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Jez Turner interview

There’s a long introduction prior to Turner’s interview but it’s worth
listening (except for the degenerate
music chosen by Red Ice Radio):

9 replies on “Jez Turner interview”

Absolutely. I like him to the point that I’ve refrained from criticising his traditional Catholicism that surprised me so much when I met Jez personally last August.

I’d like to meet him.

Yeah, lots of far rightest flirt with that. I dont think they actually believe that shit, just want a strong long lived structure to act from.

But its a dead end. In the real world. I graduated from Notre Dame as few years ago, top flight Catholic Uni in the USA. Still total degeneracy. 10 years behind Berkely as I used to say.

If I recall they banned E. Michael Jones from speaking there because he was anti-abortion. Catholicism has become a total farce.

Yet you insult Red Ice’s music selection while you hide behind your computers. cowards

What is coward is not to insult what the Germans called “degenerate music”. Those WNsts who enjoy it are ethno-suicidal. Check the entries in this blog under the category “degenerate art”.

Correct Cesar. Degenerate music leads to the extinction of the White race. It is racially suicidal.

Here is a good quote from Encyclopedia Dramatica:-

“Whereas the original Nazis actually maintained their German culture, celebrating, appreciating and reveling in German art, literature and music, modern day Nazis get their culture by listening to a lot of White Power Rock’n’Roll. Never mind the fact that rock’n’roll is essentially African-American folk music borrowed by the White Man, and that ‘borrowing’ something from another culture is the definition of multiculturalism and that Hitler devoted an entire chapter of Mein Kampf describing how the degradation of Aryan culture would lead to the extinction of the white man.”

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