general, and again refer to Sexual Utopia in Power, targeting our 20s – early 30s young women.

I have seen the cases when these women are on holidays in foreign lands.

What you are saying is a formula for relationship, but I am talking about attraction. Menfolks are redundant with the dawn of fertility clinics, eugenics, and automation. They don’t realize the new age will be totally different, and men feel their worth only when they do meaningful things in their life.

Engineers, scientists themselves will not make women wet with their brains. Only politicians, singers, athletes, beach boys, sales and marketing guys, coaches, actors can do that, and those are masters of emotional stirrer.

Perhaps you could spell out how attractions work for you as a career-minded selective woman.

I remember from your blog you were attracted to Filipino, Greek in your younger days.


I was not career oriented so much as wanting to make a living such that my kids would have a good existence.

Greek Guy: Older, educated….NORTHERN Greek with Green eyes and light hair but did not last because he was not loyal.

Philipino – he came after me. Was actually nice and we were both young, but was not destined to work because although I could not articulate it at the time, I dug “Germanic” guys.

****Look, there are plenty of Germanic women that want Germanic men. The problem is that the media and its garbage and brainwashing, along with DieVersity’s trons act as psychological, social, and emotional “cock blockers” so to speak.

I believe that as the word gets out to the corners of the world re: the impending doom of Nords an organic process of self-preservation will occur.

I have been reading as of late about the Swedish Pirate Bay and how Hollyweird got its underoos in a bundle over it. It just shows how media is being used as an economic, social, and psychological mechanism to genocide Nordics, yet, the Nordic flame still exists and WILL NOT be squelched.

The Divine cannot be killed.

Yes, we have come to a pretty pass as our grandparents used to say. I think the extreme degenerates are losing, at least for a while despite the dreadful “marriage equality” thing. I see a long march away from the institutions, but unlike like the so called Alternative Cuck Right, it might not lead to where we want to go. It might lead to more White Trashionalism. I appreciate the thumbs up to old movies. I absolutely love them especially The Third Man, Petrified Forest, and Grapes of Wrath.

I’ll mention a movie that sends a partially traditionalist message, The Lord of the Rings. Éowyn is a disturbed woman that wants equality with men, but at the end she finds peace in the marriage to Faramir. She’s also depicted far more sissy than in the books. Arwen, while far more feminist in the film, is still a reward for Aragorn for becoming the King of the West. Sam marries Rosie, too.

Patriarchal societies are fighting societies, as that area is where men excel over women. If the West is to even maintain itself it will become more patriarchal.

So what about the refugees coming from Patriarchal Afghanistan and Patriarchal Pakistan? Are these men fighters? These pusseys are the result of an unhinged Patriarchy where you get to be born because you have a penis and you most likely be aborted because you have a vagina. How is that patriarchy working? And now these pusseys are invading the West because they refuse to fight for themselves. So much for fighting being innate in Patriarchal societies.

Men and women can both fight, it is just HOW they fight that is different.

Yes, the sub-continent is full of sub-untermensch.

I personally don’t like the term patriarchy as its been co-opted by MRM, PUA, WN etc but its a label for men actually doing something to protect their families and communities.

Something women are also failing to do. I have recently been reading about the white South African women in the 1960’s in FEDSAW who naively were destroying their own future. As usual it seems it was jewish communists that started it and “good” christian white ladies that gave it respectability.

Right. It is not the word (ex: Patriarchal), but HOW it is used, manipulated.

“However, a small number of Jews also settled among and identified with the rural white Afrikaans-speaking population; these persons became known as Boerejode (Boer Jews). A measure of intermarriage also occurred and was generally accepted…”

Pulled from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_South_Africa

Jews infiltrated Christianity and turned it into Christ Insanity. I have seen Jews claim to be Catholic and Protestant.

Judaism is a political belief system of infiltration and playing both sides, eh? So it stands to reason that those “white” (bogus term” Christian ladies were jews who resulted from intermarriage.


Nope, most men in the West today can hardly even be considered men, they are too soft physically and mentally to do what needs to be done.

I can’t even talk about these topics with men of European descent in real life, if I bring up the issue of black/brown invaders they start saying “I’m not racist”, “I don’t think I’m better than them, they are people as well, we are all the same” and other such horseshit; such weak and pathetic ‘males’ would never carry out a revolution, destroy their enemies, claim back their women and keep them under their control.

On the other hand, I’ve seen several black and brown males disrespect whites all the time; in our own countries no less. They go around killing and raping/gang raping European women as they please, and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care…Most Westerners today are nothing more than cuckolds…

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