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Ancient Rome Constantine Emperor Julian Huns Table talks (commercial translation)

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 76



27th January 1942, midday

The blood of others—History but for the advent of Christianity—Constantine the Great and Julian the Apostate.

The soldiers whom England used for her wars were for the most part men of German blood. The first great outpouring of blood that could properly be described as English took place in the First World War.

A people cannot lay claim to mastery of the world unless it’s ready to pay with its blood. The Roman Empire had recourse to mercenaries only when its own blood was exhausted. In fact, it was only after the Third Punic War that Rome had legions of mercenaries.

But for the coming of Christianity, who knows how the history of Europe would have developed? Rome would have conquered all Europe, and the onrush of the Huns would have been broken on the legions. It was Christianity that brought about the fall of Rome—not the Germans or the Huns.

What Bolshevism is achieving to-day on the materialist and technical level, Christianity had achieved on the metaphysical level. When the Crown sees the throne totter, it needs the support of the masses.

It would be better to speak of Constantine the Traitor and Julian the Loyal than of Constantine the Great and Julian the Apostate. What the Christians wrote against the Emperor Julian is approximately of the same calibre as what the Jews have written against us. The writings of the Emperor Julian, on the other hand, are products of the highest wisdom. If humanity took the trouble to study and understand history, the resulting consequences would have incalculable implications.

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Hello Cesar,

I just want to thank you for the work you are doing here, so dense and great! I really appreciate your anti- abrahamic position on nationalism. It is hard to find that in the nationalist circles. If we don’t come to terms with the alien and polluting affect of it we will not completely recover, as you state so eloquently in your many writings. I am researching constantly, do you have a list of your favorite sites that you frequent, I gather that I keep up with some that clearly you do to. But I always feel that one misses something great and look to those more well read than I to find new material that inspires. Any direction in this regard would be very appreciated.


*Dylan Walmsley* *Bird Hollow Construction Co.* *P.O. Box 213* *22163 Main Street* *Oldenburg, IN 47036*


*office # 812-932-4570* *mobile # 812-212-4317* *[email protected]*

Thank you Dylan and welcome to this site.

There’s a blogroll list at the sidebar but I believe it’s not so much a question of sites but rather a question of authors.

I’d recommend the three books by William Pierce: his two novels and his history on the white race.

That’s the better start I can ever imagine (and if you need excerpts of those books you can find them linked in this site).

You can also read Revilo Oliver. Take also a good look at one of Himmler’s texts, also linked here; and what Pierce wrote about Commander Rockwell.

In addition to these table talks, that’s the ABC of what ought to construct our worldview.

WN on the other hand is too effete to save the race.

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