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2nd World War Evil Hellstorm Holocaust Videos

The Hellstorm Holocaust

— The biggest cover-up in history —


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Thanks for reblogging. This unheard of Holocaust in the controlled media is a secret of contemporary times. But there are other secrets in history that even the academia is hiding from us. I refer to this list of how Christians destroyed the spirit of the Greco-Roman world.

On much of that land with former pagans you mentioned, now only shiite or sunni muslims live. Under Muslim rule, pagans would have been massacred and beheaded for certain. Because for Muslims pagans have no right do exist, christians and jews might survive if they paid a special tax. Asia Minor, Syria and much of former Greco-Roman world was conquered by Muslims in 7th century. The Hellstorm and destruction of Germany were a more serious and much larger in scale and brutality event than any persecution of pagans in early Christian times. Hellstorm was a result of a modern war where death occurs on an industrial scale.

At an American university that I attended, I did watch a documentary movie about a similar hellstorm suffered by the people of Japan in 1945. An Asian Student Association wanted to teach some students about the suffering of the people of Japan during the war and there was some revisionism about Japan and about how badly the Japanese people were treated. There also was a move about suffering and burning alive of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All Japanese cities and some other Asian cities faced large scale fire bombing by the USAF and the Royal Air Force. They shown movies and films about World War II from the Japanese side. About what Japanese people experienced. This is the first time ironically that I never experienced or found out any World War II revisionism. There was no German Student Association. But the Asian Student Association was allowed discussion and some revisionism.

I think the Germans got the roughest and toughest treatment after the war than Japan or Italy. Hitler was demonized much more so than Italian Fascism or Showa Nationalist Japan. At my Jesuit university, some professors presented the fascist regime of Mussolini as relatively decent and they gave examples of positive things Mussolini did. Japanese people were allowed to build monuments such as Yakasuni Shrine to Japanese soldiers, officers, generals and even some officials which perished during World War II.

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