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Most whites are stupid

This is a 2013 threaded comment in this blog:

The average human being in any walk of life, irrespective of class, sex, faith, culture, education, etc., can only grasp facts through an extremely summarized, simplified prism. In other words, the overwhelming majority of people can only think in terms of platitudes and clichés—the few ones that can think at all. Therefore, it is understandable that the average white nationalist feels uncomfortable with a nuanced view of the race question. Raw, complex facts don’t fit well in a cartoonish narrative.

Most Whites are stupid, period. The regular white nationalist is less dumb than the common White on the street, but not by a large margin. Try to discuss the historical onus of Christianity for the White race or hint at violence as a legitimate political tool (Breivik, e.g.), and most of them will either walk away from you or try to shut you down.

A shame that the author of the above comment is the same miscreant from Brazil whose behavior I exposed elsewhere. I wish an Aryan had written it!

The threaded comment can be directed not only to those white nationalists who won’t break away from our parents’ toxic religion, but also those who believe in 9/11 or JFK assassination nonsense (the overwhelming majority of white nationalists, according to a Daily Stormer poll); cannot grasp the subtleties of what I call B-type bicausalism but insist in thinking Jew is the root-cause of all ills, therefore cannot even read Pierce’s non-fiction book demonstrating that the mess started well before kike takeover or his fictional book about the proper use of violence (see my latest post on The Day of the Rope). They cannot even do the most elemental research about the financial accident that is coming.

Moreover, many white nationalists cannot tolerate anything but the most demented form of egalitarianism regarding Europeans. This is a rant from Australia I did not let pass yesterday:

All this talk about who is white in Europe is a waste of time and you are all delusional nordicists. After insulting Italy and Greece and Spain you are going to lose your last hope of any nordic blood surviving beyond 2020. This is largely the fault of American nordicist community who believe that Italians and Greeks and Spanish are like Mexicans… If you go to Greece or read the obituries of Greek and Italian newspapers you will see that that they are white people you morons… Jews control the world. It is all over… Instead of being united, nordicists in America just played into the hands of the Jews, that is how fucking stupid they are… So fuck all you nordic cunts. I hope the muslims kill you all and the niggers rape your daughters and mothers and then throw them to the Jews.

This Aussie does not even know that I’m not an American. Like him other white nationalists become mad as hell as the typical liberal when confronted with the fact that there was a degree of mongrelization in some parts of Europe before our times and hinting—The horror! You must be Lord Voldemort!—that less mixed whites have better genes than the mudbloods. See the most scholarly article in this blog about racial studies, whose author is a Spaniard, not a North American “nordicist.”

White nationalists really cannot break away from biological egalitarianism, not even the pundits who refrain from profanities. Stupid indeed…

9 replies on “Most whites are stupid”

I believe most whites like most everybody else are lazy, or not curious enough to satisfy a need to know the truth.

It’s more serious than that. Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent is not lazy. But his Christianity handicaps him from seeing things properly. He sometimes uses blatant Jewish epithets, like “self-detonating” (*) when diagnosing desperate lone wolves; and seems to believe that black lives matter—not as preventing alienated whites from doing something stupid, but as moral principle. See for instance what he’s saying about the recent Walter Scott shooting.

(*) In his book Blood and Politics: A History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream, Leonard Zeskind uses the term “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist”. Zeskind is a Jewish president of a pro-Jew hate group.

Wallace has confessed he picked up the term from that book. With these defenders of the race who needs the Jews? (As I have said, the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem.)

I have read lots of hate about the Europa Soberna racial classification. Mostly complaints that it is unprofessional and that there are several things wrong with it. Does this man have any credentials? Where do these genetic studies come from? It seems very pseudo-sciency to me, he even seperated nordics into red nordics and white nordics, creating two whole new racial categories that (as far as I know) have never been used before. I can’t read spanish so I dont know hiw to find out more or even read the rest of the site to see what it’s all about.

They hate him (Evropa Soberana) because they are phony defenders of the 14 words. See the discussions in this blog about anti-nordicism for the specifics. Spanish is my mother language by the way and have read and translated other long pieces by Evropa Soberana.

I’m not referring to anti-nordicists I’m referring to stuff like this which points out many flaws in his classifications, I can’t read spanish so perhaps he explains much of this elsewhere but it seems several mistakes are made. Also, there is still just the question of where these genetic tests come from.


After re-reading this article (admittedly mostly skimming) I’ve realized I have wrongly interpreted much of it due to pre-conceived notions of the European races. I understand now that most of the time it refers to “white nordid” it is referring to the original cro magnons. I also believed it simply did not mention the Mediterraneans, however now I realize it suggests they are more of a mixture of whites with armenids. Under this explanation, the Mediterranean race is not really a race on it’s own at all, but rather a mixture similar to the populations of India, or south America, Correct? I didn’t understand this at first because it is in stark contrast to what I’ve read from Carleton Coon, Madison Grant, etc. It raises another question in my mind about the slavs as well. The “alpine” race has histoically been described as Nordics with slight mixing from another asiatic round skulled race. However this article describes the “red nordid” (I believe they should have just said “Indo-European” for simplicity and to avoid confusion) race as being brachyocephalic (may be spelled wrong but i mean broad headed or round skulled) and stocky. Could the alpine race perhaps have gained these attributes from the “red nordid” race more than from whatever foreign admixture they may have?

As far as my original skepticism, it is still there, but lessened a little now that I have read more in depth into the article. It would be very helpful if they made their genetic studies available or at least told where they come from. Also in the article I linked the man criticizing Europa Soberena shows how they described the facial measurement as something completely different than what it is really meant to describe. Who is this Europa Soberena anyway? Is it just a blog of some guys studying anthropology? Or a legitimate genetic/anthropological organization?

Re: the so-called Mediterranean whites. Many Iberians are not pure whites, and as Gottlieb said in this blog long ago; it’s funny to see them trying to prove they are pure. Gottlieb added:

“There are regions in the two countries [Spain and Portugal] where the mixture with the North African, Middle Eastern and even some sub-Saharan African was almost nonexistent, resulting in a look of Englishmen with brown hair. But it is also clear that in many regions the mixture happened. It is interesting to see how they could prove that they were not blending with the Maghrebi, since the mixture between the two peoples (Iberian and North African) has occurred even before the Roman invasion. It is a mix of genetic, historical and anthropological ignorance… I’ve seen some pictures of girls from southern Italy. Many of them definitely looked more mixed with fair skin than the white Europeans.”

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