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by Jack Frost

19th-century cartoon depicting Jack Frost
In prior posts I’ve covered how even non-believers and anti-religious people see things with Christian eyes. They accept without questioning that universal brotherhood is good, the triviality of race, that who they really are has nothing to do with their bodies (i.e., Christian dualism), free will, etc.

All of this is pre-scientific thinking that has to go if we are ever to make any headway.

3 Replies on “On previous posts

  1. For those visitors who still have not read it, this is high time to study carefully “Himmler’s worldview”.

    Yesterday I watched this YouTube video showing a Richard Spencer, in the most recent American Renaissance conference, all too afraid, by the end of the Q&A segment, to acknowledge freely what the SS Germans knew when our grandmothers were young.

    1. Yes. In his answer to the last question Spencer flatly denied that Judaism or Christianity can be blamed for white guilt. He said, “No, I think it’s a post-Christian phenomenon.”

      No one who says the Jews or Christianity are culprits is allowed to speak at AmRen.