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Axiology Christendom Deranged altruism

Carrying the cross

by Jack Frost

You have to be completely blind to the essence of Christianity not to see that its most basic message is one of unlimited self-sacrifice. In damaging themselves to help racial aliens, whites are just taking the moral paradigms of their religion to their logical conclusion. Immigration is their cross to bear, and they are picking up that cross and following their rabbi, just as the passage I quoted [Matthew 10:34-39] exhorts them to do.

In the final analysis though, it doesn’t matter what I think, or what you think, or even what Aquinas thinks. The Pope and his Church and all of the other major branches of Christianity in the West are all for it. They are some of the biggest instigators and supporters of this genocidal influx.

By their fruits shall ye know them, indeed.

4 replies on “Carrying the cross”

It would seem the pope is asking every parish throughout Europe to house and care for at least one ‘refugee’ family. The Apostolic See seems intent on proving you right, Cesar!

The Christian is thus commanded: “he must disown himself and take up his cross” (Mark 8:34) The word often merely translated “deny” is actually extremely harsh: renounce/disown.

The Cross, of course, represents a shameful death — the very antithesis of the heroic “good” death of a noble man, like Hector. This embracing and bearing the cross, in effect, Mark’s way of having Jesus say, “Resist not evil!” (Matthew 5:39), which is an obvious inversion of nobility. To disown oneself is to cease taking responsibility for one’s actions. It is a disgraceful submission into slavery. It means betraying one’s moral obligations to family and nation, and becoming their enemy. This Christianity is not merely delusional, but the very essence of evil, a death-style.

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