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American protestants

“The type of Europeans who went to America were the Jew-envious protestant kind who cared more about pursuing economic gain over ties to their blood and soil.”

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I support the Northwest Front. When I talk to people about migrating to the Pacific Northwest, 9 times out of 10, I get this same bullshit answer. ” my ancesters are buried in this soil” Then they talk about how many generations have lived in that area. Newsflash for you cupcake, dirt is dirt. Whatever piece of European dirt your so damn proud of ain’t where your ancestors started from. This is just an excuse not to do what needs to be done.

You Americans have done such a great job of turning the beautiful continent of North America into an soullessly ugly transcontinental mall.

I still prefer Europe uber alles. The beauty my ancestors left me behind is not even in the same galaxy as the styrofoam Starbucks cups your junk Jewish “civilization” is going to be remembered by.

Stay out of Europe you American.

Yes. America the Beautiful has become a dystopic wasteland, reflecting the ugliness of the refuse that have nested in it.

Explicitly white communities need to be systematically developed everywhere feasible, not merely the PNW.

Exactly. This planet has much empty space. In the U.S. an ethno state or two could be developed in the white belt from Oregano/Washington to Wisconsin. I have not looked into what is possible in other countries/continents. As for staying out of Europe, I have no desire to attend Islamic services in Notre Dame, the Vatican, Westminster Abbey, Berlin, and the list goes on.
I apologize for the bluntness of my earlier post. My cup of frustration runneth over.
As for the Protestants that left Europe. As a group they did not worship the Jews. They saw themselves as heirs to to ancient Israelites. The new chosen. This left them open to being infiltrated, corrupted, and controlled by the Jews. Is that not the Christian problem?

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