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Conservatism Turner Diaries (novel)


I have just watched this unbelievable American Renaissance 2015 debate and still cannot believe my ears! John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow saying that political reform may save us; that we need a second Reagan—and this is the gem of the debate: that the Jews will “wake up” and be on our side to save the white race?


(Listen what Ann Coulter told Hannity yesterday about her brand new book.) Even the other guys—Sam Dickson, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor and apparently the audience itself—are far closer to the white conservatives I’ve been watching on Fox News than real Aryan advocates like the Nazis, Rockwell, Pierce and presently neonazis like Linder.

Finally I am starting to comprehend why the best novel that has ever been written in the US, The Turner Diaries, is not the huge bestseller among American racialists it deserves to be: racial conservatives are really retarded beyond repair!

My prediction: All sort of conservative types must die in order that real Aryan advocacy may be born…

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The American political system is structured in such a way, where real white advocacy will never be allowed. USA is a two party states with only Republicans and Democrats. The rest are ignored and marginalized. A moderate white conservatism is the only thing that would be given time and attention in the media, unfortunately. How to change the stagnant two-party oligarchy no one really knows. Therefore Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson can only hope for a second Ronald Reagan at most. There is also a cult of Ronald Reagan among most american right-wingers. A myth of Reagan greatness was created by the American media.

And I say that all of these people are retarded and complete goners. Just ask Linder and Co. We need in real life the characters that appear in Pierce’s novel.

Reagan the “conservative” gave the third world illegal aliens in this country their first amnesty, resulting in an absolute flood tide of even more third world illegal aliens pouring into to the USA after the Reagan amnesty, and setting the legal precedent for the Communist Obama amnesty for the third world illegals.

I’m still trying to figure out the difference between the “conservative” Reagan and the Communist Obama. And to think, American conservatives still laud Reagan to the heavens.

I’m not the smartest one around, but I was 9 years old in 1965 when they passed the Hart-Celler Immigration Act [Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965] and I knew when I was 9 years old it was going to change the USA drastically. I remember when Ted Kennedy said Hart-Celler would not change the fabric of American society in any fundamental way [to paraphrase]. I knew when I was 9 that he was wrong. He knew he was lying too. When I was 9 I didn’t think he was intentionally lying, I just thought he was honestly mistaken, but now I see he was certainly intentionally lying.

It’s hard to believe that Sam Dickson, (and maybe Spencer), would fall for Kosher ‘Conservatism’, but the others, yes. Reagan was a Judeocentric deceiver who derailed the White backlash, and who was a mega gravedigger of the White middle class. Anglo “conservatives” and patriotards are, most unfortunately, just as ideologically poisoned as the general White population is. They are a large, witless part of the star spangled, multiracial pseudo nation, that is, in reality, one big ass ship of fools. Enjoy what’s left of the delusional White Western world, while you can, because its racially self destructing at warp speed.

But what shocked me is that this is AmRen’s most recent meeting and they are not far apart from the Hannity program I watched at midnight! What’s the point of celebrating such conferences that are only slightly at the right of the MSM?

Who won the debate at the Amren conference? I don’t know. Maybe if Ann Coulter was there she would have won. I watched it all, including the Hannity segment. I agree that there is no American political solution. There would still have to be a U.S.A. for that to happen. No, the U.S. is well on the road to becoming like Brazil and maybe worse because of the stupid “opportunity”, and “freedom”, and “give us your hungry” narrative. America must perish! It’s just that simple. I wish there was a Communist black woman in the election. I would vote for her to hasten the demise. White people need a massive rude awakening.

I will confess something embarrassing. When I lived in Houston a couple of years in the 1990s I was still a brainwashed liberal. Once with my workmates, many of them blacks, I believed that the US needed a black lesbian president… just for change!

But people like me are rare—capable of astronomic changes, from admiring St Francis to admiring Himmler. If you add to that lesbian president a black pope that still wouldn’t make the trick in the real world for Snatched whites. They really need the convergence of catastrophes that I have been predicting, starting from the currency accident.

We’ll get a black lesbian president after we get the white part jew lesbian Hillary for president. Hillary first, then Whoopi Goldberg.

Do you think the power brokers who decide the elections have chosen Hillary for “our” next president, Mr. Tort?

They didn’t want Hillary in 2008 and they, probably, won’t want her in 2016. I don’t see her as a credible candidate or as an electable one. They are letting her think she can win and be the first female president, but when it comes to the crunch; that is when the curtain will be pulłed back.

Anyway, it’s the Rethuglicans turn to hold the Oval Office and that means the Bushes.

kerdasi amaq

On VNN forum a guy just said this referring to the present entry:

I can’t stand all these old WASPY faggots that were born with a silver spoon in their mouth trying to pussyfoot around the main issue, while the white race just continues to drown.

I thought the question asked was not about demographics but about making white advocacy permissible. That is, Can whites, through the existing system, get permission to explicitly assemble and advocate for their people?

The answer is obviously, No. For many reasons, the present regime will never willingly give whites that right. So, whites must take it for themselves by widespread civil disobedience, led by a group of well-organized charismatic white ethno nationalists. True, this becomes more difficult as our proportion of the population dwindles, but at the same time, our opportunity (white racial awareness and discontent) and organization can grow.

500,000 copies of The Turner Diaries have been sold worldwide. We don’t have figures on how many previously agreed with its message, how many were converted by it, and how many bought it out of curiosity given the events of the 1990s. I’m not sure how many buyers were American, either. Yet, we can infer from these sales (and comments sections support this claim) that racialists are more radical than their appointed leaders are.

I didn’t know that. Hope that the figures are accurate. Then my question should have been, Why such inspiring novel is rarely mentioned in WN blogsites, and almost never in “race realist” sites? Can you imagine it being discussed passionately at the webzine of Jared Taylor, or in its comments section?

Out of all the speeches at the 2015 Amren conference, I was most looking forward to this debate. To say that it was disappointing is a severe understatement. I’d like to make a correction about the audience though:

Although it’s true that most of them raised their hands in favor of political reform, the young men (under 40) were overwhelmingly in favor of radical solutions – presumably, the creation of a White ethnostate on the North American continent (to quote Spencer from his 2013 Amren speech). I’ve consistently found that the older you are as a White Nationalist, the more likely you are to be a bourgeois reformist.

Re “I have just watched this unbelievable American Renaissance 2015 debate and still cannot believe my ears! John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow saying that political reform may save us; that we need a second Reagan—and this is the gem of the debate: that the Jews will “wake up” and be on our side to save the white race?”

Unfortunately, that’s all too believable, given the crowd. That shouldn’t even be a topic for debate- not that Spencer presents alternative to Derbyshire/Brimelow, just a rehash of kosher faileoconism with a new aesthetic.

Nothing useful will come from the pin the vapid buzzword to the champagne glass crowd. They just get in the way and confuse people, allowing jews to co-opt them.

With jews, we lose. With WASPs, we’re jewed.

Adolf Hitler knew what good conservatives were – NOTHING! What do they conserve? A system that hates them and their children? Reap the whirlwind! As they have sown so shall they reap! They cry about Holocausts while enabling our Genocide! Let them sleep dumbly as we arm and plan their demise!
The enemy now has NO FRIENDS! Will blacks fight for jews? Will Muslims celebrate Channakah? Will Mexicans help the murderers of Christ? No…

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