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Humble project

It’s a week since the kind letter of Tom Goodrich about my Hellstorm Project appeared in this site. I must thank Tom and the donors from Germany and the US that have contributed to the project. However, we would need at least ten times a month the donations already received to make the project fly.

Making an audiovisual program for the alternative media is always ambitious. For most white nationalists radio podcasts are enough. We believe that an audiovisual program featuring someone like Alex Linder as host would make a big difference. But launching something similar to what I had in mind, using as a model the Peter Robinson interviews of respectable conservatives (interview of Pat Buchanan: here) but this time with someone like Linder interviewing racialists, would require a pretty robust sponsoring.

Alas, it seems that there is no really wealthy sponsor willing to make such project possible. Something more modest could be tried, say, only two persons discussing racial subjects using more than one camera. But even that requires at least the funds for a permanent studio and the full-time expenses of at least one of the individuals in charge of the preparation of the programs. Even this comparatively cheaper project, with no need to pay the round-trip flights and expenses of those invited to the programs, requires good sponsoring.

The humble alternative would be to make radio programs with two committed priests of the 14 words discussing race-related subjects, this time with a revolutionary message that contrasts the mere reactionary message of most radio podcasts in white nationalism. But even in this case some sponsoring and the helping hand of someone who knows the software would be needed.


3 replies on “Humble project”

Since I lean toward real National Socialism and Hitler and other highly-ranked Nazis were vegetarians, in such radio shows I’d love to debunk the phony nazis. A few days ago for example The Daily Stormer advised its readers to eat cow meat.

In the thread to that article a commenter regurgitated the System’s lie that schizophrenia has a genetic aetiology. If the radio project is launched I’d also love to debunk pseudosciences like psychiatry that WNsts still take as real science, including MacDonald. (See my scholarly paper on the subject: here.)

Make no mistake: even if I manage to get proper funding I will be talking to myself. There are important issues that WNsts elude like the rest of the white people.

Have you considered reaching out to an established pro-White radio host for an interview? It would make excellent practice for your own show. Maybe Dana from Renegade Broadcasting or Lana from Red Ice Radio would be interested?

I have only approached Linder. He would be an ideal candidate for a sort of Crossfire like the one I watched in the late 1980s with Buchanan: Linder is bicausal type-A and I type-B. But we agree on Christianity; on being verbally vicious, on speaking like real men (and not like manginas) and on final solutions. That would be my ideal show. It could start as mere radio but my dream is to make it audiovisual. Strong emotions sell in the media. We only need finding a wealthy sponsor.

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